Monday, November 9, 2009

Girls? Noooooooo!!!!

Hello all,

It's been a while since I've been to blogging. As you might know I've been pretty busy :P. Now that I've got some time to breathe, I thought about coming back to my usual self. Hope you all are doing well and good.
After a long time, again I'm coming up with a personal post. Hope you'll like it. so, here we go.

I had problem talking with girls. To be precise, I was scared. Didn't know why. I spent my boyhood in a school where boys and girls had separate buildings. We were not supposed to cross the invisible boundary between the both. I got punished a few times when I trespassed while playing. And naturally, these led to the thought that girls are some kind of strange creatures. Think about girls in UFOs. Though we frequently followed their UFOs covertly :P, we never did that in a straight manner.

I didn't know how to talk, what to talk to girls, though like every guy, I too wanted to talk :P. I forgot they are also humans. I still remember, when I was put into a team, during my 11th standard physics lab, which had one girl and 3 boys including me. The girl was gorgeous. All the guys, who were not in our team were envious about us. The two guys with me were competing with each other to talk to her, to help her etc etc, where as, I was relieved, so that I don't have to talk to her.

I talked very few when she was around and concentrated too much on the lab experiments that no experiments actually worked :). I used to keep the maximum possible distance between her and myself and kept a mental apparatus which raised an alarm when the distance is reduced. I never started any form of conversation with her. The problem is, she always will.

Though I was not very good in studies at that time, I was not bad either. As said earlier, this team was formed to do experiments in our physics lab. God! I cannot forget those horrible moments when she came to me to ask doubts about experiments 'N every guy in the room was staring at me with their mouth open. I will get so nervous that, once I gave her my whole lab report when she asked about just a particular value. She told me to wait for a few minutes so that she can copy certain other results.

Hmmm! you know what I did? I told her to give it to one of our teammates and I escaped from there. LOL. All those seems so funny now. Anyway, this problem continued for a few more years, but then I decided I need to change and I tell you what? I had very trying time to get rid of this. But, as the quote slow 'N steady wins the race says,  somehow I became normal 'N now I have some of my best friends whom are girls.

PS: Sorry if I missed any tags. I know a few of you have tagged me in these days of my disappearance. please forgive me since I lost who-tagged-when notes :P


  1. lol :P just the opposite of me in that respect :)

  2. Lolzzzzzzzzzzz....OMG u hav changed a lot cos on bloger it dussn't seem tat u r/u were ever scared of gals..or scared to talk to them :P

    to know this side of ya too...

    and now..u r married too so no fear at all when u have a gal around ya all the tym :P :D

  3. fun post for sure!! its not for no reason i called u "the biggest entertainer" on blogger.

    P.S.:Hope ur nt scared to talk to your wife :P :P

  4. regularly...i miss you and your quotes,tech tips etc etc...dont stay too much away from us

  5. vishesh,

    sure, your age is like that dude :D

  6. PJ,

    Yah, I think the gal is afraid of me :P

  7. anwesa,

    LOL. nope, i'm not scared to talk to her, though I was initially :D.
    After all these time, the label you gave, still remains with me?, THANKS :P

  8. prajyot,

    ofcourse, buddy, will be more regular now.

  9. ha ha!!that was a cute post. U were really so scared of gurls!? :P

  10. Aneesh, How did u keep urself away from arguing for so many years???? ;)

  11. Ria,

    Well, Yes, I was. what to do, it's the plain truth :P

  12. Priyanka,

    Well, evolution, maybe? :P

  13. This is so funny! :)) Anyway, I know many boys that are shy and get scared when they see a cute. It's all about self confidence..


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