Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pinhole glasses review

I had received a pair of pinhole glasses(shown below) and I would like to share a few words about them.

First of all, its not something I had ever come across before, but they are being marketed as an affordable alternative to prescription eyeglasses. At $14.99 a pair, they are certainly affordable.
According to the pinhole glasses website
Pinhole glasses are

Completely Natural
Really Effective
Durable &
alternatives to prescription eyeglasses.

I would like to mention something here. Though they claim, it’s scientific, I’ve done a bit of research myself and couldn’t find any valid proof for this statement. So, I would recommend you to find it out yourself about the validity of this statement.
Anyway, I’ve used it myself for a few days and my comments are given below.

pinhole eye-glasses are light-weight, made of good quality plastic(I think so :P). I have found it good to wear while using computers, while very difficult to use in dim lighting. And if you wear this outside you will get some what-is-this kinda stare from everyone.

I would like to mention one more thing, I have not used it for quite long, so don’t know the long-term effects, if any. One of my friends has used it and told it’s very difficult to use and he had some vision problem.
So, the bottom line is, technologies and ideas are popping up every day. If you want to try this out yourself, may be this will work for you and you may be relieved from the prescription glasses after using this for sometime.


  1. tat luks interesting...
    got quite a no of thngs tat r gud..n yeh wat ur frnd says is wat scares me hehe

    n ya noce to see ya baak after a reely lng tym :)

  2. oh wow!!that sounds really interesting. :)

  3. PJ Nd ria,

    Thanks for dropping by, after a long time.

  4. I am considering of buying this!

  5. I bought a pair at about half the price. Good quality. I had a difficult time seeing through them and felt a headache coming on. Will not give up on them just yet. But I think eye exercises are much more effective.


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