Friday, August 7, 2009

The making of a Husband!!!

Finally, guys, on Aug 17, 2009 at 11:30AM(that's tomorrow), I am becoming a husband. Yuppiee! that's my marriage date.

I know, this is my first post after my engagement post. But, what to do, it's very difficult to manage all these, eh? Hopefully, after marriage, my wife might help me with blogs :)

Anyway, though I didn't comment, I used to visit most of your blogs. Hemanth also got married. All the best wishes for him.

Mmm. So, now a days, guys are overtaking girls when it comes to marriage. Guys, getting married early and girls pretty late. you might not agree. But, this overtaking is one of the comments that I got from my lady-teammates here.

well, i cannot imagine myself becoming a husband. I know, it's too late not to imagine that way.
Becoming a husband means lot of responsibility, new priorities and what not?

And, last but not the least, i cannot conclude my post without mentioning the post PJ had put up for hemanth and I. Such a cute and caring friend. Thank you PJ for that wonderful post.

Hope to get back in blogging soon....


  1. hehe now u r a husband :P:P

    happy days ahead :):)

    ps:) tat post was solely for u ..hemzi n smriti's name was included cos they're/they got/getting married too :P


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