Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Big Surprise!!!

Hi guys.... I have a very big event coming up..... Yes! my bacherlorhood is coming to an end. I am getting engaged to Divya. Yup! that's my girl's name. Marriage is not fixed yet. But, my engagement is fixed on May 7. Yuppieee! the coming Thursday.

So, finally, I think I am getting a chance to enjoy a life completely filled with colors. Suddenly everything has got a new meaning. Certain songs you start liking more, certain movies you start liking more, certain things you start liking more.. what else those who have ever fall in love knows it.

Okay, a few words about my fiancee. She is working as a lecturer in an engineering college, here itself and almost about my age.

Well, this was an arranged marriage. Everything happened so quickly within the last three weeks. So guys.... what to say..... :) Say something....