Sunday, January 4, 2009

Is first impression the best impression?

We all might have heard the saying "First impression is the best impression". Well, I would like to share an interesting experience in my life. When I was doing my degree course, I was the worst in my class :P Very few teachers liked me. And there was one teacher who never liked me, always showed partiality towards me, because of stubbornness and i-don't-care attitude.

So, no need to say she hated me. Once she gave an assignment to the whole class. I was on leave that day and when everyone submitted the assignment the very next day, I requested her to postpone the date for me. She told me to write it on lunch time and submit it, otherwise, I'll lose my internals. One of my classmates came after a few minutes while I was wondering how I'm going to write it since everyone had submitted it. He requested her to postpone the date for him and bingo... she said OK!

Now, that was partiality. I had to write 'coz she didn't like me and she thought that my leave for the day was not genuine. who is she to check whether the leave was genuine or not? Anyway, what she really wanted was that I will go and say sorry for the leave and will beg her to postpone it.

Huh? She didn't know me. I was never going to do that, even if she fails me in the exams, there is no stopping me when I am determined to do something. Since everyone submitted the assignment I won't get any help. 'N she knew it. So, I had to do something, right? I stole one of the assignments from the staff room, pretending to ask for something and wrote the whole damn assignment, which was more than 15 pages, during the lunch time and submitted it. She was furious and it was on her face, but didn't know what to do and she didn't have the least idea, how I submitted it within time.

Normally, when she threatens the whole class with internals and marks and other stuff, everyone get scared, but not me and that was her problem. Everyone showed a help-me-please and respectful face whenever talking to her. Where as I kept a smile whenever talking to anyone and she thought I am smiling to insult her. Well, that isn't my problem, is it? 'N I didn't care.
Well, everything turned upside down when she announced the internal marks in the class.
The total internal marks is 25. And all got marks in the range 18-24. The best got 24 where as the worst excluding me got 18.

Wanna know what was my mark? Any guess???
Six. Yup! That's right.. That's what she gave me. 'N when I had more than enough internals for all the other papers, for her subject I had six. Great, the next worst student had 3 times my internals. You can imagine how disgraced I was, when she announced my marks in front of the whole class with a silly smile. 'N she told me I was the worst student and I should try something to pass the exam.

Actually, it wasn't my fault. I was studying in another college for the first 4 months in the semester and I asked for a transfer to get to this college 'coz it was much near to my place. So, by the time I reached here, everyone had done everything where as all my assignments that I submitted in my previous college is not valid. I didn't know that. Only after getting this mark, do I knew it. Well, she might've expected me to go to the staff room and beg in front of her to get more marks, as that was common among the studious students.

Well, my thoughts were different, I made up my mind that I, never in my life, will go to her for any help and that I will make her say I'm one among the best one day. 'N from that day onwards, I concentrated more on her subject than on her class, though her attitude towards me didn't get better. But because of my obstinacy, I got better in her subject and you won't believe what she said about me in our last semester.

I actually got better in her subject and finally she had to agree with my fearless attitude towards teachers 'coz she understood that I behaved the same way to everyone and not just to her. And on one day, to the whole class, she mentioned that you all are going backwards in your studies, except one person in this class who have improved so much. And he should be mentioned for his efforts in studies; that person is Aneesh.

Well, you could feel how I felt. I'm not sure what I felt that time. Revenge? Happiness? embarrassment?. But I still remember what I did when she told this. I pulled up my collar 3 times. And I should mention that I am the only guy who had dared to show such expressions in her class. Though she was shocked to see this, she suddenly laughed and said "Yes, you can show off now, but you need to keep up your performance" and the whole class burst into laughter.

It was just my character to behave like that, not disrespecting anyone, of course and I'm still like that :D. Well, if anyone ever asked her what was her first impression about me, obviously you should know what her answer might me and if anyone had asked her what was her last impression about me, obviously you should know that answer too.

So, I guess, last impression was better than the first impression, at least in my case! I had not just one experience, a thousand, 'coz not many people like my character in the very first day itself. 'N in certain cases, people prefer to like my first impression than the last. :P

'N a lot many,especially my friends, like my character in the first day itself, that's worth another story :D


  1. ur right..the first impression is not always the best impression, but I believe that the first impression does MATTER and it does get etched in the memory :)

    for example, I was mesmerised by this particular person when I first met her...totally loved her. But later on she proved to be a very bitter and grudgy person. But, the way I saw her first still lives on in my heart...cos thats what made me get close to her.


  2. by god! how i hate such teachers and how i hate impressions..

    according to me.. there is nothing called good/bad first impression..when u meet a person you get an impression..which is relative.. it is only later when you get to know the person.. that your perception changes for the better or for worse... really first impressions are but a memory i think people overhype it.. and more than once it turns out to be just false.. and if i were your teacher.. id be a bit more understanding bcz unlike her i dont hate you but i happen to like you :P

  3. First Impression is never the best impression...!!!

    it has been true in my case too...!!!

    good post brought me back some wonderful childhood memories....thank you...!!!

  4. He he!Happens :)

    I had a similar experience in college too!

  5. omg i read the post i feel like reading my story...i had bitter exps like this to buddy...but exp makes us perfect...i really dint give damn to some of my proff's...i cant be treated as they at last my internals wud be low..that ever effected me tho...that post really reflected some part of my life :)..


  6. Aww, that was an interesting experience :) Lifting ur collar..was funny! lol. And sometimes the first impression fails. You get to know the good or worse part of someone only when you get closer and after some time. Nice post. And awww u thief...stolen someone's assignment... :O lol kidding.

  7. ...he he I say the same what Sameera said too, I had similar one too, its like this some of us get it first time, and some of us need to work it, but not work it to please that person, but show the person, that this is who I am, period. You know, it shows that you did not pretend to be anybody else, and you do not react because of others....excellent story, and happy new year to you, all the best.

    PS you know, it is my first time here, and you actually impressed me on the first visit, lol

    Anna :)

  8. Keshi,

    Yah! I agree. There are lot many situations where it does matter like the one where you meet someone very rarely.

    Meeting a celebrity, CEO where you won't get one more chance.. there it does matter.. what more? Job interviews..

  9. Phoenix,

    Yup! You are right...
    impressions are temporary which do change..
    Cool! I would've a asked for a teacher like you.

  10. yamini,

    Glad to hear that and thank you..

  11. Sameera,

    Nice to hear that I'm not alone in this case

  12. HP,

    Thanks buddy, 'N it's nice that we have similar experiences..
    Who cares with their internals? They should give what we deserve not what they like..

  13. Saranya,

    Yah, to know someone it does take time...
    Haha, it's circumstances that makes people thief or criminal, isn't it?
    After all, even if I want to steal another assignment, can I do it now? No, right?
    Everything has it's time..

  14. Anna,

    Hey Welcome...
    Thanks a lot for your kind words..
    Glad to hear you got impressed on the first vist :D
    Nice to hear lot of people had similar experience..
    'N Happy New year... 'N keep visiting.

  15. hello, divvi asked me to inform you she changed her url to
    in case you want to continue to read her :)

  16. Lena,

    Thanks :P
    I am honored

  17. it happens...I have a habit to form opinions abt ppl in the first meet but later on it does get changed..according to what they are.

    We need to be conscious that the human tendency to form opinions abt ppl is just a beginning to know ppl and not a complete knowledge of them

  18. yeaaaaaa....realy good experience re..."last expression is the best impression"...I had same experince when i was studying in Plus two.. re ....excelent story... thank u for sharing....


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