Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Farewell 2008!!

Farewells and goodbyes to someone/something is one of the most difficult part in life especially when that someone/something is so dear to us and we may never meet them again, right?

Here is another eventful year passing by. 2008.... I cannot say it was a wonderful year for me. But, at the same time it wasn't boring. It was just a typical reflection of life. A lot of bad, a lot more good; a lot of sorrows, a lot more fun; a lot of colleagues, a lot more friends; a lot of games, a lot more work; a lot of isolation, a lot more parties.

2008 is another special year for me. I got in touch with you great people. Started a new blog, got some visitors and they still keep in touch. Certainly, you were the ones that inspired me to continue blogging. A big thanks to you all out there...

So, it is on 2008 that I started receiving readers and feedback. I would like to say a few words about my blogger buddies. Going in alphabetical order:

An alien earthling - Here's one guy, who had made his blog his response to the injustice in this world. Lot of awful things happening in this world was mentioned by him, some of which were really shocking. Yes, reality is always shocking.

Anwesa - The girl whose phrase always inspired me to write more. She is the only one who said 'First rate entertainer in blogger'. Don't know whether it's right. But who cares?. Anyway, a talented girl, now expanding her talent in poems, stories and all.

Divkiran - Divkiran is one of my favourite leg pulling target. She used to mention "you pulling my leg" a lot of times. I guess, she's still around here, though not as frequent as before.

Hemanth - I call him HP. A nice buddy who never argues, I guess. Always trying hard to patch up things. He gets sad if someone stares at him and he gets glad when someone winks at him and his blog is like an open book of himself, expressing his feelings, some his dreams though :)

joiedevivre - Another early reader of my blog. No need to say much about her. She started with poems about 10 to 20 lines and now reached where she writes poems that are about 2 to 5 lines. But, still expressing the meaning in very few lines. One of the very first poets that I have noticed in here.

Keshi - The very first word that comes into my mind when I think about her is sensitive. I still remember the heated arguments with her :). It is not a secret that we both disagree frequently and when we do, the neighbours need to shut their ears:). Now recently she was thinking about quitting blog and I am happy she is back. Once in a while, I need someone to argue and she has such a talent in writing. Whether it's a social cause or a personal matter, whether it's fun or serious, she has the ability to express it in words in a beautiful way.

lukkydivz - It seems like she has almost left the blogging world. May be she'll change her mind 'coz we all are certainly going to miss another poet cum story writer cum this cum that cum....

PJ - The one and only buddy who have never missed to comment on any of my posts so far. We both are keeping a strange bond in this. I too, have never failed to comment on any of her posts so far. I am one of the very first commentator in her blog and she is one of the very first commentator in my blog. I know her from the time when she was Shobna and she know me from the time I posted about Harry potter in my Book Reviews. It is strange that we started out our friendship in an argument about movie stars, though we rarely argued later :).

Prajyot - This is a techie guy coming up with some awesome reviews on various gadgets and other tech stuff. Hats off to this guy for putting such effort in creating such posts. Being a techie myself, I know how its like.. always keeping updated and to share that information is something different.

Raka/Phoenix - She was also one of the bloggers that I was struggling to keep up 'coz of the frequency in blogging. Her blog is also a mixture of a variety of things including personal and other stuff. She had made a good initiative in creating a group blog, but due to some reasons cannot keep up... well I guess everyone knows.

Saranya - Another bumble bee(that's borrowed from her own post), similar to Tara. I've teased her a lot, but she has taken it in the right spirit. Another thing that differentiate her is, I guess, she is the only medico among my blogger buddies. Isn't that special? May be in a few years time, we can get free treatments from her blog... online treatment.

Sameera - Here is another talented poet in blogger. Her poems have a wide variety; each unique and when it comes to expressing sadness she is at her best.

Solitaire - Sol's blog was one among the first blogs that I have commented. I was just browsing through the various blogs and accidentally come into this blog and found it really interesting. It was like a market place where anyone can say anything and the topics were also really interesting. It is here that I have met keshi. No idea what happened to Sol, may be she's busy with her PhD and I hope blogging is in her list of New year resolution, if she has one.

Tara - One of the few gals who never got upset with my comments :). Sounds weird?. But, its true. People post lot of topics in their blogs, some sentimental, some funny, some serious and some confusing. So, certain times I'll comment on posts with a bit of fun and if the mood of the author is not right, he/she might get upset with me. Here is one such girl who have taken it in the right spirit and some of her posts had that nostalgic feelings which will bring a smile and tear at the same time.

Vishesh - This guys seems to have no control in his posts. Just kidding. The way in which he creates poems is just incredible. Some of his poems are a mile long and the time and effort he puts is commendable.

Yamini - One of my latest blog pals. She is like a Concorde plane. I have tried to keep up with her posts, but miserably failed :). She posts everyday and
that too on various topics and that too in poems. I wonder whether I'll be able to write more than 10 poems in my entire life and here she is writing daily.

I haven't mentioned everyone, I have written about a few people whom I can write something or know something. And special mention to Arun, AJ, Ceedy, Cutepooja, Ishqia, Lena, Mirror Image, Nikita, Neeharika, Riya, the armyguy.

And these are just my views about you. That doesn't define you. I guess you know that. I've been careful enough not to include any hurting funny remarks(if any). But, if anything is still there, please forgive me. I know, you might be a entirely different person in real life.

Being said that, now I would like to move on to certain other glances in 2008. I don't want to drag anything on to the next year. I have argued/disagreed with a lot of people out there. It was about their ideas. And the argument ends with the post. I don't take it personal and you might have noticed that I have never put up any such posts in my blog, not that I can't. That doesn't mean everyone should do that. It's your blog and you can post whatever you want.

Yet another thing that I have noticed is the yelling thing. Whenever someone simply disagrees its better to sort out the differences or to understand the argument. Some believes that by yelling and saying swear words, they get dominance in an argument, which is just a pretense. And some just argue for the sake of argument. Disagreeing and arguing is a way of learning new ideas and views from others, if you are ready to learn. But, if you are out there to show off
your knowledge or the 'Know-It-All' attitude, then you learn nothing and you contain yourself in a comfort zone.

It's like the frog in a well, which thinks it's the king of the world since it thinks the well is the world and it is only living thing inside the well. If you meet someone outside the well, you will certainly disagree 'coz what you've understood till that time was wrong. If ever you understand that you are wrong, accept it.

The above mentioned facts are not directed towards anyone specifically, but all in general, including me. So, if you come among it, better change it. 'N if I come among it, I need to change it too.

Another thing that I would like to mention is about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. When almost all come up with a post on the terrorist attacks, I kept silence. Well, I too wanted to write something, but I wasn't feeling well and now its too late to write about it.

Hemanth's and PJ's audio posts, I guess, needs to be mentioned here. At least I was able to know how they sound, not that it matter, but coming up with new innovations like this is what makes the blogville interesting. Hats off to you both.

A group blog going good and then all of a sudden, shattering into pieces is one of the worst that has happened to blogville this year and of course the farewells of certain dear blog pals too. 'N a few are on the verge of saying good byes

So, here goes my last post for the year 2008.
Bye Bye 2008!! I'm certainly gonna miss you........
If ever one invents a time machine, I'll certainly see you again. Until then Good bye!!!!


  1. awwwwwwww thats such a sweet post dear..nice tym to thank all...

    thanx for the write up and tats true too...

    yepp gonna miss u 2008


  2. hmmm some is praising me or scolding me that was some marvelous post u have done for the final day of the year :)..that was something wonderful u have ritten abt everyone who had been a good friend...thats sweet of u :)...and thnks for mentioning man :) i am really great to read it :)..and the mention abt the audio post i have done is also cool...well pj is copy cat ; kiddin :)..if pj sees this she is goin kill me..:P...wish u a very Happy New Year mate...rock it :)...


  3. ok now try to wink not stare :) mate :)..


  4. hey this is the first time im visiting ur very happy to see so good lines for my blogger frenz..they deserve it..
    happy new year..

  5. wish u also a very hapy new year...
    thanku for ur wrds..
    yeah hav reduced my poem to 5 lines, but its a form of writing for me, the best way i can express u kno..
    dis year was a wonderful experince for me
    i started bloggin and made so many good frnds..
    and u r one d first people i met on blog..
    thanx a lot again

  6. very well written and a sweet way to bid goodbye to the yr 2008. Hope this yr brings the best in u!! :)

  7. A very sweet post from you :) Happy New Year and may it bring all the successes that you deserve!
    Thanks for those words about me! Thats very kind of u to sit and write about a number of ppl.
    Btw,Hope u r feeling better now. tk cr.

  8. PJ,

    Thanks buddy and come back soon

  9. HP,

    Haha, that was both :P
    Thanks buddy, I'm glad to mention you all and I had to :)
    Nope, I guess PJ's gonna miss this reply :(
    You too have a rocking new year :D
    Yah, this year I'm going to wink and wink and wink only.....

  10. swati,

    Welcome dear!
    'N thanks. Hoping to see you again.
    Have a great new year

  11. joiedevivre,

    Well, I just mentioned that 5 line thing :P
    'N Nice to hear that 2008 was great for you. Let me wish that 2009 will be the same for you

  12. Ria,

    Thanks :)
    Yup! Let's hope so and I expect the same from you :P

  13. Saranya,

    Hey thanks bumble bee :)
    Yup! I am feeling better now, what about you?
    I hope you too are fine after the fever?
    Have a great new year

  14. Hahah...thank you you dont know about me I assume :p

  15. Thanks for the mention buddy,glad you like what I write :)

    Have a wonderful 2009!God Bless You


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