Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Aneesh needs

I have been tagged by my sweet friend PJ.
The rule is Type your " needs" in google and post the answers you get.
Well I tried Aneesh+needs 'N lot of unrelated answers came up, so I tried "Aneesh needs" to filter the results. 'N guess what? A few results came up and that too surprisingly correct.
Here are the answers:

1. Aneesh needs to hurry up and post "Twine"

WOW! see that? I need to post twine? Guru Google must've known that I am now frequenting blogger and I've a technical blog. So, google suggested me to to post "Twine". Well, so I again searched help in posting twine in google and got these results

***Amazon.co.uk: Cat Scratching Post Twine - Boxed: Garden & Outdoors [not what I'm looking for]
***Using Twine, you can add content via wiki functionality [that's close]
***I loved your post and I think I’m also migrating to Twine. [That's exactly what I was looking for]

2. I reckon Aneesh needs FAT32 partition for "experimental" purposes or what eh?

Huh? FAT32? I am done with that, I am experimenting with NTFS and ext2.

3. Aneesh Needs Your Help!

Well, Yah, Help is something that I love always, why not, I am ready to help anyone, then why can't I accept it, eh?

4. Aneesh needs to meet a woman!

WOW! Precisely.. I need to meet a woman. I am looking for it. Well I am daily meeting women, you know, not that kind of meeting, but that type of special MEETING. Just, waiting for my girl... LOL.

Well, as usual, I am not tagging anyone :)


  1. tat was funny post re luved it simply....and ye u'll find ur gal at the rite tym re wish u luck lots and lots.

  2. Google sure knows what you want!Nice tag :)

  3. Yaay! Aneesh's not tagged anyone :) And it's not "so usual", LOL ;) Nice tag, I'm tagged with it too and your tag's still there. Will post soon :)

  4. i dint get the first two :O
    u need a woman? lol good luck!

  5. so most male bloggers need 2 meet women!!fantastic..

  6. HAhaha...guru google is the best...

    now ask him where to find that woman too!

  7. i have so many tags man to complete :)...nicely done ..:P..

    Aneesh Needs Your Help

    wat help do u want dude..:)..


  8. lol funny tag!

    ** I reckon Aneesh needs FAT32 partition for "experimental" purposes or what eh


    btw ur WAITING to meet ur girl? Wut if she's WAITING too? Both of u will be WAITING at ur places lol!

    Aneesh I did the movie tag...go check it out :)


  9. pj,

    Thanks, Yah, I hope that too

  10. tara,

    Haha, not "so usual"? Yes, it is.
    Yah, will check it out :)

  11. lukkydivz,

    'coz it was a bit technical.
    Thanks :)

  12. keshi,

    Yah, you may be right, we both will wait and if we are supposed to meet, we will meet :)
    Will check it out soon :)

  13. tara,

    Will check it out madam.

  14. nicely done! an interesting tag this was.. by PJ.


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