Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Kiddo pranks - Part Two - Encounter with snakes

I grew up in a village kind of place. So, you could imagine the place. There were a lot of trees, animals.. a calm beautiful place. Snakes used to appear quite often in our place. I grew up seeing people killing lot of snakes. I've seen lot of snakes really close that I don't fear them anymore. This post is all about my incidents with snakes.
To start with, the first one that comes to my mind is when I was 7 or 8 years old. As said in my last Sunday post, our gang were simply roaming around the place when we saw some little creature, about a feet and a half in length, under a rock. That's the first snake I've seen. It was a poisonous one. Normally, we see cobras, vipers and a number of other non-poisonous snakes. Well, this was a strange one. Obviously, we didn't know these.
One of my uncle was an expert in killing snakes. Whenever, we see a snake, we used to call him and he'll come and decide whether it is a poisonous one or not and if yes, he'll kill it 'coz of us. Otherwise, it will certainly bite us. He knows, we are too naughty and we'll go to really isolated places where even the adults fear to go. 
Well, once we call him, he'll come and kill the snake with a twig or whatever he can get his hands into. He don't tell us to go, like other adults do. He'll simply let us watch how he kills it and once it's dead he'll give us a lecture on the peculiarities of that snake, how poisonous it is and things like that. I've seen the tail of snakes still moving, even after it is dead. 
I still remember the day, when he killed one cobra and showed as the distinguishing mark of cobra on it's head. Needless to say, he won't harm 
the non-poisonous snakes. Well, don't think my uncle is a animal-hater 'coz of this. He has almost all pets in his house. He has lovebirds, rabbits, ducks, hen, turtle, fish, goat, cow, dog... Hi hi. You'll find it hard to believe but it is true. When I was young, he used to give us one of his rabbits and we used to play with it. I was the one who gave him the turtle. I got it from a fisherwoman who used to come to our home. 
My grand father used to tell stories about almost all creatures that I ask. Once I told him to tell a story about turtles and he told one beautiful story. After that, I became crazy about turtles. I asked grandfather to buy me a turtle. Now, he was in trouble 'coz I was such a trouble maker.
So, to escape from my pestering, he told me that we won't get turtles to buy. Only way is to tell the fisherwoman who brings the fish. Since she brings fishes, she might get turtles also. Well, he thought I'll drop my wish. Huh? what did he think about me? Next day, when the fisherwoman came, I went straight to her, as I normally do, to see fishes and asked "Have you seen turtles?".  She said "Oh yah, I daily see it, someones are really bigger than you". 
She wanted to show off in front of me but didn't know what was coming. I hold on to her answer and told her to bring me one next time. Since I had such a talent in pestering adults, she finally gave up and somehow brought me a little turtle about the size of a flying disk.
I put it in a big tank where there was little water. So, you could guess, what the turtle does if people comes near it, it will put it's head and legs inside the shell and won't even move. So, eventually my curiousness turned to boring. whenever, I comes near it, I will act as though it is dead. So, once I accidentally filled the tank with water and just like that the turtle started swimming when it saw so much of water. I was wondering why it is swimming now and climbed on to the tank which was taller than me, leaned in and was trying to push the turtle down, when I slipped and fell in to the tank. I was lying there with the turtle which didn't move now, 'coz of me. Some how, I climbed out; drenched in water. I could have drowned in there 'coz I didn't know how to swim and the fall was head down.
I thought no one saw. But, I understood I was wrong when, the very next day, the turtle was moved from our house to my uncle's house. They give good reasons for it so that I won't disagree. They told me that here the turtle is alone that's why it doesn't move, but there in my uncle's place, the turtle will have rabbits, fish and other things as friends. I believed that LOL. So that's the turtle story. 
Ooh!! I drifted from our topic. Sorry. So, we were talking about snakes. Well, on one day we were in uncle's house standing beside the big cage of love birds and watching it, we saw some thing in 
there. Guess what? Yah, a snake and a big one. It was actually resting there. Seeing this, we called for uncle and when he came the snake was trying desperately to escape, but it couldn't. You know what happened? It got in to the cage, ate a few lovebirds (3 to be exact) and couldn't come out of the cage, which was covered with steel net, 'coz its stomach was bigger now. 
My uncle took a long twig and started hitting it. It tried to escape through the net and then vomited the three lovebirds it had eaten and then slithered through the net outside into the tank of the turtle. There my uncle finished it and thus ended 
its heavy lunch. It was buried along with the 3 lovebirds it had eaten with all honors....:)

Next incident that I wanted to tell you is the closest that I've gotten to a snake. I was having my lunch when I saw something moving briskly through the shrubs. I was excited to see a snake and ran behind it. when I got there it vanished. I knew it was somewhere there but couldn't see it 'coz there were a lot of plants, dried leaves and shrubs. Though I knew about the danger, as always, I was careless and decided to take risk and started searching, just out of curiosity. 
well, curiosity soon turned to panic when the next step I took was right on the snake. Yah, you heard it right, I actually stepped on a live snake. My instincts told me that I was standing on something which was like rubber and a bit slippery. 
Well, this all happened within thousands of a second. Just after stepping on the snake, I knew I had made a mistake and jumped right in the air screaming. Luckily the snake, was desperate to escape and it ran away. It took several minutes to bring my heartbeats to normal. 

The next incident let me see the biggest snake I've seen in my place. Although the above incident scared me at the time, it soon turned to bravery. I thought I was brave to step on a snake and then escape unharmed, thought I didn't tell this to anyone. After a few years, when we were playing cricket we saw something climbing the fence and coming in to our compound. It had a light yellow color and the only one with that color I had seen and what else huge... Yah, it was about 8 or 9 feet long . we, as usual, ran behind the snake throwing stones, scaring it. Every one ran behind it, I was a bit late in joining, so to see it more closely, I took a turn and came to the other side, in front of the snake and started throwing stones.
I thought it will turn away, but that didn't happen. I was too quick for the snake and it ran right in to me. I never even dreamt that a snake could move that fast 'coz before I could even move a muscle everything has happened. First of all, it's zig-zag motion confused me and I didn't know which way it will come and it was too fast that I just stood rooted to the spot. It just moved past me with in inches from my leg and I was so shocked that couldn't even move for a few minutes. Just imagine a huge snake coming lighting fast towards you and just goes its way almost bushing you. 
when the other kids of my gang came, though I boasted this incident, only I knew what actually happened inside me. I , literally, died and born again!!!


  1. o man longer post :P...heheh it tok lot of time to read :P..will have to wait for the complete comment :)..


  2. hey hey this was hilarious...actually the turtle incident was the one i liked the most

    ha ha
    u r a curious guy ..

    adventurous too.
    stupid adventures

    same pinch

  3. My my! Aneesh's a really brave guy! I have never seen a snake in my life, and am damn scared of them! And you here, have seen so many of them! Kudos to you yaar! :)

  4. There are some incidents in one post. you had so many snakes experiences. Wow.
    And you stepped onto the snake...omg..i cant imagine hw it would feel like. Scary.
    Its sad that the snake ate love birds...awwwww...poor them!

  5. well dude are the army daying goes... bravery is being to only one who knows ur afraid....

    i was reading all through this and thought that u would do god in he army....

  6. did u grow up in Snake land?

    **I , literally, died and born again!!!


    btw I hv heard (in Sri Lanka) that killing Cobras bring bad luck. Is that true?


  7. pj,

    I mixed up the incidents...
    Glad that you liked it.

  8. phoenix,

    Yeww? they are beautiful!!!

  9. tara,

    Thanks dear :)
    WOW! Never seen a snake? Not even in zoos?
    You are really missing something buddy :)

  10. saranaya,

    ***i cant imagine hw it would feel like.

    Haha, you can try to step on one too.. to feel the feel.

    It's nice that no one felt anything bad about killing snakes LOL

  11. thearmyguy,

    LOL, thanks for thinking like that :)
    'But I don't think I'm that brave.
    well, who knows? Only the real situation proves, right?

  12. keshi,

    ***did u grow up in Snake land?

    May be, may be not :)

    ***btw I hv heard (in Sri Lanka) that killing Cobras bring bad luck. Is that true?

    Well, I don't think so. I haven't killed any till now and I have had enough bad lucks. 'N my uncle who had killed enough still have no problems.... So, I would say it is false..

  13. Interesting experiences!

    The snake ate the poor birds and vomitted them . . . ugh!!!

  14. alien,

    My childhood was interesting...

  15. No! Never seen a snake...yup, not even in zoos! I see the 'Reptile Section' and I run miles away ;) But, I have heard stories of my great grandmother killing snakes! Don't know how true they are, may be they are?!

  16. tara,

    Actually killing a snake is pretty easy, not that difficult like is sounds, if you have the guts.
    Your grandmother might have killed.. and some snakes might have cursed her which is why you are so afraid of snakes...LOL


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