Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Tag

Here is an interesting tag that I've seen in Tara's blog. Thought that I need to do this.
It's pretty long, sorry :)

I've put a 'v' inside brackets to whichever is applicable.

OKay, so here we go...

(v) smoked a cigarette... Yah, first time when I was a little kid. Then, a few times :), but, I don't smoke.
( ) done some form of dope
( ) crashed a friend's car... No, didn't get the chance to do that
( ) stolen a car... Maybe I'll do it in the future
( ) been in love... Love? What is it? LOL. I'm still looking
( ) been dumped... Nah, Never
(v) shoplifted... Oh, yah, when I was a kid, did this too.. Hi Hi
( ) been fired...Not yet
(v) been in a fist fight... Not seriously, but when I was a kid I've been in fight with friends and my brother.
(v) sneaked out of your parent's house... OOhah!! only a thousand times.
( ) had feelings for someone who didn't have them back...I feel feelings for everyone
( ) gone on a blind date...I am not blind
(v) lied to a friend... Yah, who doesn't?
(v) skipped school ... A few times and that 'few' might not be few for someone else.
(v) seen someone die ... I haven't seen any human beings die, but yah, I've seen snakes die, cockroaches die, mosquitoes die...the list is endless.
( ) had a crush on one of your Internet friends...Nah, But I still got time. So, beware.
( ) been to Singapore...For what?
( ) been to Mexico...For what?
( ) been on a plane...No, not till now.
( ) eaten sushi...what is it?
(v) been skiing-snow or water... No snow skiing but water skiing..yeah
( ) met someone from the Internet... Nope, I don't chat that frequently compared to other chat addicts.
( ) been at a concert...Nope
( ) taken painkillers...Nope, I enjoy taking pain..Hi Hi
(v) love someone or miss someone right now... I miss all my friends
(v) laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by... Oh yeah. I loved it. Countless times.
( ) made a snow angel...Huh? Never been to any place were snow rains..
(v) had a tea party... Yah we had sometimes
(v) flown a kite... Yah, as a kid, I tried a lot to fly my own kite, built by me, it never flew more than 10 feet. Tried a lot, but there was a lot of coconut trees around the place which made it impossible.
(v) built a sand castle... Oh Yah.. many times
(v) gone puddle jumping... Oh Yah.. many times
(v) played dress up... Oh Yah..many times
(v) jumped into a pile of leaves... Oh Yah..many times
( ) gone sledding...Nope
(v) cheated while playing a game... Oh Yah.. many times
(v) been lonely... Yah, many times. it's then I learned day dreaming and I love it.
(v) fallen asleep at work/school... Oh Yah.. I don't normally fall asleep, but a few times, yes.
(v) used a fake ID... Oh Yah.. For movie sites and all.
(v) watched the sun set... Oh Yah..many times
(v) watched someone sleep... Mmmm lot of people, watched my parents, bro, friends, strangers, beautiful girls, kids sleeping....
( ) felt an earthquake...Ooh! Not yet, waiting for it.
(v) slept beneath the stars... Oh Yah..many times
(v) been tickled... Oh Yah..many times
( ) been robbed...Nah, not yet
(v) been misunderstood... Oh Yah..many times
( ) pet a reindeer/goat/kangaroo... I don't have any. Had a dog,turtle and rabbit when I was a kid.
(v) won a contest...I was gaming crazy and won a medal for playing FIFA at an IT fest 2 years back.
( ) run a red light/stop sign... Oh Yah..many times
( ) been suspended from school...Nah, I was an average kid, not studious, but not bad too.
( ) been in a car crash...Nope, I hate accidents, hope never happens
( ) had braces
(v) felt like an outcast/third person... Oh Yah..
( ) eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night
(v) had deja vu... Oh Yah..
(v) danced in the moonlight... Oh Yah..
(v) liked the way you looked...Cannot say, I liked, but didn't dislike.
(v) witnessed a crime... Huh? I myself had done a thousand crimes.
(v) questioned your heart... Oh Yah..always
( ) been obsessed with post-it notes
(v) squished mud through your bare feet... Oh Yah..kiddo time
(v) been lost...A few times. I have difficultly in dealing with various routes. If I'm in a place where I've went only a few times, I'll certainly lose my way.
( ) been on the opposite side of the country...Nope
(v) swam in the ocean...Oh yah.. only a few times, But swam in canals a lot.
(v) felt like dying...Oh yah, many times.
(v) cried yourself to sleep...Oh yah, a few times.
(v) played cops and robbers...Ah! My favourite game. My friend and I was the toughest robber in my class.
( ) recently colored with crayons
(v) sang karaoke... Oh yah, many times
(v) paid for a meal with only coins... Hi Hi, our college pranks
(v) done something you told yourself you wouldn't... Yah, only a thousand times
(v) made prank phone calls...Oh yah, but rarely
(v) laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose... Hi Hi, yes
( ) caught a snowflake on your tongue
(v) danced in the rain...Mmmmm yah
( ) a letter to Santa Claus
( ) been kissed under the mistletoe
(v) watched the sun rise with someone you care about... I think I've watched it with my parents
(v) blown bubbles... Yah, when I was a kid
( ) made a bonfire on the beach
( ) crashed a party
( ) gone roller skating
(v) had a wish come true... Yeah, a number of times
(v) jumped off a bridge... Oh, yah, I was good in jumping, climbing, running, falling etc.
( ) ate dog/cat food
( ) told a complete stranger you loved them
( ) kissed a mirror
(v) sang in the shower...Yah, I do it daily
(v) had a dream that you married someone...Oh yah, I have countless first nights with almost all movie actresses.
(v) glued your hand to something... Yes
(v) kissed a photo...Yes
( ) climbed a water tower
(v) screamed at the top of your lungs...Only a thousand times
(v) done a one-handed cartwheel...Yah, kiddo pranks
( ) talked on the phone for more than 5 hours...
(v) picked and ate an apple right off the tree...Not exactly, picked and ate mangoes, coconuts and jack fruits right off trees.
(v) climbed a tree...Only a ten thousand times
(v) had a tree house... Oh yah, I had even a tree vehicle, hi hi
(v) been too scared to watch a scary movie alone...Yes, when I was a kid, but I loved to hear horror stories, but won't sleep alone or go outside alone after that.
(v) believe in ghosts...I cannot say I don't believe, but I can't say I believe. If god exists, then ghosts too exists.
( ) have more than 30 pairs of shoes... Huh? Just one
( ) worn a really ugly outfit to school
( ) gone streaking
(v) gone doorbell ditching...A few times, one of my little kiddo pranks
(v) been pushed into a pool/hot tub with all your clothes on...Yah, a few times, but I've done the same too :)
( ) told you're hot by a complete stranger
( ) broken a bone
(v) been easily amused...Yah, sometimes.
(V) caught a fish then ate it... Caught a fish, but didn't eat it.
(V) caught a butterfly...Oh yah
(v) laughed so hard you cried...Yes
(v) cried so hard you laughed...Yeah, that too :)
(v) cheated on a test...Oh yah, tried a few cheating right at school, just to prove my courage to my friends :)
(v) forgotten some one's name... Yah, I have this problem, I forget names easily
( ) French braided some one's hair
( ) gone skinny dipping in a pool/hot tub/river
(v) been threatened to be kicked out of your house or been kicked out of your house...Hi hi got threatened a lot :)
(v) loved someone so much you would gladly die for THEM...Yah, I loved my relatives, parents and certain friends
(v) cheated on someone... Yeah, for the sake of revenge.
(v) talk to yourself when no one's around... Yah, sometimes
(v) hate someone you once loved... Yes, a number of people
(v) love someone you once hated...Yes, that too
( ) kissed the phone for the person on the other side
( ) kissed the person on the other side of the phone

PS: I was pretty busy this week, next week too it's a busy schedule I guess. Happy weekend to all. Keep smiling, have fun and 'Njoy....


  1. hahaha...this tag is too dangerous man...i got to say i am tagged to this :).i am a dead guy :)...

    nicely done with the v's :)..appreciate u dint tag me :P..


  2. wud u beieve if i said i read from the start to the end? LOL i did :)

    feel like taking it up too, but not sure if people wud read :P

  3. hey aneesh..pretty cool tag re..
    ha ha luved to read sum of the answers re


  4. Wow, verrry long tag. Well done u hav spend some time! :)
    and very interesting answers too!

  5. Nice answers.....U too a techie :)

  6. Sounds fun!!

    "felt like dying"? :s

  7. He he quite funny! You've done so many things that I haven't! I will catch up with you soon! LOLZZZ ;D

  8. wow! really a long one ..

    ( ) felt an earthquake...Ooh! Not yet, waiting for it.

    lol, you think its fun?

    ( ) been robbed...Nah, not yet

    waiting to happen?

    but i loved the honesty in your answers :)

  9. tag was a bit lengthy
    but full of information

  10. hp,

    Hi hi, dangerous tag? That's a nice title :) Thanks :)

  11. lukkydivz,

    Hey thanks for reading it in full, Yah, I believe :)

    Why not?, if you put up, certainly people will read

  12. saranya,

    Thanks, Yah I had to :)

  13. solitaire,

    Haha, yah, that was correct :)

  14. tara,

    Hi hi, well try your best, let's see how much you can catch up LOL

  15. lena,

    Thanks :)
    Yah, I am honest,
    Haha, nope, a mild earthquake would be a great experience :)

    ****Robbing waiting to happen?
    Yah, let someone try. Hi Hi

  16. joiedevivre,

    Yah, full of information, but don't misuse it :)

  17. is this tag the Wall-of-china in its so long!


  18. hehehehe funny tag answers mate.

    u killed so many animals????


  19. keshi,

    That was a surprise, you suddenly came back to one of my previous posts? LOL.

    Nope, I didn't kill that all, I've seen them die. I haven't killed any snakes till now, but other things... yes

    ***is this tag the Wall-of-china in Blogville

    Nah, its the Tag-of-Blogina..


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