Thursday, September 4, 2008

Valuable and Cheap

Beautiful things or moments are only happening to others. Oh! they are luky, WOW! how did they get that? How often have we thought about these? Haven't you atleast once thought like this? Yah, we always think good things happens only to other people. But, we are forgetting that, for others, we are the other people. So, next time, look into yourself, see what you've got. What you see is what you want. If you see yourself as pathetic, unlucky, helpless, then that's how things will be. Appreciate yourself.
After all, think about a world when each and every one of us is an Einstein. Then who will enjoy the outcome of inventions? If everyone is a Marilyn Monroe, then beauty will lose its value. It's sand, dust, rocks and other cheap things that make gold and diamond valuable. Each one has it's own value. We need to see its value not it's cheapness. Next time, when you see a pig rolling around in dirt, don't think "what a dirty thing" Instead try "See! it enjoys even in dirt!". Miracles do appear, if your eyes are open for it.


  1. Nice thought!

    The best things in life come for free,most of the time :)

  2. actually u know..all depends on our heart...that is the sense in us that actaully signals us to get activated

  3. wow this is such a GREAT post!

    So true...what matters is if ur comfy being YOU and enjoy it too. Who cares what other ppl think or value.

    btw come n check out my doc's pic!


  4. philosophy wow!

    ya everyone does tat coz ppl in the world hav made a particular standard for everything.
    like they say only fair is beautiful so everyone wants to be fair.
    wat u said is true to heaven but unless particular standards change we can't expect ppl to change.

  5. really thotful come n collect ur award..

  6. sameera,

    Yah, only thing is we need to realize it :)

  7. keshi,

    Will check it out :)

  8. pj,

    Haha, Yah, see! I can even comment on that :)

    It's people who need to change the standards. Otherwise standards will change people :)

  9. anwesa,

    Another award?? For me??? LOL
    THanks Dear :)

  10. acha post hai :)
    thats true sometimes we lose ourselves in admiring what others have that we forget that even we have some 'good qualities'

  11. ITBT,

    Thanks :)
    Correct, it's all about realising :)

  12. u kknow thrs a line i wrote in one of my blogs...apt puttinit here

    - i am wt i am, u like it good for u, if u don, good for me...


    nice thinkin sir ji

  13. Really nice post! Inspirational n thoughtful.:)
    A colourful pic wud hav been better :)..still nice!

  14. divkiran,

    Haha, that was a nice quote :)

    Nice thinking teacherji :)

  15. saranya,

    Thanks dear, 'N point noted :)


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