Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tagged by Phoenix & Priya!!

After having rest for some days, I am again tagged LOL. This time by Phoenix and Priya
I have already mentioned the quirks about me. So, I'll go for the second part of the post which is I need to post your desktop and few of your favorite quotes. First of all, I don't have a personalized desktop. I never keep any pictures on my desktop. 'N I just formatted and reinstalled everything. So, I guess, that's why it looks so boring.

So, moving on, the other part is I have to post my favorite quotes.
Ok, here we go. I'm going to be a bit different here. I am not posting any popular quotes of famous people. For that you may refer my other blog Inspiration. I am going to post some quotes, that I found Interesting. This include some SMS that I got.

1) Respect those friends who find TIME for you in their time table, but love those friends who DON'T CONSULT their time table when you need them.

2) You are accused of crawling into my heart and hijacking my smiles with your love. You are sentenced to be my friend for ever, No Bail.

3) One day I read smoking is bad, I stopped smoking. One day I read drinking is bad, I stopped drinking. One day I read marriage is bad, I stopped reading.

4) Smiles are love birds. They fly from face to face. May your lips give them the best nest, so that they can live there for ever.

5) Life is a book of mystery. You never know which page'll bring a good twist in the story. Keep on reading, 'coz happiness comes when it's most unexpected.

6) Life is like this - Just when we get all the answers of life... God changes the question paper.

7) It is ordinary to love the marvellous, but it is marvellous to love the ordinary. Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a great deal to love a leaf.

And the final tag is also by Priya and the question is "what kind of a day would you want to be?"
Well, I want a day in my childhood summer holiday. If no, any day will do. I can make my own day interesting in many ways :).

Please forgive me for not tagging anyone :).

Last but not the least. Another award its the blogging friends for ever award again by Priya. Thanks dear, you are a sweet friend :)
Thanks for all the awards -- Keshi and Anwesa for Brilliant web log award and Priya for Blogging friends for ever award.


  1. yipee,i'm d 1st to comment!interesting quotes,dude!i'm telling agen,ur a 1st rate entertainer on blogspot!

  2. Welldone for the awards n congratulations. btw, the quotes r very nice :)

  3. ur desktop looks neat :P

    nice quotes too, loved the first one :)

    congratulations on the award :)

  4. wow great sms's yaar im stealing some away hope you dont mind!

    congratulations for the newest award,heres hoping many more come your way! :)

  5. I like all teh quotes, especially this one:

    ** Life is like this - Just when we get all the answers of life... God changes the question paper.

    Brilliant! Thats so so true...I had that happening to me, not once but many times. I guess God is trying to be an Irritant to me lol!


  6. LOL at number 3!!!

    And I love number 5!!

    Congrats on the awards.

  7. anwesa,

    Haha, Congrats :)
    Thanks buddy; you too

  8. lukkydivz,

    Neat 'coz nothings there LOL,
    Thanks 'N Thanks :)

  9. phoenix,

    Nah, stealing is OK in my blog LOL.

    Thanks :)

  10. keshi,

    Thanks! Yah, That quote is nice :)

    ***I guess God is trying to be an Irritant to me lol!

    God likes KG kids

  11. thats cos GOD is a LKG kid lol!


  12. i loved the quotes, they are so sweet :)

    Congratulation on the award :)

  13. hey at last u accepted me as a sweet frnd wow haha tat was a joke btw

    nice tag
    empty desktop formatting trouble haha

  14. *Life is like this - Just when we get all the answers of life... God changes the question paper.*
    liked this one the most :)

  15. pj,

    LOL, yah, actually virus trouble :)


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