Sunday, September 7, 2008

Campus! Part Five - A Bus Journey!!

One of the best days in my campus life was when I was studying for predegree [Now +2]. It was like the feeling of a bird, which was allowed to flew out after living in a cage since it was born. No need to say the school days till 10th right? Everywhere around, people will be looking at you as kids, bossing you around all times, lot of advice and other crap. Well, when I passed out of the 10th and went to my first college, it was like heaven. We could do whatever we want, can go whereever we want. No more bossing around 'coz we won't listen any more :) 'N most important thing is most of the decisions were made my us instead of parents, wow! that's another change, isn't it?
I used to go to the college by bus, government bus to be specific . Our college was near a beach and it was a bit far from city. So, I have to catch a bus from my home and drop near the main juntion and catch another from there, which is the bus to our college. Although, it is a government bus, we students made it a college bus. There were other private vehicle services through the same route and the people there used to go in that, they will never get in the college bus, may be they don't want to spoil our fun or they couldn't suffer our nuissance and other fun.This happened when I was in the junior most class in the college, we were the kids in the college.
We had Pre-degree, degree, PG, Phd. Although we were the kids, the pre-degree students were the one who were causing most problems 'coz they were immature and the most exploited one too [by political parties for throwing stones while conducting strikes].
Well, our normal bus journey starts like this. Everyone will get in to the bus from the main junction. The bus will be overcrowded, in the footboard alone there will be close to 15+ people. On our way to college, in some of the places, the road was really bad with lot of bumps and ditches. Whenever the bus goes over one of these, there will be a deafening sound of foot board hitting/scraping with the road. We'll wait for this and when it happens we'll scream at the top of our voice as if we were going to die and crying out HELP HELP LOL. Well, just imagine 70+ people screaming at the top of their voice! At first, people staying near the place used to run out from their house to see what is happening :), but when it became daily, they stopped coming blaming our pranks. Well, we had other fun activities in the bus including singing, mimicry etc and when we reach the destination, we'll stop all these by singing our national anthem :) [Jana gana mana].
So, on one day, as usual we were in our bus with all the fun, no body noticed a guy was in our bus, who was not from our college. Everybody ignored him 'coz its a rare incident, everyone thought he'll be a relative of someone. What happened was, after a few minutes, a girl standing next to him started crying. Everyone was stunned. So, our seniors immediately caught this person who was somewhere in his late 30's and started shouting at him "what did you do?". He said he didn't do anything. Then why is she crying was the question and I don't know was his answer. They asked the girl what had happened, but she won't even say a word, she was just crying. So, they gave a seat for her and cornered this guy. He was terrified when the whole college turned towards him. Obviously he did SOMETHING, that we don't know.

Some of our senior lost their temper and started to beat up this guy, but other intervened and stopped it saying "not in the bus". Well, when the bus reached the next stop, this guy suddenly told the bus conductor to stop the bus, that he need to get down there. But, our seniors said, "you are not going anywhere, you can come with us to college and we'll show you all around our college". So, the bus was not allowed to stop and we all thought that certainly the guy will be beaten to death 'coz our college had lot of political parties and lot of our seniors were in these parties and they were good in conducting strikes, beating up people and all.
There is no need to tell, how that guy looked. We thought he will have a heart attack that moment and he kept telling, I need to get down now, now, now. So, finally some of the senior most students in our college warned him, never to get in to our bus and let him go. Well, I am sure that he'll never ever in his life will do that SOMETHING again.


  1. oh! God aneesh U just got tat guy so scared tat he surely migt hav taken a resolution never to get into the bus u people were in .
    h ha u call me naughty h ha u were more naughty gosh!
    u reminded of my class tenth times
    i too hav a funny incident will put it soon out there.

  2. well,well wat happened to the girl?
    sounds funny but must be tense 4 d poor guy(if he dint do anything wrong)...luvd ur description of overcrowded bus,we had a teeming bus on our way to school..phew..

  3. huh? what was that 'something'? u never mentioned :O

  4. pj,

    It's not me, it was our seniors who did that :) Anyways, he deserved it. Haha, but you were naughty too..
    Yah, do post it :)

  5. anwesa,

    Nothing happened to her, she was crying 'coz of that guy, if you know what I mean. Well, he certainly did something wrong, that's sure.
    'N thanks :) Well, it's your bus you could make the journey interesting :)

  6. lukkydivz,

    OH! do I need to mention that too? Just imagine what can happen in a bus?

  7. he he tht was one trip u'll never forget i suppose!! :D

  8. Seems like u have several more bus-journey memories. It must hav been an unforgettable one for that guy! lolz.

  9. Aneesh u make girls cry ha? LOL!

    **We had Pre-degree, degree, PG, Phd

    wut abt Pedigree? lol!


  10. ria,

    Haha, Never :) and One which I misses the most too :)

  11. saranya,

    Yah, lot more :)
    Unforgettable for him and me too


  12. Keshi,

    ***Aneesh u make girls cry ha?

    Nah, I make girls like Keshi cry


    ***wut abt Pedigree?

    It wasn't there where I studied, I don't know about others LOL

  13. haha
    cool ride must say..masttam yaar

  14. eihihihihihih
    ANEEEEEEESHHHHHH....sahi hai tu :P

    @Keshi - pedigree....LOL

    M so glad sum1s pullin Aneesh's leg now...HAHAHAHAHA

  15. Pedigree means a line of descent of a pure-bred animal Aneesh!

    I recommend u go to KG class LOL!


  16. hahahaha Div yes and Aneesh 'walked' well into it! :)


  17. MMMM,

    Haha, I was pulling her legs for a long time :)

  18. Keshi,

    ***Pedigree means a line of descent of a pure-bred animal Aneesh

    So what? I said that wasn't there where I studied LOL
    Guess who need to go to KG? :)

    Oh, yah, I love walking into it LOL

    Cool!! :D


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