Sunday, September 28, 2008

Campus! Part Seven - Respect ME!!

How do you get respect? Just because you are a famous person, or you have a high paying job or you are in a foreign country, do everyone needs to respect you? We all are human beings, right? We do different jobs, that's it. You might be a lawyer, a doctor, an IT specialist, a farmer, a peasant or a student. Who, do you think, deserves more respect? Is it the doctor? No. Is it the peasant? No. Then who? Does respect depend on one's status? No.
I have seen people always pestering saying "why can't you respect me? I am the principal" or I am the teacher or I am your friend. Respect is something, which comes from within, don't you agree?.
While I was in college, I never greeted anyone whom I thought doesn't deserve respect. One fine morning, my friends and I were on our way to class and were walking through the veranda of our college. Our principal was coming right towards us.
we just looked at him and went past him to our class. Later, just after our lunch break, he came to our class and talked about respect. He mentioned that "some of you don't know what respect is and you don't know you've to greet your principal. I am the principal, why can't you respect me?".
We were thinking, "what's his problem? why is he telling he is the principal? He don't know he is the principal?". And the greeting thing, well, is it a de-facto standard to say "Good Morning and Good afternoon" when ever you meet a person, whom you respect?.
After this incident, when ever some meetings are there, he'll always mention this incident of disrespect.
Well, we hadn't changed a bit. When ever we saw him, we would tell each other, "see! He is the principal". There was a saying between us which goes like "The watchman deserves more respect than the principal".

Friday, September 26, 2008

Movie Tag

I had been tagged by a number of times by my various friends out here. This time, I am tagging each and everyone in my blogroll. Well, it is all about movies. Rules? There are no rules. I have a few questions, you need to answer it. :) If you have any difficulty in answering any of the questions, feel free to answer only the one's you like. Ok, here are the questions.

1. Name five of your all time favourite movies.

It's a really difficult question for I myself LOL. First of all, I watch a lot of movies mainly English, on various genre. So, in the action movies there are classics, similarly in comedy, family, kids.. Anyway, I am posting here, the movies that comes to my mind right now :)

1. Schindler's List
2. Titanic
3. The Beaches
4. The mighty
5. Gladiator/Troy

2. Name one movie which you recommend as a "must see".

Schindler's List

Just watch it and you'll know why.

3. The one and only one movie that you've seen the most number of times [watching on TV won't count].

Ice Age - part I

I've watched this movie not many times, but I can barely watch a movie more than once with the same interest as I watch the first time. Well, this is one of the movies that made me watch more than once. Don't know why. But, I didn't like the 2nd and 3rd part as much as the first.

4. which movie comes to your mind first, when you think about the funniest movie?

The Mask

5. which movie made you really emotional?

The Mighty, The Beaches, Bridge to Terabithia, Titanic... lots and lots

6. Which movie series, do you think, was as interesting as the first part in the series?

The Bourne series, Die Hard, Lord of the rings, Indiana Jones

7. Which movie, according to you, didn't live up to your expectations, after all the hype you've heard?

God Father

8. which movie, really surprised you?


PS:- Well, I do want to know your taste in movies, so that, if I missed some classics, I can watch it. That's the real purpose of this post. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Are you crazy?

Are you crazy about anything? Well, I was. I was crazy about Cricket. Huh! Can't think about it now. I used to dream that I am on one side of the pitch hitting sixers, while Sachin is on the runners end looking at me, astonished at my batting LOL. That was some time back. Well, you know what happened. I used to bunk classes to watch matches. Well, what will happen? Since, I was a die-hard fan of Indian team, normally I will always be heart broken after a match. Well, this way, my heart broke a thousand times and I lost my hope on our cricket team and started liking football. So, no need to say, my favorite team loses the match most of the times. So, I started hating sports.
Well, sports is just one thing. I was a fan of pop stars. Guess what? when I started liking them, they'll come up with some crap songs and the album will be a flop or bad news about them will be flashing on TV.

When I started liking movie stars, they got married to some idiots.. Cool!!
So, I understood that it's not their problem, 'N that I need to change. So, Now I am crazy about nothing.. So, now I am in full peace. I guess I have attained Nirvana. Duh! A really young age to attain such a thing, right? I guess, its better to be at peace, than to worry about some crap things that I have no control. So, you might be thinking, won't I enjoy music now? Won't I enjoy movies now? won't I enjoy sports now?
Well, the answer is Yes, Yes and Yes. Now, I enjoy music and not a particular singers music, but MUSIC. I enjoy movies, not when my favorite actor is in the movie, but when the MOVIE is good. 'N I enjoy sports too, not when my favorite team or player is playing, but when I watch a quality game in play.
Tell me, have you ever been crazy about anything and disappointed 'coz of that? Did your craziness change, like mine? Tell me. So what yah think?

PS: Tara gave me an Outstanding Blogger Award, thanks Tara for thinking that I am an outstanding blogger..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Campus! Part Six - Onam Experience!!

Onam's still in the air. So, today's post is related to our Onam celebration that happened at our campus. Well, it was Onam time and we were having some small kind of celebrations at our college. There was food, competition and all. So, everything was going fine. But, you know, that had some kind of discipline and all. We didn't like it. So, we were looking for some kind of variety but didn't know what to do. So, we went outside our campus and was waiting near a shop there.
Well, there comes a small group of people who performs the pulikali.
Pulikali is a kind of dance that is normally performed during the Onam festival. It is like this, people will be painted in the color/stripes of Tiger and they'll wear a mask also, which makes them a human tiger. There will be drumbeats(chenda beats) to dance according to the beat. A hunter also will be thereto shoot down the tiger. So, as the drum rolls faster the dance becomes faster and finally the hunter shoots down the tiger. That's the whole thing. [See the pics]
So, we were waiting for something to happen and it was then that these people came there. We invited them to our campus without the principal's permission and they started performing. Hearing the drum roll, all the students assembled to see what's going on. The tiger started dancing and so did we. The principal also came out hearing all this. This made us dance more. We jumped to the group of tigers and danced with them. When everything was over, we escaped to the crowd and the people who performed this started asking for money :)
We, who brought them, were no where to be seen and the principal had to give them some money from his own pocket. Some of the students who were there, also gave their share. So, we had what we wanted, some kind of freak out.
It didn't end there. After the celebrations, principal called the parents of those who had danced and told them that "Your son had came to college after drinking and he danced in here". Just like that, we were labeled as drinkers, all we did was some kind of dancing. Well, all our parents were brought to the college and the usual ramblings about us went on. Everything settled finally without much trouble :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jokes, Jokes and Jokes Only!!

This post is meant for laughing.
So, those who don't want to laugh don't go ahead. Here are some of the selected jokes. Hope, you'll like it.
If you were able to at least smile once, after reading this, then this post has attained its objective. Be ready to laugh, and make sure you certainly laugh at least once after reading each of the joke, even though you don't feel like laughing :).

Ladies hostel caught fire. It took One hour to bring the fire under control and another three hours to bring the firemen under CONTROL.

A man is dying of cancer.
His son asked him "Dad, why do you keep telling people you are dying of AIDS".
Dad: "Son, when I am dead, no one will care and touch your mother".

Boy: "Mom, why am I black and you white?"
Mom: "Listen my son, Considering all the things I did years ago, you should be thankful to God that you are not BARKING."

Time table of today's youngsters -
Monday SEE, Tuesday LOVE, Wednesday MARRIAGE, Thursday FIGHT, Friday DIVORCE, Saturday REST, Sunday NEXT.

After death, God told us all, to write down our sins on a sheet of paper. After sometime, from the back seat, I heard your sweet voice "Additional sheet please!"

Sun makes moon shine, current makes bulbs shine, Wax makes candles shine, but I'm really confused, what makes your teeth shine?

Poem on positive thinking:
Little bird in the sky,
Dropping shit into your eye,
You don't worry, you don't cry,
You just thank God, that cows don't fly.

I am happy. You know why? 'coz I am lucky. You know why? 'coz God loves me. You know how? He sent a nice friend to me. You know who? It's not you.

Twinkle Twinkle little star,
You should know what you are,
Once you know what you are,
mental hospital is not so far.

When I see the sky, I see you
When I see the stars, I see you
When I see the moon, I see you
Please move, you are always blocking my sight.

Many many happy returns of the day. What you thought? If you don't tell me, I won't remember? Today is animals' day. You naughty, where is party?

Let me tell you honestly from my heart dear. You believe it or not, it's true. Your's just one smile makes 100s of girls... die. Save girls..... Brush daily!!

Good morning! Have a horrible day with out water in your bathroom while soap in your eyes. Oh!! Sorry!! This message is not for you. It's only for those who bathe.

The day I'll die and go out of your life forever, please do buy some nice and beautiful flowers for my grave from the money you are saving by not sending me messages.

When someone says you are a dog, be cool. When someone says you are a pig, relax. But, when someone says you are beautiful, don't wait, punch him right on his nose, even jokes have it's limits.

Beauty is ageless, Love is boundless, Heart beats are countless, 'N friends like you are hopeless, Oops.. Shameless, Che.. sorry, Useless, Aiyo.. Extremely sorry, priceless!

Thought for the future generation. Don't marry and make a woman happy. In fact, remain a bachelor and make several women happy.

OKay, Don't forget to choose your favorite joke too!

PS: if you've heard any of these, somewhere else, don't blame me :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Sure Thing!

Prayer is a powerful thing that can break the unbreakables, cure the uncurable and that makes the impossible possible. I have heard these more than a hundred times and believed in it once and still have some belief. But, is there a thing that has 100% surety? Can prayer make anything possible? Then why didn't people pray for eternal peace in this world? The truth is, people did pray for these but it will never happen. I've seen a documentary on the mysteries in The History Channel. Once I saw about Telepathy. The documentary states US govt. had researched on telepathy and found some stunning results. but, the problem is, it is not accurate. The people who claims they have the power, can accurately point out things that is impossible for a normal person. but, the thing is, they can't always be correct. out of the ten things they say, five or six will be correct and the rest is not.
And there are yet another phenomenon in which people conduct mass prayer sessions claiming they can cure diseases and do impossible. Of course, there are 100s of people who claims that their disease got cured 'coz of the prayer. And some or most of these cases might be genuine. However, is this possible for all? Will everyone who go there to pray get cured? The answer is definitely no. Otherwise, we might not need any hospitals, right?
I know there are a lot of people out there who believes in this. I too want to believe it. It will be great, if we can achieve anything by praying, right? Sometimes, it work for some people. But, at all times, it will not work for all. So, Is there a sure thing?

PS: This is just my thought. It is not meant for laughing at or contradicting others belief.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Onam Nostalgia!!

Since it is Onam celebrations here this week, I would like to share my Onam nostalgia with you. Onam was always a brilliant and unique experience to me, especially when I was a kid. First of all, we will get ten days of holiday 'coz of Onam and just before school closes for Onam, our first term exams will be over. So, we had nothing to worry about and ten days full of enjoyment.
It was a heavenly feeling. We could do what we wish. Onam special games will be there, especially the huge swing is what we look forward to. This swing, that we call "anjal oonjal" is made by tying a huge rope between two coconut trees and another two ropes of the swing will be tied to this rope's middle. It is not the normal swing that we see in parks. This will be at least three times longer. Playing in swing gave us the first feel of rollercoaster. We will push ourselves to the limit while in swing, doing tricks that only circus people do and swinging at high speed gave us the first adrenaline rush. Those of you, who have been in roller coaster or something like that, might know the feeling that comes inside your chest.
Then daily morning we made "athapookalam", which is made using flowers of various colors and types, usually circular in shape. See the picture. Daily morning, we will replace the flowers with fresh ones. Sometimes, we went around and stole flowers from other people's compound. The process is like this -- for ten days, we have to make this "athapookalam" and will remove this on the tenth day which is thiruonam or main Onam. We didn't maintain that ten day period 'coz most of the times, our exams will be over only five days before Onam.
Now going to the food part, another exciting part of Onam. Certainly, one of the most delicious food I ever had is the Onam feast, purely vegetarian, that happens only once in an year. It is not just the eating part; though kids, we will be involved in cooking also, helping our grand father and grand mother, hearing their childhood stories, how feast is prepared, watching food being cooked, it's a feel
ing that can only be experienced. The center of attraction of food is what we call "payasam". This, those who have tasted, know how delicious it is. "Payasam" is a combination of a lot of sweet smelling, tasty materials. So, as kids, it was our job to take these things from store to kitchen. On its way to kitchen, some of these will go into the kitchen and some of it will go into our stomachs.
The most important part of this occasion is the feast(lunch) itself. On Onam day, the feast is prepared only at our family house, where our grand father and grand mother live. We all are living near by, but on that day every one will get together at this house and together prepare the feast. We will all have food together, everyone sitting together around a big table and having food, adults gossiping about international/national/local/home affairs, we kids listening and gossiping our own little stories. That was the real Onam. Now, we all grew up, everything’s changed. Only one day leave for Onam. Today's Onam is all hi-tech. Everyone's bu
sy. Now, everyone prepares their own food and share with us, we do the same. But, it doesn't have the warmth or love of the old days. 
Now, I myself have changed. Now, my Onam is all about going out with friends, to some place, have fun. But its repetition, it's the same thing that we do on a weekend, or on a holiday or Christmas. Is it really celebration? No, It is time passing, I think.
Now, for most of the people, Onam, like other days, is all about sitting in front of the TV, at their own home, ordering Onam specials from restaurants. Watching the blah, blah about some movie stars, watching some boring live shows. Even TV programs are now boring, isn't it? Some time back, only on special days, do we get a chance to see the movie stars on TV or a star studded live show. That had its effect. But now, daily we are watching stars on TV, watching live shows daily, reality shows daily, No variety.
Well, I know, there might be people out there wondering what this Onam is all about. For them, here is a short note about what I know.
It is believed that, once up on a time, a king called Mahabali [Name is Bali, Maha is similar to 
Mahatma in Mahatma Gandhi] ruled Kerala. He was a really good king. A man of principles and values. Every one respected him and his fame reached even heaven. During his time, people lived happily and in prosperity. There was no crime, no poverty or anything bad. His country became equal to heaven in all aspects. The devas' became envious and anxious about Mahabali's fame and complained to Maha vishnu. Well, vishnu came to earth as vamanan and asked Mahabali for three foot of land. Mahabali, being a king who never rejects any requests, allowed v
amanan to take three foot of land according to his wish. So, suddenly, vamanan grew big and with his two 
feet, he had taken all Mahabali had. So, since there is no place to get his third foot of land, Mahabali showed his own head for vamanan to place his feet and vamanan pushed Mahabali to underground. Since Mahabali was a man of principles, vamanan allowed Mahabali to ask for a single boon and all he asked was to see his people once in an year. So, it is said that once in an year, Mahabali comes to visit his people to see how they are doing and in memory of that Onam is celebrated.
Well, I am hearing this story since I was born. I still don't know, why Mahabali was sent to the underground. What did the gods want? No peace on earth? May be you could tell me...

PS:- This Onam, I was planning to go out with my friends for a trekking trip. But what happened was, right on the day of Onam, I fell sick with fever. I was affected with some kind of sneezing fit. All day and night, I was sneezing unstoppable, like a machine gun, with out any reason. My nose was like a water pump and I thought I will sneeze my brain out through my nose. [Egyptians took the brain out that way, right? Of course, not by sneezing, though]. That's why I haven't come to the blogville. But, now I am feeling better and my trip was dropped. So, this Onam, I celebrated on my bed sneezing. Now, that is a variety, isn't it? I hope there won't be any repetition.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Onam Wishes!!!

It's Onam here. I am wishing all people in blogville a happy onam; especially all the malayalees out there.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tagged by Phoenix & Priya!!

After having rest for some days, I am again tagged LOL. This time by Phoenix and Priya
I have already mentioned the quirks about me. So, I'll go for the second part of the post which is I need to post your desktop and few of your favorite quotes. First of all, I don't have a personalized desktop. I never keep any pictures on my desktop. 'N I just formatted and reinstalled everything. So, I guess, that's why it looks so boring.

So, moving on, the other part is I have to post my favorite quotes.
Ok, here we go. I'm going to be a bit different here. I am not posting any popular quotes of famous people. For that you may refer my other blog Inspiration. I am going to post some quotes, that I found Interesting. This include some SMS that I got.

1) Respect those friends who find TIME for you in their time table, but love those friends who DON'T CONSULT their time table when you need them.

2) You are accused of crawling into my heart and hijacking my smiles with your love. You are sentenced to be my friend for ever, No Bail.

3) One day I read smoking is bad, I stopped smoking. One day I read drinking is bad, I stopped drinking. One day I read marriage is bad, I stopped reading.

4) Smiles are love birds. They fly from face to face. May your lips give them the best nest, so that they can live there for ever.

5) Life is a book of mystery. You never know which page'll bring a good twist in the story. Keep on reading, 'coz happiness comes when it's most unexpected.

6) Life is like this - Just when we get all the answers of life... God changes the question paper.

7) It is ordinary to love the marvellous, but it is marvellous to love the ordinary. Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a great deal to love a leaf.

And the final tag is also by Priya and the question is "what kind of a day would you want to be?"
Well, I want a day in my childhood summer holiday. If no, any day will do. I can make my own day interesting in many ways :).

Please forgive me for not tagging anyone :).

Last but not the least. Another award its the blogging friends for ever award again by Priya. Thanks dear, you are a sweet friend :)
Thanks for all the awards -- Keshi and Anwesa for Brilliant web log award and Priya for Blogging friends for ever award.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Campus! Part Five - A Bus Journey!!

One of the best days in my campus life was when I was studying for predegree [Now +2]. It was like the feeling of a bird, which was allowed to flew out after living in a cage since it was born. No need to say the school days till 10th right? Everywhere around, people will be looking at you as kids, bossing you around all times, lot of advice and other crap. Well, when I passed out of the 10th and went to my first college, it was like heaven. We could do whatever we want, can go whereever we want. No more bossing around 'coz we won't listen any more :) 'N most important thing is most of the decisions were made my us instead of parents, wow! that's another change, isn't it?
I used to go to the college by bus, government bus to be specific . Our college was near a beach and it was a bit far from city. So, I have to catch a bus from my home and drop near the main juntion and catch another from there, which is the bus to our college. Although, it is a government bus, we students made it a college bus. There were other private vehicle services through the same route and the people there used to go in that, they will never get in the college bus, may be they don't want to spoil our fun or they couldn't suffer our nuissance and other fun.This happened when I was in the junior most class in the college, we were the kids in the college.
We had Pre-degree, degree, PG, Phd. Although we were the kids, the pre-degree students were the one who were causing most problems 'coz they were immature and the most exploited one too [by political parties for throwing stones while conducting strikes].
Well, our normal bus journey starts like this. Everyone will get in to the bus from the main junction. The bus will be overcrowded, in the footboard alone there will be close to 15+ people. On our way to college, in some of the places, the road was really bad with lot of bumps and ditches. Whenever the bus goes over one of these, there will be a deafening sound of foot board hitting/scraping with the road. We'll wait for this and when it happens we'll scream at the top of our voice as if we were going to die and crying out HELP HELP LOL. Well, just imagine 70+ people screaming at the top of their voice! At first, people staying near the place used to run out from their house to see what is happening :), but when it became daily, they stopped coming blaming our pranks. Well, we had other fun activities in the bus including singing, mimicry etc and when we reach the destination, we'll stop all these by singing our national anthem :) [Jana gana mana].
So, on one day, as usual we were in our bus with all the fun, no body noticed a guy was in our bus, who was not from our college. Everybody ignored him 'coz its a rare incident, everyone thought he'll be a relative of someone. What happened was, after a few minutes, a girl standing next to him started crying. Everyone was stunned. So, our seniors immediately caught this person who was somewhere in his late 30's and started shouting at him "what did you do?". He said he didn't do anything. Then why is she crying was the question and I don't know was his answer. They asked the girl what had happened, but she won't even say a word, she was just crying. So, they gave a seat for her and cornered this guy. He was terrified when the whole college turned towards him. Obviously he did SOMETHING, that we don't know.

Some of our senior lost their temper and started to beat up this guy, but other intervened and stopped it saying "not in the bus". Well, when the bus reached the next stop, this guy suddenly told the bus conductor to stop the bus, that he need to get down there. But, our seniors said, "you are not going anywhere, you can come with us to college and we'll show you all around our college". So, the bus was not allowed to stop and we all thought that certainly the guy will be beaten to death 'coz our college had lot of political parties and lot of our seniors were in these parties and they were good in conducting strikes, beating up people and all.
There is no need to tell, how that guy looked. We thought he will have a heart attack that moment and he kept telling, I need to get down now, now, now. So, finally some of the senior most students in our college warned him, never to get in to our bus and let him go. Well, I am sure that he'll never ever in his life will do that SOMETHING again.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Valuable and Cheap

Beautiful things or moments are only happening to others. Oh! they are luky, WOW! how did they get that? How often have we thought about these? Haven't you atleast once thought like this? Yah, we always think good things happens only to other people. But, we are forgetting that, for others, we are the other people. So, next time, look into yourself, see what you've got. What you see is what you want. If you see yourself as pathetic, unlucky, helpless, then that's how things will be. Appreciate yourself.
After all, think about a world when each and every one of us is an Einstein. Then who will enjoy the outcome of inventions? If everyone is a Marilyn Monroe, then beauty will lose its value. It's sand, dust, rocks and other cheap things that make gold and diamond valuable. Each one has it's own value. We need to see its value not it's cheapness. Next time, when you see a pig rolling around in dirt, don't think "what a dirty thing" Instead try "See! it enjoys even in dirt!". Miracles do appear, if your eyes are open for it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Outing & Award

We had a team outing to an island resort here. Almost 70 people were there. It was total fun. Fun fun and fun only. We danced all the way in the bus, shouting at the poor driver and the cleaner to change the song whenever there is some slow song. It was a nice experience in the resort. Till the day before the outing, the climate was good. But, don't know what had happened, when we went for outing, it was raining heavily. But even the rain couldn't dampen our spirits. After the dance in the bus, we had another round of dance in the conference room after the team meeting.
We had an awful lunch. The food had no taste at all. But, every one was tired after all these. So, had to eat, then we split into different groups and went to different places. Some, went to beach, some went to swimming pool. My friends and I went to play cricket. Everything was going fine till we changed to football. One of my friends and I changed to football, others still played cricket. So, for almost an hour, we played football with no problems, but after that what happened was I tried a long range shot. All I heard was the sound of shattering glass.
Oops. There was some kind of big light there, right in the middle of the cocunut trees. I wonder, why I didn't see it before. Well, it was shattered in to pieces. I just took the ball and walked as though nothing had happened with an innocent face. But, the security had already seen it. He took the phone and talked to some one. I had no choice and I went to him and asked what should be done. He said they'll take care of it and will let me know. I was thinking "why me?". But, then I was relieved to hear that our bus hit two lamps while taking reverse. At least I'm not alone in the destruction of public properties :)

Well, Yesterday I got an award from keshi and today(Sep 5th) by Anwesa. Thanks dear, for choosing me for the award :) So, I am supposed to pass this award to some one else. I know, almost all here have got the award. So, after careful scrutiny I am going for thanamoi, arun, lukkydivz and prajyot

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Unfortunate !!

I lost one of my good friends in a bike accident last Thursday. I went to his home with my friends, but couldn't see his face, we were a bit late and the usual ceremonies were almost over. Well, I must say it was better, it is always good to remember him as he always was, than to remember a lifeless face, isn't it? He was certainly one of the funniest/jovial guy I ever knew, he was liked by all the teachers/students without an exception. I will certainly share his jokes with you all one day.
'N yah, I missed my Sunday post too. Well, on saturday, some kind of good virus got in to my PC and after opening the browser, if I take a new tab, the system will get stuck. Well, I wasn't home yesterday, we had a team outing and that certainly raised my spirits. So, I came back formatted and reinstalled everything yesterday night.