Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Visheshtagged me today. 'N pretty interesting tag. What are the things that brought a change in me?
Let me think on this. Ok, here we go.
Realization:- Yah, it's the realization about everything which has made a lasting change in me, about me, about people, about God, the list is endless.
Reading:- Reading always brings in new information. How do you feel when, on one day, you find out whatever you thought true is wrong?
Music:- As always, this is one of the things that can bring a change in me, though temporary :)
Movies:- I am big fan of movies, it's difficult to point out a single one, but I love watching English movies.
Ofcourse, parents and relatives will always be there for almost all, so I'm not writing that. Can't think of anything else now. 'N forgive me for not tagging anyone :)


  1. lol i wrote a mile long post you made it short and simple :)

  2. nice tag :)
    same pinch on reading :)

  3. a different tag.. serious one :)

    and seems you know a lot about yourself :) Some people need years to figure it out.

  4. vishesh,

    Haha, you are a professional writer and I am not. That's simple :)

  5. Realisation....good one!

    Nice tag :)

  6. Just noticed that U haven't done this Tag yet! So TAGGED YOU!!
    Iam sorry...lol!

  7. so u realized from these things.

    gud to know.

    I too like English movies actually movies in all the different languages is good to watch. Though I don't know Malayalam very well but I like Malayalam movies very much, some are really good.
    I must say Hindi movies are good too.

  8. now dats wat i call a gud tag
    and d way aneesh u hav written it dats very simple!

    chotu tag huh..

  9. Glad you did not tag me. Cos I think every moment brings a change in me and it would be a herculean task to write about those!

  10. omg so BLOGS didnt change u at all? :(


  11. lukkydivz,

    Nice to hear that :)

  12. lena,

    Haha, well I've put something different in my profile LOL

  13. saranya,

    Thanks :)
    OMG!! Another Tag??
    My reader will kill me, I think :)
    But, I'll certainly do it soon :)

  14. pj,

    You don't know malayalam well? I thought you were a mallu LOL :)
    Mmm, I personally like only a few hindi movies 'coz the story in almost all the movies are the same, now a days :(

  15. joiedevivre,

    Haha! Chotu tag!! Yeah!! :)

  16. sol,

    R U serious? Every moment?
    Oh, yah, I forgot, Psychologically speaking, right? LOL

  17. keshi,

    Oops! That's what I forgot to mention, I think and Yeah, Keshi changed me too, the way I should behave to a sensitive blogger LOL :)

    Now, don't get sensitive on this.

  18. vishesh,

    Yes, you are, at least compared to me :)

  19. I am a Malayali only I know to speak Malayalam well but still don't know to write and read. I lived in rajasthan not in Kerala na.

  20. no no no I wont take that answer now lol!



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