Saturday, August 2, 2008


After a long time, I had some fun yesterday. I dropped my friend at the nearest junction at night and came back and was alone in lift. Suddenly, the power went out and the lift suddenly stopped moving. I was in total darkness for a few seconds. Luckily, the power came back, but the lift got stuck. I've only heard about people getting stuck in lift but was fortunate to experience it myself. LOL, I tried all the buttons in the lift, none worked. Time went by, and I got irritated. I thought I might need to spend the whole night in the lift, but I saw one alarm bell and rang it, but no one came. So, I called one of my friends and he had already reached his home and I was talking with him when suddenly someone pulled open the door of the lift and pulled me out. Well, that was some experience:).

Well, joiedevivre here are my quirks:
1. I can't have meals without fish
2. I never miss breakfast, lunch or dinner
3. I won't eat more than 3 times a day except snacks at evening
4. I can never wake up early

Here are the people I tagged
1. Priya
2. vishesh
3. Arun pk
4. saranya
5. anwesa
6. prajyot


  1. Oops! It happened with me too! I must have got stuck for barely two minutes but it was so scary in the darkness! Since that day, I have a fear of lifts. I prefer taking the stairs, safer and healthier...! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  2. well,it wud hav been more fun if u were der longer,at least for ur readers...hahaha lol..

  3. tara,

    Haha, I was never scared and I'll better use lifts than to walk up stairs :)

  4. anwesa,

    Haha, I thought so, that I might have to spend the whole night in there :)

  5. wat r d ques 4 replyin d tag?

  6. Oops! Scary experience. I cant imagine getting stuck in a lift ALL ALONE! Scaaarrryy!

  7. ha nice experience.
    sumtimes we need to hav such ones can tell others tats all. but I am sad that u put few seconds it shud hav been hours he ha just kidding.

    btw ur quirk 1 cant do without fish he ha.
    and cannot get up early tats funny. huh I can't in but in winter tat too Rajasthan 0 degree temp.

  8. its always hard to wake up early...especially for an working person like software engg.i truly belive with u..!!

  9. i have never got stuck in a lift :(

    will do the tag ASAP :)

  10. lol..kaash ek ladki bhi hoti saath me...dint u wish for this? :P

  11. saranya,

    I thought it was fun :)

  12. pj,

    Haha, let me wish you to have to have that experience :)

    Quirks? there are lots, sometime it won't come to my mind :)
    One is, I usually have dinner really late normally after 11:00

  13. prajyot,

    Yah, that's one of the reason, Even when I was a kid I never woke up early :)

  14. vishesh,

    You'll get your chance soon :)
    Ok, take your own time :)

  15. lukkydivz,

    Haha, acha? to kya?
    I have to stop her from crying or screaming, I think :)

  16. Aneesh,

    I've seen people get stuck in lifts... n a friend of mine got stuck one day along with a hot girl from i've been waiting for my chance!!

  17. pj,

    LOL, yah you can say that :)

  18. arun,

    Haha, you'll get your chance, but not with a babe :)

  19. I was stuck in a lift, all by myself, for a good 2hrs!


  20. i once got stuck for more than 7 min, between teh 7th n the 8th floor...i was horrified....not only because it was dark and i was all alone...but also for there were nuthing at those two floors.... not even mobile network

  21. keshi,

    Good to hear you had a longer experience :)

  22. nikita,

    Great!! How'd you got out then?


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