Monday, August 11, 2008

Positive Thinking!!

Does positive thinking has an unknown power? If we think positively, does that make a change in our life? Ever thought about these things? I recently came across an interesting principle which is called the 90/10 principle. Here it is :
10% of life is made up of what happens to you. 90% of life is decided by how you react.
It says we have no control over 10% of what happens in our life but we certainly have control of the 90% of the rest. Normally what we does is we think about that 10% and let it ruin the rest 90%. Is it right? It suggests, if we don't care about that 10% and think positively about the rest 90%, then that'll make a difference to our life in a positive way and we can reach where we never thought we would reach. Any ideas??


  1. It depends upon one's outlook on life.You can either make it or break it.

  2. in the last post aneesh did too much of LOLing :P

    here aneesh is asking too many questions :P

    i fail to analyze :(

    but granpa always said - THINK POSITIVELY! so i guess ur mathematics is true :)

    i never did though :(

  3. yupp completely true I agree.

    I believe
    "attitudes are more important than facts"

    and tats it

  4. Positive thinking is always a good thing!! And i think yes it does make a difference atleast in the mentality of being negative and letting the negative happen! If we think positive we will always give the effort to get a positive results and min room for negatives! :)

  5. Nice thought

    U know i was reading bout this thing called affirmation the other actually works on the power of positive thinking.

    Peple clam to have treated medical issues both mental and physical throught just the power of positive thinkin :)

  6. Yes it does hv an unknown power. Often when Im down in the dumps, feeling likt shit, and if I laugh it off (see the humor in it), somehow it makes me feel less upset and takes a load off my chest.

    And that doesnt mean Im all happy and cheerful all the time and that I dun hv any problems in my life. Just that thinking positively helps me cope with my probs in a healthy and real manner. Cos it's no point brooding over something for too isnt gonna go away by brooding over it or being positive abt it. But being positive abt it FEELS BETTER.


  7. you are not what you do or what you think about but how you react to all of that... unfortunately most people like to blame circunstances for everything happening to them

  8. Aneesh, thank you for your post! Yes, a couple of ideas on that... I first looked at all areas of my life and at those events/reactions that were the 10% but that caused the 90% of my disatisfaction. I started to acknowledge the 10% and express my wish to not let it interfere in my life. Little by little, whenever the 10% ocassion popped up, more and more was I able to realize where I had, in the past, let it go wrong, and what I could change in the present to make it different.

    Awareness is such a great thing, and I find the more aware I want to be, the more aware I become.

    Wish this helps! You may also like to check a page I wrote about positive thinking:

    Thank you and have a brilliant day!


  9. hmm...i think it is better to make the 90% the 100 % :)

  10. likkydivz,

    Thanks for the tips.
    I'll try to avoid too much of LOLing and questions.
    You can start now :)

  11. saranya,

    Exactly, positive thinking always brings positive results :)

  12. divkiran,

    Ooh!! that's another unanswerable question LOL :)

  13. keshi,

    Yes. Certainly!
    even if we cry all the time, nothings gonna change right? then why can't we be happy? :)

  14. lena,

    Yah, that's the easiest way to escape from blames, right? Just say, circumstances made me like this :)

  15. cristina,

    Yah, will check that :)
    You too have a brilliant day :)

  16. or does READING cover it? :)



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