Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Check this link out: Liger

Liger is a combination of Lion and Tiger to be more specific, the offspring of a male Lion and a female Tiger. This doesn't happen in the wild or naturally. But due to the wild imaginations of human kind, we humans have successfully created this creature which is twice the size of the tiger and has all the qualities of both Lion and Tiger. How do you take this? It was possible 'coz both are from the cat family. I was wondering whether someone will attempt to mate a man with a chimpanzee lady LOL and the result will be a creature which has the strength and ability of a chimpanzee and the intelligence of a human [if that happens :)]
If you are given a chance to create something like this, which animals would you chose and what would be it's offspring's characteristics? Be Optimistic :)


  1. well i wud never do such things...all creatures r beautifully designed by god..
    properly done wid evrything.

  2. i would combine brown bear and a polar bear and get a striped one :D
    Would be cool i believe :P

  3. Interesting.
    Honestly, I wouldn't go for such creation!

  4. That's so weird!Wonder what's next.At this rate,the day is not far when the Planet Of The Apes series would become reality.

  5. Aneesh,,,u really have some crazy ideas....lol

    but well i am guessin humans are already doin it...AIDS is a good example of wt will happn if humans mate with "ahem ahem" animals

    i thnk lts just leave it to nature...too much human intervention is already thr

  6. yeah I read abt this unusual creation somewhere, and it only proves that MAN (especially the brains) hasnt evolved yet!

    ** I was wondering whether someone will attempt to mate a man with a chimpanzee lady LOL and the result will be a creature which has the strength and ability of a chimpanzee and the intelligence of a human [if that happens :)]

    I think the result wud be GREATER if it had the strength of a human and the 'intelligence' of a chimpanzee.

    Cos humans seem to be brain-dead anyways LOL!


  7. what an idea :P lol how about a plant and human?

  8. my god! who would want to create something like that?

    only god creates.... :)

    but a bear and panda wouldnt be half as bad.. panda in the size of a bear....... CUTE!! AND HUGGABLE


  9. joidevivre,

    Well, You could have imagined something :)

  10. Lena,

    Yah, I thought about that too :)
    it would be double the size of polar bear then 'N may be it can live both in cold and hot climate LOL

  11. saranya,

    OH!!! Come on, create something LOL

  12. sameera,

    Haha, who knows, may be they are developing it secretly :)

  13. divkiran,

    it's just a rumour about AIDS, right? No one know the exact reason, of its origin!!
    Yah, div, but you could have imagined something :)

  14. keshi,

    Mmmm, interesting, so if you get a chance, you'll swap your brilliant brain with a chimpanzee's?? LOL

  15. vishesh,

    OMG, be practical man!! I guess these types of things humans already do even artificial tools :)

  16. raka aka phoenix,

    But, it will have the qualities of bear also, so think twice before you hug LOL :)

  17. haw haw haw
    human male with female chimapanzee!!! female double normal size !!!!!!!!i hope violence wont increase !!

  18. IT2BB,

    female double normal size?? How can you be sure the offspring is female, it could be male also :)
    Yah, as far as the history says, violence will increase, if the brain is human :)

  19. doncha doubt my imaggination

    its just too much for public view...lol

    and well i have read tht the stry bout aids is true...but since i wsnt thr i cant say :P

  20. I dun think I hv a brilliant brain...remember u said I should go back to KG class?


  21. Mating a man with a monkey resulted in AIDS. Don't you know?

  22. keshi,

    Yah, sometimes even the brilliant brain stop working :)

  23. sol,

    I thought so, but then I read that the REAL origin is unknown :)

  24. I personally think its a gr8 achievement of science. I say this coz the produce has better characteristics than tat of the original.We don't harm the nature in any way so its fine.
    I wud like a cross between a cheetah and lion so as to get the speed of cheetah and the strength of lion.

    ha ha

  25. And we call this a 'brilliant' 'achievement', by whatever means used.Isn't it sick to even assume that certain beings are experiment-able and 'funny', only because they don't share the means of communication we do?
    Doesn't a question of ethics arise before we even imagineer such things?
    Maybe I'm too human afterall.
    How about crossbreeding ourselves then? Any hands up there to be the next Guinea pig? (Or the lioness and tiger in this case.)

  26. spoonfedmonkey,

    Thanks :)
    Yah, its a controversial topic, we are using animals even in student labs to learn. So......


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