Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Yesterday, I got a link about ghosts near by :).

For those, who are interested here is the link

Well, how can I waste a chance to meet a ghost, face to face, in real life? So, I went yesterday, the same time as metioned by the girl in the blog, and as she said, the power went off exactly at the time I went. Oooh!! I thought that's it, I am going to meet THE GHOST. But, unfortunately, there was no ghost. May be the ghost got tired after getting into news.

Well, we cannot laugh at ghost stories and we normally say "Oh, on 21st century, ghosts??". But, what will you do if you have a similar experience?

People are different. There are people who believe in ghosts, there are people who say I don't believe and I am not afraid of ghosts but right in their heart they know they are afraid but don't want to show and there are people who will never believe in ghosts, no matter what. Even if ghosts come in front of them, they say that's not ghost and even the ghost will be disappointed and it will go away 'coz ghosts also needs respect,right? Ghosts expects people to scream and run. If they see people who just look at them as if they are a strange mongoose or something and just take a picture of the ghost and walk away; certainly, the ghost would be disappointed and they won't come anymore :)

My cousin told me an incident that had happened in his college. There is a haunted bath room there and people say if you go and bath in one of it at midnight you can hear a lady laugh. So, one of their seniors decided to check it out at midnight. He and his friends went to the bathroom and checked each and every room, no one was there and his friends returned, he stayed there to check. After a few hours, his friends who were waiting at their room didn't see him return and they decide to check and so they came back and found him unconsious on the bath room floor. Well, when everyone was gone he waited there and after some time he heard the laugh. He was terrified and he didn't remember what happened next. This is what my cousin told me or what I can recall. I'll update it if anything is wrong about this, on this weekend. I didn't say anything and I just thought, yah it's easy to think when we are comfortably in our own room, right? So,
I thought like why couldn't he record the voice of the girl or open the door and check who's in the next bath room or take a pic or what ever. Well, isn't it easy to say these things. Just imagine yourself at a haunted place alone with no living creatures around you and suddenly you hear someone laugh just next to your door. Will you have the courage to open the room where you are and check it or will you wait in your room firmly closed for someone to come.
People bluntly say, Yah, I never saw a ghost and I'm waiting to see one, but what's their intention? Do they expect the ghosts to come out from these places and show them that they exist? Atleast they need to go to so called places and check themselves :)

PS: I have read about a man who does research in these things and he said he had gone to numerous, so called, haunted places and is yet to find a ghost himself.


  1. i havnt had any such encounter as such but i still believe in such stuff!and its wrong to disregard other ppls encounters. If not ghosts, spirits do exist for sure.

  2. so if i say i have seen a ghost,what will you conclude?

  3. i dont know if i believe in ghosts but i do believe in spirits

    read dr brian weiss's books you ll love it.... its about reincarnation and such stuff but totaly scientific

  4. I saw a real ghost..not in the mirror :) but in real. I even blogged abt it long time ago. yes I can see/feel em..not all the time, but sometimes. I even get dreams that later happen in real. Some ppl say I hv the 6th sense...mebbe, I dunno.

    Sensitive ppl can see/feel other planes that exist in this Universe..thats what I've heard, read and experienced.

    ** I have read about a man who does research in these things and he said he had gone to numerous, so called, haunted places and is yet to find a ghost himself.

    not everyone is ABLE to see them. Teh spirit world can only be encountered by very few ppl on Earth.


  5. hey I 'd posted a superb long comment but it did not publish due to the nonavailability of blogger tat time.

    I just wanna say tat I neither think there r no ghosts nor think there r ghosts I am searching for the truth and so think wat we perceive abt ghosts might be true or there may be noo ghosts at all.
    Huh!! it can be our mind which makes us perceive such things. After we hav such a capable brain.

  6. It all depends on the way you percieve things. "Ghost" doesn't necessarily mean bad or evil. Christianity speaks of the "Holy Trinity" of which the Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit is what we refer to as God. So if people believe in a supernatural power that we refer to as "God", I dont see why we shudn't believe people have spirits and that reincarnation is a fact! Also, good and bad co exist. we know what is good only because bad exists. So if you do believe in God you have to acknowledge the Satan!

  7. you know if they exist, then i wouldnt want to meet them ever. But then till now nobody knows anything for sure.

  8. Interesting!Parapsychology has always fascinated me.

  9. I don know....its a scary is too fattu whn it comes to all this stuff

  10. There are lots of researchers conducting studies in the paranormal field. I do believe in ghosts.

  11. ria,

    Very true :) You'll get your chance

  12. vishesh,

    that you've seen a ghost :)

  13. keshi,

    Yah, good thought, I too have seen one, or so do I thought but I don't want to believe that that was a ghost :)

  14. pj,

    it's ok!! :)
    Yah, so do I want to think :)

  15. arun,

    Exactly, but very few see God, but a lot see ghosts!!! :)

  16. lena,

    Haha, ghosts like people who never want to meet them :)

  17. sameera,

    So, what's the conclusion? Do you believe or not?

  18. divkiran,

    Haha, yes its scary sometimes :)

  19. sol,

    Mmm, let them continue their research and let's hope they'll find out the truth soon!!


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