Friday, August 15, 2008

Developed countries!! - Or are they?

One of my friends told me about an incident that her cousin experienced in US. Well, her cousin is settle there and his little daughter is in a school there. So, once he noticed that she only had the native americans as her friend and when he asked, do you know what the little girl replied? Dad we are black!! Couldn't believe there racism still exists and even in the minds of kids. If it's in the mind of kids, then surely it's their parents who teach them such things. Well, I don't know whether it's a rare incident but I'm hearing such thing for the first time. It is hard to believe that in so called developed countries racism still exist. Here is another incident. A meeting was going on and people from UK didn't attend the meeting 'coz of some sudden holiday. So, one of the indian guy, as a joke, told that "it seems today is britain's independence day". Suddenly, one of the guys there got up and said "How dare you! You know, Britain was never ruled by anyone. Britain ruled the whole world and it is people like you who have independence day" What an idiot is such a guy? Can't take a joke? or don't have a humor sense? or won't like humor when it's said by an indian?
'N don't forget about the shilpa shetty incident!! Atleast it helped her to win a lot of money.
We call them developed countries and modern people. In what way are they modern? In their dazzling outfits, they look like they are from 25th century and what comes out of their mouth makes us think they are from 18th century.
So, have any of you come across such situations or atleast heard about these?


  1. hmm..the countries are developed,the people are backward...

    and as for India,we are super developed and the people's development keeps changing...

  2. I have come across many such instances here in UAE.Technically developed but mentally retarded some people are! :P

  3. yes that's a real shame very big shame for such countries.
    And abt we being treated badly ....
    u know they called us black dogs even then e r running after their styles we want to work in foreign there etc etc.
    This all works me up. But I am a human being after all.

  4. you know i think no one is developed..... not america not india and not china... no1....

    because developed country donot have demented thoughts-partiality/difference/destructive thoughts/superior-inferior complex etc......

    the parameter of judging good from bad, or in this case developed or developing... is all wrong... the anthropologists and the leader should think of new parameters... or better still ask us

  5. Aneesh,
    I want to share an incident like this which shocked me.My sis was studying in the most reputed convent school of Bhubaneswar.She used to share her lunch with almost all her friends.One day,the topper of the the class approached her and said,"Why do u share ur food with Sunita and her frnds?Don't u kno they r ST ppl?Aftr goin' home do u wash urself with Ganga water?They ask u to do sit with them n u do so!U must b careful now onwards".I was shocked to hear such a comment.That too frm a daughter of an IAS officer..What r we learning?similar things r happenin in US too!

  6. lolz, let me mark this one as your best post! To be honest, I had a good laugh. YES, racism exists! But its increasing so the word 'still' doesn't suit here. It was much less before. But racism and casts exist in India too isn't it? Not only in UK, US but in a number of other countries as well! Moreover, the incidents you have listed here are very very minor ones and there are much more! And Asians are usually regarded as the 'browns' and the Africans only as 'black'!

    Answering ur qs at the end, yep there are soo manyyyy...several incidents I have heard of and seen like these during school days! These often happen btw kids during the school age and gradually they get out of that thought of racism. The kids get such mentality cos of many reasons, like say, if one studies really well so tht the teachers give special attention to that child, then there will come the jealousy and then bullying. If this happen btw diff races, then they call it racism and if not then it’s just regarded as a silly matter as of the kid-age. This is one end and to the other end there are kids who have a strong background (say historically) and they don’t like to see other races as equal as them in their own country! And of course, definitly not everyone is like that. Only a few. When we move to each stage like from school to sixth form and then uni etc, the racism disappears. Cos of the maturity I would say. But it doesn't mean there will be finally none at one stage...there would still be one or two people like tht even among the elderly-s.
    Again, good topic. Keep up!

  7. vishesh,

    Yah, we are super developed :)

  8. sameera,

    Correct, Technically developed and mentally retarded :)

  9. pj,

    Haha, we all are human beings, right? :)

  10. phoenix,

    Yah, exactly :)
    Developed in showing off, may be !!

  11. anwesa,

    Yah, very true :)
    Even, I've heard about people who behave to their servants as though they are slaves, they won't go near them or be with them, but they eat the food which the servants make, what a contradiction?

  12. Saranya,

    Thanks for such a long comment ['N the other one :)]. Yeah, what you said is absolutely true, racism exits in India also, but in other forms. But, what if those who consider themselves modern behave like uncultured people?
    We cannot blame kids, they learn from adults, so its the adults who teaches them how to behave. Once again thanks for the sharing of experience :)

  13. I start my comment with seriousness u make it funny at the end ha ha lol

  14. racism still exist...ppl wth fair skin still thnk dey r's tru...

  15. pj,

    Life should be fun!!
    Otherwise, we won't feel like living :)

  16. pooja,

    Yah, let's hope we all get fair skin :)

  17. Aneesh these r only FEW incidents. I hv lived in Aus for so long and to be honest, ppl here r less racist than some of our own Indians/Sri Lankans!

    It's Individuals that r racist, not communities! We always FAIL to see that.


  18. sadly developemt is measured only in terms of economic strength n not the mindset of the people.. thats y these countries are still know as developed... for the money power they possess!!

  19. keshi,

    Yah, of course, it only happens rarely, but still, it happens :)


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