Sunday, August 10, 2008

Campus! Part Two- Even I am a Poet!!!

I don't know this can be called a poem [the poem is at the end of the post :)], but I thought it is a poem LOL. Yes, Even I wrote a poem; then who can't? Well, here is my poetic background. I have written a few poems in my childhood. Yeah, you heard it right. Out of some frenzy or something, I started writing poems and stories, only a few :) Then, I don't know what happened, I stopped. Well, if I read those things now, I will feel embarassed. It all looks rubbish now LOL. So that's my experience as a poet. These all happened before my 5th standard :).
Then when I was doing my Post graduation 2years back, I met her and she became my best friend :). It all happened unexpectedly. Out of a fight, started our friendship LOL. Here is the exact incident. I was the class representative of our class [a big mistake from our principal, since he's the one who chose me LOL]. We were the first batch in the college and the senior most batch. But, unlike our juniors, where boys and girls were enemies [atleast sometimes], we had unity. No matter what, Our girls stood by us. Needless to say we had a lot of problems with the management and the staff of our college. That's another big story and I'll tell it sometime later :)
So, this time it's 'coz of a suspension. It started when our presentation sessions were going on. One of my friends argued with one of our teacher [remember the teacher I mentioned in my last sunday post?] and 'coz of that he was suspended for an unknown period of time. Well, we felt like it is injustice and we need to fight back. So, I called all my class together and gave a speech on what to do next. If it was just suspension from classes we wouldn't have cared but our practical exams were planned the next week and he won't be allowed to attend that. So, we thought to protest. My fellow representative from girls and I went to our principal and told about this. He said "Yah he cannot attend the exam". I argued with him about the reason for suspension and it is really silly to give a punishment like this for a silly reason and he didn't like it and told me there won't be any change and I'll be suspended if I talk like that.
So, we made a plan to boycott the exams and I announced our decision to the whole class. As always, we know there will be traitors, so we decided to keep an eye on the possible black sheeps. Well normally the exams are conducted according to roll numbers, so boys have to attend the exam first, but they know we won't attend, so they played cleverly and announced a holiday for the first two days, so that girls will have to attend the exam first. It was a smart move 'coz most of the girls were afraid of the internal marks they'll lose if they don't attend the exam. So, we called everyone's home at night and told not to come. Still, as a precaution we waited in front of the college at morning. So, as expected a few of the girls came and 'coz we were there, we were able to turn them away by brainwashing LOL :), but some of them came with their parents and we told the reason and try to persuade them but without success and they attended the exam. So, that's it. The next day, two more attended the exam and out of sixty only some seven girls attended and our stike was successful. Suddenly, everyone decided to avoid those who had written the exam. But, I told them they'll have their own reason to attend the exam and some might be genuine. Of course, there are selfish idiots who just care only about their own internal marks and if we were able to get some favours by suffering they can also enjoy without getting a black mark themselves. But, in any group there will be people like that and we just have to ignore them.
So, I told my friends, atleast they are girls and like us, they are not used to bunking off classes and disobeying their parents, but they won't understand. They say, we too have problems and even then we stood for a general purpose and they don't and they were right. What ever, I always have my own decision and I'll do only what I feel is right. So, I ignored those who are selfish and still kept touch with others as though nothing has happened. So, among them was that girl. Everyone started ignoring her and won't talk to her except her close friends.
Well, I thought if her close friends can talk to her why can't I. So, I talked to her as I used to do before this incident and later when we became close enough she told me the reason for what she did. And as expected, it really was a genuine one. So, as time went, we got more close and close and I helped her in preparing for the exams.
My friends thought we were in love. LOL. WTF? Can't a guy and girl be good friends? One of my friend told me these are all infactuations and you'll regret it later and he had seen these type of friendships a lot and he know how it will end and started advicing me [like he cared for me]. This was another selfish idiot who didn't attend the exams just 'coz if he attended we would have beaten him up. Guys won't get the concession for girls LOL. So, I told that jackass that don't be a smart-ass and I know what I am doing and I have a life of my own and she has a life of her own and I know that a time will soon come when we have to part and you won't know the meaning of friendship until you feel it. Well, even my parents started suspecting me that I'm in love LOL 'coz of the frequent phone calls and no girl had ever called at my home before that LOL :) When they started pestering me about these, I told them that I'll tell them if there is something they needed to know and to shut up LOL. After that, they never asked me about that in that way :)
'N finally the day came, our last day in the college. Parting is one of the most difficult part in life, isn't it? And our emotions, talents will come out only in such rare situations. So, I couldn't sleep the night before that day. 'N I had her autograph in my hands. She had given that only to me. So, I was writing nonstop. Words just came out of nowhere. And I was lying on my bed thinking of the next day and at four in the morning these words came to my mind and I just wrote it as a poem and the next day I gave the autograph to her. it was like a novel LOL. Well, I thought I was the only one who writes autograph in that way, [my first and last autograph, I normally won't keep such things, This time I wanted to have some thing to keep since it's the end of campus life :( ], but when I got mine from her LOL it was the same. She had written another novel for me :). I was just lucky to get a friend like her and she was lucky to get a friend like me LOL. Now two years have passed, She got married and is in dubai. we still keep in touch, but it don't have the warmth of that day I think :(. That is life. isn't it? Nothing is permanent in this life. What ever we feels like having for a life time will escape from us just like that. 'N the most beautiful words come from people in such despair. Words which form out of despair have more beauty and power than that form out of happiness. Well, here's what I was talking about. Hope, you'll like it :)

Hey dear, I want to tell you something
Something, right from my heart
Whenever I feel happy, I want to see you
'coz I know you will be happy too
Whenever I feel sad, I want to see you
'coz I know you can make me happy
But, now I wonder! Who are you to me?
You are not my lover
You are not my mother
But now I realize
You are my life
You are my soul and
You are my everything
No matter whatever happens
No matter whoever comes into my life
Your place in my heart, is there
forever and ever
No friend of mine is like you
And I won't let anyone to be like you
Now, I am sure that we will meet again
in this life or the next


  1. awwwwwwww I didnt know Aneesh can be this senti, and a great poet too WOW!

    Loved the verse...


  2. my God aneesh never thot u r such a person u seemed to me as one of the serious types ha ha. Had gr8 fun in reading it.
    so sad that gal is married he he

    So abt poem it was cool ha ha
    came frm depths of ur heart ha ha
    niway abt strike urs was successful but I and my frnds also planned to strike on kv will tell all in tat blog.
    it was a faliure
    niway I know u r now sleeping and this was a scheduled post ha ha fooling us readers.
    btw r u an MCA?

  3. keshi,

    Haha, see! Even I can be senti LOL
    Thanks keshi!! :)

  4. pj,

    Serious? me? LOL yah, sometimes!
    So sad that she's married??
    That was one of the happiest moment in my life - to see her marry :)
    Yah, you guessed it right PJ, our strike was always successfull 'coz we went to the limits. I'll post the details of the strike in my next post LOL
    Hey chill out Priya LOL
    Yah, I was sleeping, but didn't mean to fool you people, just wanted to post early, that's it :)
    Yes I am an MCA.

  5. lol the poem was good man :) you should try writing more of it :) ...ha,those special ppl,i wonder how the parting will be...only a few more months and i will have to say bye to all my friends ...

  6. vishesh,

    Yah, a time will come when we have to part, we think we'll never part but it usually happens somehow :(

    Writing more poems?? LOL :)

  7. u do too much of LOL :P :P

    thats a great dedication to your friend :)

  8. Hey, a nice poem! I loved the incident u had in ur campus. Interesting and very exciting to read! You guys must be brave enough to do tht! Cool.

  9. to many peots comin up these days...good post but ur r a bit senti in some part...


  10. lukkydivz,

    Haha, why not?
    I does that not only in writing but in my life also :)

  11. saranya,

    Thanks :)
    More such posts coming on sundays :)

  12. hemant,

    When my best friend part from me, what am I supposed to do? :)

  13. Most people walk in and out of our life. But only some friends leave footprints in our heart.I think she made footprints in your heart ?
    isn't it........

  14. Your college exp... makes such a nostalgic feeling for me becoz we are classmates..........It brings my old days......... Nice blog .......Dear.........

  15. ML,

    Haha, thanks da, many people left footprints on my heart including you, she's one of them


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