Sunday, August 17, 2008

Campus! Part Three - The Climax

In my last post, I was talking about the strike and didn't tell you what happened at last, right? So let me tell you the climax today :). So the problem, as I said in my last post, started with a student arguing with a teacher. After this incident, we made lot of nuisances in his class and finally there came a situation when he is no more able to teach us. Well, he told us "why only in my class you are behaving like this" and we told the reason he is the only one who's complained to the principal unnecessarily. So, he explained he complained 'coz he is fed up with our friend's misbehavior in his class and he's not behaving that way in other teachers' classes [So, what's wrong with whom?]. So, we decided to solve the solution and everyone started talking about what to be done. So, finally I suggested a solution which I never thought our friend will agree. Well, it's simple "he has to say sorry in front of the whole class and should promise that he'll be a good student in the teacher's class". So, the teacher also agreed with this and promised the entire class that he'll withdraw the suspension if this is done.
Even though, our friend was not ready to say so, we compelled him to do so to solve the problem in the most easiest way. And finally he agreed and said all those things in front of the whole class. Well, the teacher became very happy and he said "right now I'm going to the principal office and your suspension will be withdrawn" and he went. Well, tell you what, he came back with a notice announcing that our friend, who just apologized in front of the whole class, is suspended for an unknown period of time and he is not permitted to sit in the class.
After reading the notice, he went out of the class to the staff room. We were all stunned by his behavior, like a chameleon which changes its color so abruptly. My friend scolded me for making him apologize in front of the whole class and told me that "now you know his real character and I told you not to believe him". Well, being the class representative, I always stood by my friends. it was the first and last time I ever took the side of a teacher. I felt really guilty for getting my friend embarrassed.
I was so enraged about this teacher's behavior that I went to the staff room [He was sitting there with two other teachers, one was going to be his wife] and told him that you promised the whole class and don't behave like a person who has multiple fathers [Yah, I actually said that LOL]. Well, he was shocked and all he said was "I have nothing to say, I have nothing to say" which he repeated to who ever asked. One of my friend came at the exact time and gave his share to him :).
It is then that the exam boycotting and all that happened. After our successful boycotting, they sent a mail to all our parents to attend an immediate meeting. 'N the chairman of our college called my home and told my father that they are going to dismiss me due to misbehavior.
I used to go to college from my home, though it's nearly 70 kms and I used to go by train. So I've to wake up at 4'O clock and catch a bus at 5:15 to get the train at 6:20. I'll reach college by around 8'O clock and our class started at 9:00. For one hour I'll be chatting with the watch man about the iraq war, politics and everything that interests him :). Then my return train is at 6:30, so I'll be in college till 5:30 and I'll reach home around 9'O clock. So, this was my routine and since I am the only student who reach the college first and leave the college last, I was popular in our college 'coz I know everyone, including the watchman uncle, the sweeper aunty, the gardener.
So, when I reached home around 9, my father was waiting there shouting at me saying "you are sent to college to study and not to show off @!$^#&*". Well, I gave my version of that incident and was, somehow, able to calm him down. 'N I knew they cannot take any actions toward me 'coz the situation was already out of their hands. So all parents came at college for the meeting. The meeting started with the management team showing off the progress of their college and they told all the lies to parents. Well, our parents, told them to allow the students to speak also and they didn't allow that at first, But later when the pressure increased they were forced to allow us to speak. BINGO!! There goes everything, everything they said, ended up bluffing 'coz our friends started giving professional speeches which were absolutely true. They added some fake crying with their speaking and the whole thing looked just perfect LOL. So, finally the meeting ended with the principal and management agreeing to withdraw the suspension and reconducting the exam that we boycotted. One more golden feather in our crown :)

PS: A whole lot more incidents went behind the scene, and I can't type in all those, so I am keeping it short :)


  1. watever happened... in the long run u won now tats wat is called victory.

    congrats to u for tat actually belaaaaaaaated congrats coz its an incident of yrs bak.

    keep posting such thiings on sundays.

    coz I'll be available on sundays only.
    will try other days also.

  2. Hey,gud post..keep writing..ur posts r quite entertaining..

  3. my god this is some unfortunate incident but thank god it ended in a way it should.....

    tell me about this student-teacher friction.... my college seems to be the pivot of all college politics... :(

  4. ***keepin it

    and i thought i m the only one who cnt stop :)

    gud one haan!!! alls well tht ends well ;P

  5. Exciting!!
    Sounds really interesting...loved it. Sadly, I have never had such experiences yet:)lol.

  6. pj,

    Yah, Belated Thanks
    Keep in touch :)

  7. anwesa,

    Thanks, buddy, I will :)

  8. phoenix,

    student-teacher friction??
    it happened 'coz they treated us like KG kids :)

  9. That was some adventure!You had a very interesting college life :)

  10. saranya,

    Yah, I got it, THanks :)
    Wait and you may get your own sweet experiences LOL

  11. sameera,

    Yes, Indeed!! :)
    Lots of experiences LOL

  12. did all that really happen ? teachers you never know what colour they"ll turn into !!

  13. IT2BB,

    Thanks :)
    Yes it really happened, it my real experiences :)

  14. hee hee hee this kind of college helps us to face more challenges in the future life......


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