Sunday, August 3, 2008

Campus!!! Part One

Today, I would like to share one of my campus experiences. It happened a few years ago. I was pretty good in technical stuff and was good in programming.All of my friends and teachers know that I am good in programming. We had theory exams and practicals. I didn't concentrate much on theory since I wasn't that much interested in theories, though I used to score good marks 'N we had viva after each practical exam.
This incident happened during one of such vivas. We had a teacher who taught us programming and he was just a few years older than most of us, but will always behave like he is somewhere near our parents' age and used to advice us a lot. There were students who were a lot older than him. As you all might know, advice is the one thing we hate the most, right?
The advice is really funny, we may get five minutes break after each hour and when we are talking in the corridor, if he happens to go past us, he'll advice us the importance of time and how to use it efficiently and how it can affect our future.. blah, blah, blah.. Well, come on it's just five minutes, we are human beings, right?. After an hour long boring class, we are getting a five minute break to breathe and even we have to work in that time means....
Well, now you all must know the character of the teacher I just mentioned. But, the best thing that stands out about his character is the 'Know it all' show off. To be frank, he wasn't that much good in his subject. Even students like me knew a lot more than what he knew, and the problem is he used to show off a lot, even if he didn't know anything and if we asks some questions that he don't know, he'll get angry and'll try to shout at us. But he was careful enough to avoid people who are good in the subject, and he usually does this show off at people who are weak in his subject.
He had this inferiority complex towards some of my friends and I, only because he thought we knew the subject better than him and the only place he can dominate us is when there is viva, so that he could ask what ever questions he would feel like and will smile an evil smile if we ever fail to answer, if that happens,like he had conquered the whole world.
So, on one day came my viva. I did my practical pretty early since it was easy for me and was called to attend the viva. There was the 'one of a kind' teacher waiting to show that he knew more than me. I knew his way of asking questions from my viva on first semester, the same teacher conducted it. I was careless that time and I didn't prepare well 'coz I thought the questions will be only related to the practicals, but what happened was he asked questions covering the entire computer field and he had that evil smile on his face when he surprised me with his questions.
But, this time, it was pay back time. I prepared well, covered almost all I can and I was confident that I could answer anything he might ask. So, back to viva. When he saw me coming, he suddenly became serious as if the papers infront of him is some blueprint of an atomic bomb. He started asking many questions and I answered everything. Surely, as you may guess, he felt really disappointed.
As though it is his last weapon, he asked one final question. I was taken aback. I thought about it for a while and my conclusion was it is not possible to do what he asked. But, I didn't know whether he had found out any new way. So, I said, "I don't know Sir, I think it's not possible to do it". Well, well, there came his evil grin and he said "OK Aneesh, your viva is over, you may go", as if he had just won a million dollar prize.
Oooh!!! What did he think of me? I wasn't going to let that go that easily. I asked him "Sir, just curious, How can we do that?". Haha!!! You should see the expression on his face, he never expected some one to ask the same question to him and wasn't prepared at all. He knew what he asked was a foolish question. He stammered a bit like "I think, Some time back I, You have to" LOL. I felt sorry for him, so I helped him by answering, "it is not possible to do that, sir", so he repeated after me saying "Yah, it is not possible to do" and so ended my viva.


  1. aneesh tats the true world jealous envious and trying to put others down. You know I am surprised to know that in kerala also there are such teachers. I too had 1 such teacher. had such friends also.
    I really can't imagine why this happens are we all not human beings. then why this rat race.
    I am writing this comment comment while watchingTitanic for the twentieth time and now the song near are my God is being played on the violin.
    May be that's the cause of my philosophy in ur comment.

  2. lol,i have always hated vivas :) I remember in my 10th when my bio teacher conducted the viva,she asked me a question so softly,that i didnt hear anything,in the end a girl sitting next to her had to ask the question louder so that i understand :)

    and oh! ya when i was in science for the first 5 months of 11th,i used to have major face offs with my physics teacher,she got it from me alright,i went as far telling her to shut up in the class :P

  3. pj,

    I guess you are watching the hindi version, right? in Sony?? I hate to watch it in any languages except english, To get the real feel of the movie,you have to watch it in English!!

    Yah, these type of people are everywhere, nah, sometimes you are philosophical LOL :)

  4. vishesh,

    Haha, so you are in my league LOL.
    Yah, sometimes they'll ask for it till they get it. So, it's our responsibility to give what they want at the right time, Correct??

  5. Lol!Reminded me of one of my lecturers!

    Happy Friendship Day!

  6. ya aneesh u r rite but I luv the film so much tat whether its hindi or english it merely matters.

  7. Its sad that there are teachers with this kind of attitude! Whats the advantage wud a teacher get from treating a student like this? Weird!

  8. hahahhahaha

    my god!

    quick thinking there :)

  9. ** if he happens to go past us, he'll advice us the importance of time and how to use it efficiently and how it can affect our future.. blah, blah, blah..

    yawwwwwwwwn! how boring can he get?? lol!


  10. tit for tat is fine.......showing him wat u r made up of.....but how much u actually scored in tht thing....after creatin that situation for him....?

  11. saranya,

    that's self satisfaction I think, just 'coz one is ignorant and other know something makes him behave like that.

  12. keshi,

    Yah, you need to learn how to sleep while your eyes are open.
    That's one of the trick I learned while he's giving his advice.

  13. nikita,

    I scored well, I always did and I didn't remember the exact score :)

  14. hahah! aren't all the teachers like that?
    and yes u seem to be a genius at programming aneesh?

    why dont u teach me some ;)

  15. lukkydivz,

    Haha!! Yah I'll try :)

  16. Lucky me....we got good teachers in college :)


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