Sunday, August 24, 2008

Campus! Part Four - Cooking!!

Today, I had to go for one of my friend's wedding and I met my old pals. It was FUN!! :) That's why the post today is late :) OK, so here' another of my experiences :)
A few of my friends and I stayed for sometime, about 5 months, near my college. So, it was a big old house. There were rumors that someone had died there by hanging herself. 'N only a few rooms including the kitchen were opened to us. So, it had a haunted feeling, all together. Only I had slept there alone, 'coz of no other choice, at night :). We had our food from a near by restaurant. Although we had all the necessary things for cooking, most of us were lazy to do some cooking and no one knows it well. The only thing we did was boiling water for drinking and making tea :), that even have to be done by me. If I didn't boil the water, then no one will drink water for the day except when going to restaurant.
Well, on one day, we bought some milk from the near by house and decided to make tea. So, I was making the tea, when one of my friends came to kitchen. Well, this friend of mine, let's call him Mr.P, is really scared of ghosts and our kitchen is in the most scariest place of the house which is really far from the main rooms and the house is in a huge compound. So, if we are in the kitchen alone, we could feel creepy. I was alone there lot of times and had to look back a number of times to see if anyone was there 'coz I felt something :) Mr.P rarely comes to kitchen alone and this is one of the rarest times when he came to help me. So, I told him this is one of the remarkable days that you came to help me. [There's no help needed to make tea LOL; that's another thing :)]
So, I put some tea powder and milk; and was waiting. I told Mr.P to watch and went to the front room to tell my friends of this. Within seconds, Mr.P who was in kitchen came back with us. So, I went back to kitchen and found that he had covered it with some plate. Finally, everything's done and the tea was ready. We divided it among ourselves. Mr.P and I drank it quickly and Mr.P said since he helped me, the tea had a special taste. One of the other friends took one glass and accidentally spilled some of the tea over his hands. Within seconds, something came up in his hands, we thought it might be blisters, but it suddenly took a solid white shape. Well, what is it?? There it is!! Melted candle.
OOh!!! That time we read in newspaper that certain people uses candle wax with milk to make it appear good. So, we confirmed the milk is bad [Oops, we both drank it] and told the neighbors not to use the milk and we threw out the rest of the milk and tea. But, our neighbors told us, they had no problems and they'll check. Well, first we thought that the mysterious ghosts might have done the trick but later, we went back to the kitchen and did a thorough check. Guess what? Mr.P covered the boiling water with a plate which had a candle on it, that we used the other night :) He didn't notice it, neither do I.
Well, we thought, the next morning we'll have problems with our stomach, but luckily, nothing out of the ordinary happened :). 'N Tell you what? The next day the story spread all around our college that we found a new ingredient to make special tea that tastes special!! Yeah and the tea is called Ghost Tea!! :)


  1. ha ha ha had gr8 fun in reading it.
    It was too funny. U drank the tea ha ha Did not hav ny stomach upsets wow gr8 stomachs hi hi.
    Mr P ur frnd is very funny actually out of fear he did tat. niway I njoyed the whole post.
    I thot all Keralites luv black coffee.
    I luv it very much coz frm my childhood only hav a habit of drinking it frm dad's and other ppl's cup haha

    k bye see ya next weekend

  2. Ghost tea? WTH is that? Does that mean the cup is filled with 'spirit'? lol!


  3. lol :P what does wax do to ur health any clue?

  4. pj,

    Thanks :)

    ***I thot all Keralites luv black coffee.

    That's a new information to me, I though all liked tea :)

    See Yah!!

  5. keshi,

    Haha, Nah!! We thought, it was the ghost's trick, and that's how it got the name :)

  6. sameera,

    Haha Tea party??? Mmm, something like that :)

  7. vishesh,

    Nothing! is the most simple answer :)
    No probs with health due to that!!

  8. real funny post...ur a 1st rate entertainer in blogspot...

  9. I Learnt cookin in hostel da....bfr tht i nvr entrd

    wt fun it was

  10. divkiran,

    Haha, I wanted to learn cooking too, but my friends didn't let me :)

  11. so ur Tea must be 'possessed' you I mean. lol!


  12. keshi,

    Actually it was possessed by Candle :)

  13. so r ya still COOKING? update!


  14. nice funny experience. It happens seldom but you remember them for long.

  15. keshi,

    Haha, Nah, I stopped it that day itself :)

  16. Keshi,

    But I have plans to start it again. I love cooking, but don't know it :)

  17. Hahaha this was both scary n funny! Uni life certainly teaches everyone a lot of things that we never knew how to do or wanted to do.

  18. Saranya,

    Haha, it certainly did teach me a lot :)


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