Thursday, August 21, 2008

Big Dog!!

Check out this video BigDog
It's one of the most advanced and complex robot ever built. See the way it moves without falling even after kicked by the guy? Now we are able to build a robot which can move almost as good as a real animal. In military labs, already human robots might have been built secretly, which can move and act like real humans [think about the terminator movie :)]. Soon, we'll be able to give perfect artificial intelligence to these robots, Then what could happen?


  1. oooo...I got to write a story about this!!:D

    Scribblers Inc.

  2. well,then we wud hav robotic soceities instead of human soceities.may b humans will have reservation system(just like caste based ones we have now) in future robotic soceities..

  3. Interesting!But I would prefer a real pet any day.

  4. scribbler,

    Yah, sure!!
    GO ahead :)

  5. Anwesa,

    Haha, they do have systems, rather than caste based one it would be ability based ones :)
    'N what will be our position in such society? The master or the slave?

  6. sameera,

    Wait and see, you'll love one artificial pet, if they have additional abilities:)

  7. i thought artificial intelligence was already there :O

  8. Real,robots are used in japan offices in the reception area.Todays impossible is tomorrows possible with science...

  9. Abt this I can't agree with u
    robots can't replace real ones dear.
    I feel so
    don't get me rong.

  10. lukkydivz,

    Yah, it is there, but not these much developed, it's evolving to become perfect :)

  11. Sri,

    Thanks :)

    Yah, what was impossible 100 years ago is possible today.

  12. pj,

    Mmmm I didn't said they can replace but, in war robots can be used and who knows?? If a time come when robot can act and think like a human. Anything is possible in this world :)

  13. I din like it

    I wan a real DOG...n its UGLY...YUCK!!!

    I know i sound too non techno n gadgety but well I am not, just din like this thng

  14. the only danger that the scientists see is when the machines is able to take control from man, like in terminator III.

  15. The pic is scary! and these kind of inventions are rather dangerous, frm my opinion.

  16. divkiran,

    Okay! But, its just a start :)

  17. saranya,

    Scary? Didn't you see the video? It is brilliant :)


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