Tuesday, July 1, 2008

who should wear what?

Recently I happen to watch a talk show which was about 'whether girls are dressing ok'. I know it's a controversial topic. So, there were a lot of feminists who argued that it's all about female freedom and all. They should be allowed to wear what they like and no one should interfere. Well, we are living in a society, right. If I have a super bike and I say it's my freedom to ride my bike at 250 kmph in kerala, what would happen. Now, we have a specific set of rules to avoid that. Now, there are certain unwritten rules that we need to be followed in a society, right?. Isn't it better for everyone, I mean everyone, not to cross a line? Or is it just about freedom?What say you?


  1. "The thing if you wear suits and still the opp sex gets attracted then no one can do anything".

    All this happens becoz of pride as many girls think modernity is in exposing. and no Q: about the role of entertainers.
    Since I believe modernity is in changing with times to live a safe life, and as the rape cases have increased a lady should be more careful about her safety than style. Its not about freedom at all as if those feminists have to go through such an incident I don't think they will have any mental freedom as haunting thoughts abt the incident will ruin their freedom. So its better to be responsible.

  2. Riding a bike at 250 km per hour is not comparable to wearing a short skirt.

    The former can cause deaths, injuries, and harm. The latter is a matter of personal choice. It is not causing any harm to anyone. One cannot help it if a MAN turns out to be an animal and is unable to control his desires.

    Instead of creating laws for this, why not create laws for locking all these men up and prohibiting them from going out?

  3. Hey sol,

    Shouldn't we take the society in which we live into consideration? Something that's legal/acceptable in one part of the world may not be legal/acceptable in another part of the world.
    Now, why are you insisting in wearing a short skirt, though? :)

  4. shobna, good point, to be responsible is good, freedom comes with responsiblity. Why do people need unnecessary freedom?

  5. but u cant compare

    ** If I have a super bike and I say it's my freedom to ride my bike at 250 kmph in kerala, what would happen.

    that with a woman's freedom to wear what she wants!

    Cos what she wears isnt gonna harm anyone is it?


  6. @keshi,

    Yah, I agree, we can't compare that with the other. But, what I meant was the similarity b/w the written and unwritten rules in a society. Now, don't say if girls want to walk nude allaround and no one should stare at them, 'coz that's their freedom also :)

  7. People who stare will stare anyways, whether girls wear modern clothes or traditional ones...so,i dont thnk clothes do really matter...

    I have experienced guys passing filthy commnts when m in salwars n wen m in jeans n "long" kurtis, they say,"girls who act over-smart" should be punished".wot will u say a about that???

    2 end up, we got uni4m enforced in our college coz the authorities said gals r well dressed but guys dont have a sense of dressing n dress badly...

  8. cutepooja,

    I agree with you. now, saying comments even girls say that, I had a friend who stays near a women's college and he had experience worse comments :) could you believe that? Yah, I didn't believe it at first.
    'N I don't think over-smart people, guys or gals, should be punished, that should be individual opinion.

  9. according to them just b'coz i donned jeans that made me over-smart...does it???

  10. Ha ha, it's a wonder such people exist :)

  11. true.. freedom must not be mis used..

    and i really dont support exposing.. if a girl expose then she herself is responsible for whatever happens to her..

    recently i saw a question answer session on you tube of ahmed deedar..

    a lady asked , why women has to cover herself in islam..

    he first quoted a verse from quran
    meaning that the things that attract the men most in this world.. are women , then sons , and then worldly properties etc..

    so he was saying it is truth the first thing that attracts men is women.. so if women exposes and attract men , then she herself is responsible for whatever happens to her , thats why islam gives order of purdah to women.. so she is protected ..

  12. ishqia,

    you are the first conservative lady here, I think :).
    Good points, though.
    And about the interview, I have a different opinion:
    "Everyone is responsible for whatever happens to him/her" -- that's the truth.

    And just because man gets attracted to woman doesn't mean he can do anything he likes to her, that would be an uncivilized approach. But that also doesn't mean you can misuse your freedom and do what ever you like, there should be some limit that's applicable to the society in which they live.

  13. yeah true.. but still precaution must be taken..

    some times even precaution do not work..

  14. ishqia,

    That's true. Sometimes nothing work and that's we call FATE :)


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