Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Tragedy!!!

It's Sunday!!! So, Guess what!! Yah, I know you all are waiting for me to post another of my experiences, if not, you should, LOL.This one happened when I was doing my graduation, Just after completing the first semester, we had a tour with our seniors. It was a two day tour, the first day was for site seeing and the second day, to one of the water theme parks here.

The tour was planned by our seniors, and we were invited to join them just after their ragging, so that our relationships will be better :)
First of all, I should say the tour was full of fun. Our seniors never planned for anything and just rented a few buses and started going, Can you believe a tour like that?. Yah, we didn't know their lack of planning till the end of first day 'coz all of our supposed site seeing was within the bus. Haha, Yah, we were travelling all day without stopping anywhere and guess what? at midnight we stopped at one of the junctions and all boys were thrown out of the bus.
Any guess??? Sleeping time. Only ladies were allowed to sleep inside the bus. WOW, so what do we do? Well, the road was free. We sat on divider in the middle of the junction and started different games like shouting at the vehicles which passes by which was later forbidden by the teachers and we turned to silent games. Seeing that we were having fun, some of the girls came out to join us one by one, but the teachers soon drove them back in to the bus :). Mmmm, I think the teachers were jealous of us :) So, not too late, we were exhausted with all the screaming, dancing, shouting, running all in the middle of the road.
And we slept right there and within two hours we were again put back into the bus and started travelling to the nearest town to find a place to stay.Needless to say, when we reached there it was almost five in the morning. After all the morning fun, we set out for the water theme park, which was second in our list. The first in the list was sight seeing and you saw how it went. So the problem on that day was that the place we went had a hartal on that day.
Well, one more excitement and no breakfast. We were starving but what to do? we started travelling again and after some 3 or 4 hours we found a hotel and went in there and had food which I think was one of the most mouth-watering food I ever had :) Nothing much happened after the breakfast, we were able to reach the park and the fun just reached its maximum. Me and my gang were careful enough not to miss a single ride :).
So, we were on to our infiniteTH time to each and every ride, we heard about some rain dancing with our girls. Oooh!!! Will we miss such a chance? Never!!!! We dashed off, each and everyone of our gang. Well our gang included girls also, so one of these girls told us about the dance :) So, as you might know, every one of us were trying to reach first at the place, every one chose the normal path which is normally chosen by all.
Well, as always I was different and being a crazy adventurer, I thought, Why can't I explore a new path? Otherwise almost all of us will reach there at the same time. So, I jumped over one of the hedges and crossed one or two rides and reached somewhat an artificial hill. I climbed up and reached the top and was delighted to see that my friends are still long way back, running throught the road, trying to get there first and I could see them from here and I could simply reach there by just running down the hill, the bottom of which is another hedge.
So, excited at my victory, I ran down at full speed and was about to jump over the hedge, when I noticed a group of people standing there talking. Well, I have jumped over walls, double the height of that hedge, a thousand times. So I didn't need to think, I reached near the hedge and jumped. Jumping was perfect. Only the landing was the problem :) While landed, I don't know what happened, I slightly slipped which caused me lose my balance and the next thing I remember is hitting the girl infront of me.
At this point, I need to mention who all were in that group. It were my teachers with some senior students and a girl who was my class mate. The girl is one of the thinnest girl I've ever seen in my life. So, unluckily for me and for her, I hit her and she was thrown a few feet back on to the ground. Well, I tried to catch her to stop her from falling, but I myself was losing balance and couldn't do that. She started crying, and I didn't know what to do, the only thing that came to my mouth was "Sorry" which I repeated foolishly :).
If you have read my previous sunday posts, you might be aware about my adventures. Though I got injured countless times, it's the first time someone else is getting hurt because of me. So, that pang of guilt was in my heart. She never stopped crying and finally the teachers took her to the medical staff at the park. To tell the truth, I was actually annoyed by her behaviour. The fall wasn't that bad [or so do I think based on my experiences LOL]. I was bleeding from my leg and she had no problems or so it seemed. Still I have no problems and she is crying.
So, one misfortune after another. I had nothing else to do, I waited there for some time and then went back for the rain dance. You would have guessed by now, Yah, the last person to reach there :) So what? I started enjoying with my gang except the little pain from my legs. It didn't go too far 'coz the teachers came and told us that we need to go to a hospital. Anyway, our time there at the park was cut short and all of us got in the bus and went in search for a hospital.
Finally we reached the hospital nearby and she was sent to the casualty. After half an hour the girl came out, Can't believe what I saw. Well, her one hand [ I don't remember which one], three fingers and some of her toes had fractures and was all covered with plasters, bandages and all.
On our return trip, it was first like a return trip on an ambulance with a dead body. Nobody was making a sound in the bus. When we started our journey, I was one of the entertainers, but now, me too got quiet. So, seeing all these, one of the teachers came and told me like "You didn't do it on purpose, then why are you sitting like this?". No need to say, what happened next, everyone was back on their mood.
The best thing about that tour was about the unexpected events. We had lot of fun and 'coz of lack of planning, nothing was expected, everything was a surprise, but it also had its drawbacks. But we cannot gain anything without losing something and so for having fun we had to lose some comfort. Sometimes, even now, I think of her and the question which comes to my mind is "Why girls are so brittle?" LOL


  1. so ur experience. wen u said u hit the girl i thot the next thing thats gonna cum is teasing frm friends as I have faced much of that.As Ialso liked adventuring a lot and even now. but u said she started crying. ye some gals r like that. but not all some r really very strong.
    i got to tell u u have got many interesting experiences. and on this one LOL

  2. lol ;) wish i can do that ..go out without any plans...infact thats what i want to do...

  3. So are you in your dormancy period. he he lol. no comments published and nothing else.

  4. pj,

    Haha, they were not in a position to tease me, 'coz of her crying everyone thought it's something serious and it was actually, I never thought she'll have so many broken bones LOL, and all will cry if you break your bone LOL

  5. vishesh,

    Yah, but you should expect the worse also, Haha, you shouldn't be alone, but with friends, anything will be funny :)

  6. pj,

    Haha, I was. I slept whole morning since it's Sunday, Actually I wrote this post yesterday and scheduled it for today.

  7. poor girl :(
    but else the tour really sounds like a lot of fun!

  8. LOL this is weird...which city are u from?

    we had been on a tour to north india in the 3rd year of engineering, but then our teachers weren't thoughtful enough to chuck the guys out of the bus in the nights :( :P

  9. interesting experience dude :P!!!

    nice blog!!!!

  10. lolz. Sounds like u had a good tour with strong memories. And ye, this is the first time im hearing a trip was planned without an event list :)..exciting though!

  11. lena,

    It was full of FUN!!!! except the injury :)

  12. lukkydivz,

    Haha, it's not the problem of the city, it was the problem of the teachers, they thought if we were inside the bus, then we won't let anyone else sleep LOL

  13. rahul,

    Thanks buddy.
    Keep visiting :)

  14. saranya,

    Yah, the tour was good, and I'll have good memory if something remarkable happened. I still remember all my tours very clearly :)

  15. not bad mausham illa lo in one hit broke so many bones of tat gal

  16. Aneesh,U really sounded like a male chauvinist in the statement,"why r girls so brittle",the post is gud uderwise..

  17. Aneesh r ya with Vodafone? I mean NO PLANS? lol!


  18. Pj,

    Enthu cheyyam? Ente oru kazhive?? :)

  19. Anwesa,

    Hey, That I gave there for FUN and for some of you to comment on that, not that I am a chauvinist. Otherwise, there won't be anything there to comment, right? :)
    I don't know about today everyone is getting serious :(

  20. Keshi,

    Haha, Here Vodafone motto is Where ever you go, we follows :)

  21. Aneesh,
    I wasn't serious at all..In fact,I was enjoying ur narrative.

  22. My god! now I will say "self motivation?"


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