Thursday, July 17, 2008

Religion and Practicality

Abortion, marriages of same sex etc are not acceptable for Religions, even birth control. Recently, I read in the news papers about one religious group claiming birth control is against natural process, and should be avoided. Now, what will the world become, if there is no birth control? Another one is about the abortion, in most of the countries, it is illegal, but today or tomorrow it will also become legal 'coz if even if it's not legal, will people stop it? The answer is NO, it comes out of need and even if it is illegal, people will do it secretly under some unknown doctor 'coz good doctors won't do it 'coz it is illegal which will result in more risk for the person.
In the modern world, not all facts of religion are applicable, religion needs to maintain it's own limits, isn't it? Share your thoughts.


  1. well, who writes the religion-man.
    If man can change then why cant religion, religion was made to discipline people.

    So, your view is completely supported by me :)

  2. jyoti,

    Yah absolutely :)

  3. i remember ur post about who created religion...dats again goes wid the same line...
    its human who has created all dese parameters...
    today one needs to think rationally n practically..n time does not permit us to favour dese issues of "opposin abortion".

  4. yes of course, coz religious rules were made long long ago and some of them are really not applicable. some of the things were made according to need.Like for instance circumcision. Iits even followed now. so its just stupid to believe so.

    BTW have u seen ma new post on experiences and public of 2day.

  5. This is an exhaustive topic.

    Much as I believe it is not in our hands to snatch away life,I feel we need to be practical.

  6. you know all the time abortions are not bad..i knew of this lady in her early 30's she had to have an abortion because just 3 months before that she gave birth to her daughter, and wasnt in a good finacial condition or health,to provide for the new entrant to the family.

    though i agree in most cases people do it for illegal purposes.but you are right its atrocious what some will do in the same of religion.we are already over populated and now what more?will we have inflation through out our lives?

    btw this is my first visit on your blog...mind if i frequent you???i mean can i link you??

  7. Religion, i believe is a way of living...n thts y different reliegions have evolved in different parts of the different times...and in form of smaller sects, its still evolving

    But since the faith of a huge mass in someones ideas/thougts gives that person a huge following and hence immense powers, the so called religious and political leaders have strtd misusin it

    I bel tht if it was not for some uselss fake religious/political leader to intervene, religion wudnt be a hindrance :)

  8. A Way of life is what ppl should adopt.


  9. jyoti,

    Haha, that was another post by me, who wrote the religion??
    Yah, thanks :)

  10. joiedevivre,

    Yah, the point is we need to change as the time changes :)

  11. pj,

    Yah, we need to have a discussion on that LOL,
    Yah, I will check it :)

  12. sol,

    Haha, so you don't support these??

  13. sameera,

    Mmmm?? Confused??? :)

  14. phoenix,

    Thanks for the visit,
    Yah, exactly!! It depends on the need!!!

    Ofcourse, you can, go ahead :)

  15. divkiran,

    Thanks :)
    You've explained it all :)

  16. keshi,

    Haha, Our life itself is a myth, I think!!! :)

  17. Everything has to change with time.. man made the religions n he can change it the way he wants to :)

  18. What's so confusing about my comment?

  19. arun,

    Yah, he can but Should we?? that's the qn. :)

  20. pj,

    Sorry dear, was a bit busy :)
    Done :) LOL

  21. sameera,

    "Much as I believe it is not in our hands to snatch away life,I feel we need to be practical"

    You can't believe in both, right?
    you need to chose one, in this context :)

  22. i think it shud be one's own personal choice!

  23. so I guess there's no post 2day.

  24. Reg: abortion
    Just think.
    what if my parent chose to abort me???

    Reg: religion and practicality
    "With man this is impossible,
    but with God all things are possible.” ............. Mt. 19:26

  25. gunj,

    Personal choice?? Yah, that's what we are talking about. what's your personal opinion??

  26. pj,

    Thanks for informing :)
    I was actually going to skip today's post 'coz it got too late.

  27. GNB,

    Then you won't be here at all. That simple :)

    What if a person's life is in danger if she gave birth, in that case would you agree with abortion??

  28. hey!!
    I wanted you to think about yourself; not about me. :)

    for your questions.
    again... Mt. 19:26

    I know a friend of mine whose mother was advised by doctors to abort because she was highly diabetic. She was told that it would be dangerous for both herself and the child. But she decided not to do it because she believed in God. Today her son is working as an Engineer. He was my colleague. :)

  29. GNB,

    We can always quote exceptions, there are people who lived years after the doctor said they'll die with in months. Things such as that will happen. But we have to consider the majority. In more than 90% of the cases it goes as the doctor say.
    Otherwise people won't go to hospital to see doctors.

  30. There's a difference between belief and need.And no,I don't HAVE to choose one.I said what Phoenix explained,but in a different way.

  31. Hey I missed a point.
    abt abortion I feel wat religion tells is correct as is better to abstain frm it rather than finishing off the infant.

  32. pj,

    What happened for a sudden change of option?? LOL


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