Sunday, July 6, 2008

Punishment, For What??

I would like to share a personal experience with you all. Though it's pretty long it'll be interesting, I promise. Well, it happened sometime back when I was 11 years old and was studying in my 7th standard. So, We had a maths teacher who was pretty strict and
when taking his punishment into consideration, well, MAD. Each and every student in his classes were frightened of him.
Let me introduce the way of his teaching, Yah, he teaches well, after that the problem starts. He'll write some maths problem on the board and choses
one from us randomly and then the "chosen one" has to go and solve it in the black board. While solving the problem, "the chosen one" was not supposed to
turn back or anything. So, when we're solving it, if a mistake happens, how we know a mistake happened is, we'll get a good hard hit on our butt with his
hard and long cane [No double meanings, Of course]. His beatings were extraordinary famous in the school at my time, 'coz we used to keep list of the best beaters(teachers) in the school and he always was top on the list.
He was also pretty good in non stop hitting :),if u know what I meant, He has this skillful ability to hit a kid till he/she cries. Once a girl fainted in our class while he was enjoying caning her on the butt. Later we came to know that, she was a heart patient and luckily, on that day onwards, she was given a concession from his cane treatment. So, I was lucky to not be the "chosen one" for sometime, but, yah unfortunately on one day, he chose me. I was an average kid, and was not among the notorious list in the class. The guys on that list used to wear more than two pants when he's got a class, 'coz otherwise you won't be able to sit atleast for a week.
But, on that unforgettable day, he made me the "chosen one" and sent me to that hell (Black board) right in front of the whole class. That's the first time, I think I am standing in front of the whole class. Needless to say, I was terrified and since there's no other way, I started solving it. You could think what happened next. Well, I jumped when his cane touched my butt so hard. Yah, I knew I made a mistake, but don't know where.
OOps!!! He started yelling at me like "Correct it Correct it" and I was so terrified at his yelling and appearance and all that I couldn't guess what went wrong. I just stood there staring at board and then at him and then again at the board for sometime. Well, then I felt like raining, only difference is instead of water, his yelling and hits are coming down, instinctively I put my hand back to prevent, nothing else could I do. I still remember it as clear as a sunny day. I
didn't felt any pain somehow, 'coz I was too terrified to feel anything. I simply stood there enduring all his beating.
On the otherside, the cane treatment was nothing new to me. My parents were really strict and me and my brother used to get these treatments daily, mainly from my father :). 'N my father was of the kind that if we did something wrong then we have to be punished and no forigiveness or anything. So, I was one of the rarest guys in the class who never cried. It was my pride and ego, not to cry in front of others, no matter what. But I thought this teacher could
change that.
So back to the class. He was beating like hell and I didn't even made any sounds. That made him only angrier. He thought I was like some hero who's showing off infront of the class. Well to tell the truth, I was feeling nothing, just an emptiness due to fear. It felt like eternity, but luckily the bell rang and he stormed out of the class yelling at me like "I'll show you tomorrow who I am" and something else.
So, just after he left, my classmates surrounded me praising me about my courage and all and they told me that he hit me 9 times. I entered the
"School books of world records" for getting beaten the most number of times continuously :). I guess, that record is yet to break. From that day onward all
my classmates had a special respect towards me. So, after all these celebrity feeling with fans around me, I ran straight to the ground to play, that's when I noticed that my hands are all
bleeding, Yah like I tried to suicide by cutting the veins in my hand. I guess, it happened when I pulled my hands back instinctively.
I went home after this and it's then that I remembered that sometime back he told like "Those who don't want me to punish have to tell their parents to contact me and for them I
won't punish". Then, I didn't waste any time, I told my father to talk to him and I made him come to the school the next day with me [Actually my mother made him to come with me to school :)].
Guess what happened? My father told him like, yah I still remember the words he used, " considering the kids psychological factor" or something. Suddenly the teacher got angry or whatever he said " I'll hit or kill my students and who's there to question". you know what happened, they argued a lot and my father gave a complaint to the Headmaster.
The next day my teacher came to the class and disgraced me a lot and said it's only because of the headmaster that I'm still sitting in his class. One thing that unexpectedly happened is that he never hit a kid like that again. You know, whenever I see kids from my old school, even now, I'll inquire about these teacher, I couldn't believe my ears about what they say about him.
He's all transformed now, I think, after that incident. Yah, atleast I
am happy that I could make a change in one's character :).
Well, the question is did I deserve that Kind of treatment, No matter what ever I did? I am not against punishment. I myself have taught kids from grade 1 till +2 when I was doing my degree. I guess punishment is for making some good change in people. Any interesting thoughts, anyone?


  1. Yes Indeed very interesting the way you said it. Different aspects you considered in it are a bit serious.
    Here i feel the need to tell you that I also had a strict maths teacher in class 6. She was not strict with other students. She had some problem with me coz I was a south Indian student. She always used to call me to the board and asked me to do sums of new exercises. When I was not able to do she used to say "U south Indians 100 perc literacy but don't know to do a simple maths sum." But how to explain it to her that literacy doesn't mean that. She also insulted my parents. For all this I can't forgive her as I started hating maths after that.
    I wish she beat me rather than hurting me mentally.And when I complained after that she never used to allow me to sit in her class. What a discrimination.
    I think punishments like beating on hand with a stick and kneeling down are ok if child can be save frm mental torture.

  2. He he, Well said :)
    But, You know I felt the opposite, when I was a kid, what ever the people say, I used to forget quickly and I didn't care what they say.

    Yah, this reminds me of different kind of people, some racist, some religious, some what? Actually, these type of people shouldn't be called teachers 'coz south indians are dumb and north indians are brilliant is something unacceptable, how can these people consider themselves as humanbeings?

  3. my god!.. what a bad teacher..

    great u made that change..

    i thank god.. i left india when i was young .. i have also experienced little beating when in india.. but here abroad they dont even touch the girls.. it is very rare chance u get a beating..

    i dont know why its always the maths teacher who is strict.. even i had one..

    i think both physical and mental torture is bad.. true to that a person will hate the subject..

    but some times opposite also happens.. if the teacher illtreates saying that u dont know.. it changes the mental attitude and makes u prove that u really know..

    i had this thought that i will really show my maths teacher in my 12th that i can score.. and i really worked hard... and alhamdulillah i could see my teachers shining and unbelieving eyes.. he was so shocked.. he cdnt really believe that i topped with 99.. and he was telling all his co teachers when i went to distribute chocolates.. this is my student and she didnt even take any tutions.. only dependent on his class teachings.. he was really happy.. i still remember his face..

    i will only say lucky me.. because i dont think its every where the same.. this teachers can be found anywhere..

    even i teach maths in the form of tutions but when i get angry my hand comes with a force, but alhamdulillah i dont beat.. but my dad asks me to not to even scare the students that way..

    great post.. generated many memories and thoughts..

  4. ishqia,

    Nice to hear you too had a similar experience :)
    Ha Ha, Everyone's talking about maths also, still don't know why it's like that, may be people who study too much in maths become insane?

    Yah, I had that experience too, the difference is, it was my computer teacher who showed partiality towards me, didn't give me the internals and all and I didn't care and studied my level best, which she even accepted in front of the whole class like "You should be like Aneesh, see the improvement he has". Well, I was so proud that time :)

    Thanks for the comment :)

  5. blog rolling u.. nice blog..

  6. great post..

    i think u did a good thing by informing ur parent..

    come visit my blog..see u

  7. I agree. But I dun call em 'punishments'...I call em 'lessons'.


  8. aneesh really sad to see..dat u were beaten up lik dis..:(
    we had same kind of teacher..but not lik urs...he was liberal wid girls..
    well ladkiyo ko thoda advantage rehta hai punishment mein...haha
    but such a cruel teacher (dnt mind)
    he might hav done al dis for imposin more discipline in studies..
    but again..a kid of 7th satandrad cannot bear it yaar..
    khadoos teacher.

  9. fictiongirl,

    Thanks. :)
    Yah, I will.

  10. keshi,

    You don't even feel sorry for me? What a surprise and this is not called punishment or lessons, it is called madness :)

  11. joiedevivre,

    Yah, I agree :)
    Girls get lot of concessions, and I think after some time boys have to fight for equality :)

  12. The way u have presented is really awesum,and ya,u r rite,people bcum insane if thy r much qualified in maths,

    Its always like everybody would have had a bad experience with these maths teachers,

    Even i had one,it was during my college,it was ofcourse not my mistake,some other guy was copying a solved prb frm my paper without my knowledge,and even after telling my maths lecturer tat i was no way responsible fr tat,he chucked me out the exam hall along with tat guy,tat became a issue wen i directly went to complain abt this to this my principal,somehw the whole college came to knw abt this and people were so happy tat i encountered him.

    And ya coming upto this,am not against punishments,if a child goes wrong he must be punished,bt tat approach shd be different.

    I guess it would be fine if all these teachers are trained in psychology toooooo.........

  13. lol I dun feel sorry for ya cos look what a FINE young man u hv grown into cos of those lessons! :)


  14. Manju,

    Haha, My friend too had a similar experience, but he was not lucky as you, he was also suspended. And Yah, I totally agree with you -- teachers should be given some training in psychology.

  15. keshi,

    Good try :)
    I don't think that lesson had any effect on me and especially when it comes to beating, I simply won't change.
    You know, once a teacher told me to show my hands and he started beating. Everyone else got 2 each. when it was my time he started beating, but I was thinking about something else so I forgot to take off my hands and I got some 6 when all others got 2 :)
    That teacher still remembers me

  16. Aneesh :-) I have been punished brutally in school too. We had this "Physical Education" teacher who used to pinch us on the biceps and literally lift us in the air using brute force. He'd keep lifting us off the ground and back till we the child became delirious with pain. Both biceps would turn an ugly dark purple and the scar would stay for a week or two. He was eventually terminated from school owing to complaints from parents.. so I guess I know exactly what you are talking about

  17. see, u still rem the beatings. :)


  18. arunpk,

    Hai da, thanks for the comment.
    We had lots of teachers like that both male and female, but what to do, no one to complain, you were lucky. we had a sewing teacher who taught us stitching and other decorations and she used to beat without warning when we were sitting. Guess where we will get the beatings??? sometimes on our chest, sometimes on stomach and sometimes.... the list goes you can fill it up LOL

  19. keshi,

    Not only me, even you'll remember it if you had these type of experiences. you must be lucky as a kid or not too lucky to remember these type of experiences :)


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