Wednesday, July 9, 2008


If you love some one, you need to show it. Is this quote true? I've heard people talking a lot about their dear ones not loving them, father to children, husband to wife and vice versa. When we ask them about this, they say "I love them so dearly, but I cannot show my love, My love is in my heart" and blah blah. I've seen people always pretending very serious and when we talk they also say like this. Can we blame some one if they broke off saying he/she didn't love me? You love someone and didn't show it, always kept a distance and if he/she left you, can you blame them for not being truthful to you? Love is to show, right?, not to hide somewhere deep in your heart, so that no one can see it.


  1. ye that's true but if both the persons r deeply in love then actually there's no need to show as there understanding has a role to play. so that's ma answer.

  2. love is not a thing or material..its just a way to show affection..
    sumtimes u need words and sumtimes u dnt.

  3. Love that's not expressed in some way ends up being wasted.

    Thats what I think.


  4. pj,

    To fell deeply in love you should have shown something? I am talking about people of the other type :)

  5. joiedevivre,

    Haha, spoke like a poet, Wanna write a poem about this? :)

    Yah, 'N sometimes you need actions, don't you? :)

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  7. Nice Blog..
    Nice Post..

    Sometimes love cannot be told.. it must be felt... just a personal opinion...
    however.... life is never know what will happen the next second... So never hesitate to say "i love you".. its never too late... :)

    blog rolled you :D

  8. thanamoi,

    I meant Love generally not just a lover's love :)
    Yah, it's never too late!!!

  9. the love that parents have for their children is unconditional.. it does not demand to be expressed.. but when u r "in love" with someone... it has to be expressed... personal experiences u know ;-)

  10. hmm true love cannot b shown, but at times its necessary to express it...coz its not always possible to implicitly understand the other person's feelings.

  11. I guess I cant argue as I 've never been in love of that type.

  12. arun,

    Haha, but parents love to their children should also be expressed right? Otherwise the kid will think that his parents don't love him.

  13. ria,

    Thanks, Yah rightly said :)

  14. pj,

    It's not too late, you could try :)

  15. Expectations...what should people in love do or not do..

    read my latest post on psychobabble!

  16. So at last I got the quote:
    "Love does not come out as words for the understanding it makes to share says it all"

    this explains my point.

  17. pj,

    Yah, I agree, but what I meant was if you are a mother you need to show your affection to your child, right? Simply avoiding the child and saying that I love him with my heart makes the child thinks his mother don't love him although she does.


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