Monday, July 28, 2008

The Extreme!!

Let's say we met one of our friend who was born and brought up in real poor circumstances. And 'coz of his hardwork he reached a position where he had never dreamed of. It is normal that when we meet such a person, he'll talk about the hardships he had to undergo. Let's say he told "I had times when I lived just by drinking water 'coz we had no food".
There are strange people who think they have endured everything in this world and whenever we say something they'll come up with situations they had went through which they think is similar to that.
Now I gave a quote above, let's see how this guy will reply to that. "Oh, my god, Yah, I know exactly how you felt 'coz I also have been through situations exactly like this. When we were in hostel, we'll spent all our money within the first few weeks of each month and the remaining days we will be starving and will have no food!!. God!! I couldn't even think about such things now". Got me? How can you relate both?
Here is another, first guy "I had just 3 shirts and 2 pants when I was a teenager and I completed my college education wearing those, Can you imagine that?"
Our special guy "Oh, yah, just remembered, we used to spent the money our parents gave for fun and then we won't be able to buy any clothes, Guess what, We used the same thing again and again. Ooooh, what horrible times it were?"
I could give you thousand of examples like that. when we talk about poverty and people who don't having enough money to live, they'll talk about how they suffered 'coz of the shortage of money to buy a luxury car they've dreamt.
Well, what will you call those people? People who don't understand what the real thing is? Or pretending they have suffered almost all in the world. Anything you say, they'll have readymade examples and their own experiences. How absurd? Anybody here have come across such SPECIAL creatures? You are welcome to share your ideas


  1. i stopped making that mistake a long time persons problem cannot be equated to another's..

  2. those are people who want some special attention, kind of ego-centric, I guess. I wonder if they really think it is one and the same thing.

  3. lena,

    haha, who knows? their mind works wierdly!!

  4. Aneesh now this is a kind of post I would like to share ideas on.
    yes first of off a big hand to u for putting this in.

    Abt post I have seen many such people who have bread but complain for cake when there r so many dying without bread even.
    I too feel such people are real strange to talk of such things when someone is talking of a difficult and different situation of theirs

    BTW why no title frnd.

  5. hmm when i started reading i had a different logic to give but by the end i changed my mind, you should search for the self made man by anton checkov... u ll get ur answer perfectly.... but u never know these special people suffer from great complexity they try to impress upon their greatness by stressing on their hardship but u never know, human is one complexity in itself

  6. I don't think its a big issue. They had a hard life and they remember it every time when they come across similar situations or someone saying it. Well, sometimes it may be irritating like u said but its really not that absurd -frm my opinion.

  7. lol I know alot of ppl like that. If only they knew of my troubles. I dun say it all. And personal problems can never be compared or measured.

    We just gotta live somehow.


  8. brilliant contrast

    scribblers inc.

  9. Hers one
    Guy A: you have no clue bout my family loans...16 lacs needs to be 2 sistrs need to be educated and married...

    Guy B: oh i can totally relate to it, even i have an EMI for my flat and my car.

    FYI - flat was a pent house and the car was Honda

  10. Its true aneesh. I have many friends having poverty in background. One strange thing is that "do they compare themselves with those who still live in poverty, their old neighbors, childhood friends. They dont. And one imp thing they do not know is that it was the poverty and the urge to come off it and live a better life that made them so today. 3 shirts and 2 pants provided the fuel to work hard and grow. You know if a diwali cracker bursts in off season, it shakes us. But if you go to Iraq or Israel, they sleep in the middle of airstrikes.

  11. pj,

    Well said, THanks for the title tip :)

  12. raka,

    Yah, I'll try to read it :)

  13. Saranya,

    I guess, you missed the point, it was about the other people who try to imitate everything.

  14. keshi,

    Yah, personal problems are something different :)

  15. MI,

    No one wants to go back to their past, right?
    it's like being optimistic and trying to forget the hardships they were through, and along with it they may forget their old pals :(


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