Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We had some fun session going on which started yesterday. As usual, for both, I came late. I got a warning yesterday for coming late, but I couldn't help. Yesterday, Everyone decided that those who come late should be given some punishment and we came to the conclusion that the punishment will be 'dancing to a nursery rhime'. I tried my best to come early today, but what to do?, I was 5 minutes late, lucky that I wasn't alone. The first guy sang a song 'Mary had a little lamp' and dance to it infront of the whole group :). Next was my chance, I sang 'Twinkle Twinkle little star'. LOL. I never thought, it will be this much fun. I forgot the last time when I sang the song. It brought back a lot of good old memories of --- being a kid again. No matter how old we are, there still will be a little kid inside each and every one of us, isn't it? We will realise it only if we get the oppurtunity.


  1. yes of course we all have a child inside us however much we grow. And those who understand this and live life there will be no one as happy as they r.

    So u danced on twinkle twinlke he he... lol.

  2. pj,

    Yah, Correct.
    LOL, Yah, I have to dance, I guess they'll change the punishment, otherwise, everyday, the program starts with my dance and song LOL

  3. LOL Aneesh I just pictured ya singing Twinkle twinkle little star!

    Hv u seen the movie The Kid with Bruce Willis in it? This post reminded me of it.

    We all hv a KID in us that never grows old even after we grow old.


  4. cute! and am sure this was great fun ;)

  5. keshi,

    No, I haven't I'll soon watch it :)

  6. lukkydivz,

    Haha, it was fun for OTHERS LOL

  7. Very cute post! There is always that little child in us, waiting to pop out each time!

  8. That was sweet! :)

    The child in us never dies,it only becomes dormant as we grow.Pity many people suppress their inner child due to the hardships of adulthood.

  9. Very true. We had a valentine's day party where we acted totally like kids, dancing to the funniest songs and making crank calls to people at midnight and singing songs for them. :)

    It was the best party ever!

  10. Innocence, the only innocence we see is the one that comes from a dead person. And maybe Keshis' massive cleavage. She innocently puts her anatomy for public viewing because she doesn't know what is right and what is wrong.

  11. thats quite a twisted form of punishment...pretty neat yaar!!:)

    Scribblers Inc.

  12. Hey me too ... i also suffer from the "always late" syndrome....lol

    ***We will realise it only if we get the oppurtunity.

    I don completely agree...thr r many times i act n feel like a kid just like tht...don need an opportunity to let the kid in me out of the closet :)...but it sure feels good and freeeeeeeee

  13. Haha...
    How I wish i was there to see you sing and dance to that song...
    Twinkle Twinkle..
    Chooo Chweet!!!

    Make sure you learn a few more songs... For future use... :D

  14. haha
    nice punishment..
    aare iske liye toh mein roz late ane ke liye tayaar hu

  15. haha :)... u singing and dancing?? i would have loved to c it!! :)

  16. Sameera,

    Yah, it's the circumstances that force the people!!

  17. sol,

    Haha, May be you could do that sometime again? :)

  18. trampoline,

    I don't know what you are talking about. May be you never had seen innocence other than in dead bodies or may be your definition is different :)

  19. divkiran,

    Yah, it depends, there are people who always act like kids, and there are people who always act a bit serious :)

  20. thanamoi,

    Yah, there are going to give me a CD on nursery rhymes!!! :)

  21. joiedevivre,

    Haha, those who want don't get it and those who have don't want it :)

  22. he he nice video gal wth a suitcase he he her voice so sweet enjoyed it. just saw now.

  23. arunpk,

    You should be lucky to get a chance to see that rare occasion :)

  24. he he he
    smartypants ahaaan!!!!

    i don act like kid all the time, just whn i feel like :p

  25. divkiran,

    Haha, was just kidding :)


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