Friday, July 11, 2008

Friends!!!! Or Are they?

Everyone values friendship, one way or the other. People think differently and each of them have their own view of each and every thing and so is friendship. Here, I would like to mention about some of the incidents related to orkut.
Not long ago, I read about, people making fake profiles using pictures from other profiles and sending vulgar/sexual/offensive/whatever scraps to the friends in the profile they faked. And that was not a surprise at all. But what caught my attention was the behaviour of the people in the friend's list of that real profile. They stopped speaking to that guy and never believed what he said and he was force to sue the guy who created the fake profile. Only then that his friend realised he was telling the truth.
Now, my question is, should friends be like that? if you cannot trust someone, then, Is he/she your friend? Just because of some silly reasons people break friendship, just like that, and then later again come for friendship. Is it real friendship?


  1. I think if u make someone ur friend then trust is a thing which applies to both sides.
    If someone cheats me and comes & asks sory then i'll 4 give tat person.
    As i am playing my part of friendshp by giving her a chance to confess so tat she may never think 2wice 2 confess again.
    And if he/she has not confessed then I think i will accept her as she/he is 4 now if one has made someone a frnd its his/her duty not to break it.

    thn abt ur example I shud say on net we can't really find frnds so easily. and so everybody behaves with shrewdest of their minds.
    and since their id is hidden they r not scared to say the wierdest of the things.

    but at the end of the day watever frnds frnds we have. if they r not wth us we miss them so badly.
    I,m saying this wth personal experience.

  2. All I can say is that,the true friends will always stand by,no matter how worse the situation.

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. pj,

    What I mentioned is the friends who won't trust us even if we say the truth and if it was friends through online, it is ok, but what I mentioned there was even his friends in college did the same.

  4. sameera,

    Yah, you should be lucky to get such a true friend, 'coz now a days such a friend is hard to find 'N happy weekend to u too.

  5. What a coincidence... I just wrote a post about my friend.. :D

    check it out!!!

  6. frndship cums out of trust given to each cums frm sharing..livin intimate moments..
    if frnds are lik dis..its worth leavin dem..
    and personally we can never judge the silly reasons..

  7. I guess it depends on the individual. ... they dont really do it on purpose. When u think from that person's perspective, they do have a reason.. however absurd it might be from another's point of view. Well... true friends cannot stay cross with each other for long... misundersatanding wil vanish soon in that case.. eventually time will have its say :)

  8. arun,

    I don't think so. There are people who do things on purpose. They pretend to be friends and will be as long as they can achieve something from us and when that's over they'll simply leave without a word and won't even talk when they see us :)

  9. We put too many conditions on FRIENDSHIP...when it's a r'ship that's felt naturally. If not, it's not Friendship. Thats all there is to it.


  10. keshi,

    Yah, true. To get a friend, who put no conditions? we should be lucky :)

  11. if someone can so easily believe bad stuff about you, are they really friends? and after it all got cleared, did that guy feel comfortable to communicate with people who thought he was a jerk?
    I believe you either are friends and trust the other person unconditionally or else it is not friendship. If we count then most of us have not more than 5-10 REAL TRUE friends, but then these are the ones who would stand by you when everyone else will turn their backs!


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