Thursday, July 10, 2008

Do you believe in Luck?

Luck!!! No need to define what it is. For some it's god's grace. For some, it's pure luck and yet for some it's just coincidence. I recently read somewhere that "Luck is nothing but the outcome when preparation meets oppurtunity". Is it right? And even to meet oppurtunity we need to have luck, right?. We are still alive here, isn't that itself luck? We were lucky that we were not born in Afghanistan or Iraq, isn't that luck? So, is there anything called Luck?Share your thoughts.


  1. I call luck God's grace more than coincidence.

  2. I strongly believe in Luck and I also believe in destiny.... what you are or can be is not just controlled by you.... it is controlled by a million other factors and aspects.... so even if you do everything just right.... u really can't be sure of where you might end up...

  3. hmmm... any event can either go right or wrong. These are the only possibilities. So when things go right its called "luck". just another word which denotes something that has 50% probability :-)

  4. I think there is luck! Or I would like to believe so.

    And those who say no but still wish people the "best of luck" are hypocrites.

  5. akshay,

    Thanks. Similar to my belief :)

  6. arun,

    Good One, Never thought that way :)

  7. solitaire,

    Thanks, Well said :)

  8. I feel everything that happens with us is predestined...
    if v r destind 2 somthng v ll get it even though v didnt work rly hard 4 it...
    n if v r not meant 2 get dat it wont come 2 matter wotv do...

  9. Wow, I got some one who thinks just like me!! Thanks :)

    Yah, "Sambhavami yuge yuge", Right?


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