Saturday, July 19, 2008

The choice?

Let us suppose that you were given a boon from the almighty. you were given three choices and you can choose only one.
The options are
1. The elixir of life - Choosing this will let you be as you are which means you can choose your age and once chosen you will be like that forever
2. The time machine - this will help you travel back and forth in time
3. The beauty - this will give you exceptional beauty and health but you will be a normal person.

Yah, let your imaginations fly and tell me, if you were given a chance to choose one of the above what will you choose and why?


  1. i will go for the time will be nice to enjoy some good times in the past :)

  2. Vishesh,

    yAH,THat'S mY cHoICe tOo :)

  3. me too...

    a time machine...i ll alwez move back n enjoy my school life 4 d rest of my lyf...

  4. awesome post ya
    if i had the choice id go for time machine

    because if i had the exiler of life i wont have my loved ones around..what good will it be to have a life so long that id have to see my loved ones perish right in front og me...

    beauty will fade with that too is not really an option and i dont find any good use of beauty anyway

    and as for time machine...well id like to move forward in time to see what happens to me,who do i end up in live with,my career and my progenitors and just what is planned for me and my entire family in the future...

  5. I too will go for the second option as it is the only one of the three which is not monotonous the other two are monotonous.

  6. The time machine :)

    I can keep going back in time whenever I want to so that I dont grow old...! also witnessing events we have learnt in history wud be somethin i'd like to do :)

  7. I will go with you both. I really need to go back to somewhere in my childhood again n again n moreover I don't want the world to go on since 2004 :|

  8. man, you cud give better choices!

    Elixir of life perhaps...u said i can do anything i wish, even see my future? :P

  9. I second Vishesh.Also,it would give a chance to rectify some bad moments.

  10. my choice wud b exilir of lyf...I prefer to be a 4 year old..

  11. I would pick the time machine as well but for different reasons, guess the devil in me is taking over here ;)

    Thanks for dropping by my page.

  12. cutepooja,

    Don't be in a hurry. What about college days??

  13. phoenix,

    Well, I though you'll want to go back, 'coz if you go forward in future, then if you know what's going to happen, then what's the fun in living? :)

  14. pj,

    Is that why you go for time machine?? 'coz other options are'nt good? :)

  15. arun,

    Excellent, me too thought about that like being in world war or with Alexander the Great or with Hitler :)

  16. sach,

    Aww!! what happened since 2004? You got married? LOL :)

  17. lukkydivz,

    No better choice, you have to choose from these LOL.
    Elixir of life is just to maintain your current status and you can't simply go to the future, but since you never die, you'll eventually go to the future :) But, a future, with all your relatives dead? is it a future?

  18. Sameera,

    Haha, bAd mOmeNtS? Guess lot happened in your history? LOL

  19. anwesa,

    Oh, so cute :) That comment is different :)

  20. sunshine,

    Every one has a devil in them, its we who let them take over us :)

  21. other options r monotonous and anything in a monotonous fashion is not at all good.

  22. Me also, the time machine :)
    it will give the opportunity to go back n correct myself without losing! and a good post :)

  23. saranya,

    I wonder how many times you have to go back!!! LOL

  24. I don't know why you always make a jest of my comments.You expect people to take part in your posts and then mock them.

    And the way you talk is like you are so perfect and never had had any bad moments in life.

  25. Sameera,

    Hey take it easy, it's not mocking, I was kidding.
    Of course I had bad moment, everyone has, but while commenting, I thought a bit of fun will be OK!! GOD!! why people are so serious!!!!! :)

  26. I am not so serious,I know how to take humor and make others laugh too.

    But your replies should be relevant to the topic.And this was not really a funny one.

    Anyways,have a good week ahead!

  27. Sameera,

    Ok, Thanks :)
    I neEd tO bE mOrE cAreFuL nOw, I tHinK :)

  28. Time machine! I would like to undo some things and live some moments again.

  29. sol,

    Thanks, Everyone wants to go back to their past :)


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