Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are we Living or Dying?

We all are leading a lucky life. We say, we are living, enjoying life blah blah.... But, Are we really living? One day, we are sure, we all will die. No one knows when that day is, it may be today, tomorrow or anytime. So, death is sure. Does that mean we are actually dying rather than living? Are we slowly and silently going towards our death?


  1.,since i just saw your first comment ,i take it that you are reading that long post of mine also...i have talked about this in that ;)

  2. Gosh!tht was so confusing.We all r gonna die someday no doubt abt tht. But y think abt something thts not certain....we dunno when is it gonna happen!so live and let live till the time v r and till then time v can! :)

  3. I believe death is already destined and so with the advance in each day we r surely going towards death.
    But tats wat we have to forget and live life in its fullest.
    good thot buddy.

  4. LOL aneesh, don't use the brain too much :P

  5. That depends on one's attitude - whether to simply sit and wait for death to swallow one up or to enjoy this rollercoaster ride till the last moment.Had written a few lines along those lines here :

  6. Living is different from Existing. And I see alot of ppl Existing.Its sad.

    **So, death is sure. Does that mean we are actually dying rather than living? Are we slowly and silently going towards our death?

    just cos we r gonna die some day it doesnt mean we not living today. We r BREATHING, arent we Aneesh? We r not DEAD yet :)

    So keep LIVING, hugs!


  7. OMG taht was one question! Quite scary eh? Yes, its true. We all know that each day we are going closer to THE DAY. But what's the point thinking of it? Whatever time you have, just live it well. It's the case of glass half empty or half full...

  8. Would quote this line by Henry Van Dyke:
    "Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars."

  9. vishesh,

    Yup, buddy, I'll once again go through it!!

  10. ria,

    ***But y think abt something thts not certain

    So, you hope death will be stopped some day soon?

    **live and let live

    Good one

  11. pj,

    Yah we've to forget it, But... :)

  12. lukkydivz,

    Haha, LOL, I won't :)

  13. sameera,

    Yah, will check it buddy :)

  14. keshi,

    ***And I see alot of ppl Existing

    Very true!
    We r not dead yet, that's Correct :)
    LOL, yah let's keep living rather than keep dying :)

  15. tara,

    Glass half full, half empty?
    Excellent, positive thinking, eh?

  16. aj,

    Thanks :)
    Yah, got it. But, it would have been better if you put up your own quotes :)

  17. Woila...this is like my birthday theory that pisses off all my frnds everytime thy come over for my bdays...

    I always ask em wts to celebrate...i have lost one more yr of my life n nthn much has in th middle of a surprise prty tht i expect evry

    On a serious cliched as it may sound...its upto u if u wanna live till the last moment or slowly die...all i wish is that in the end, i die smiling no matter what it is...cuz i may not get this life back so i mite as well live it as much as i can

    U know its like an icecream..or a chocolate....or cooofffeeee...u know if u eat/drink it, its gonna end...but so wt, its the taste that matters...

  18. **i die smiling no matter what it is
    I wish you have the guts to do that :)

  19. interesting point.. but then depends on perception... how you see it and how you want it to be - dying or living. Choice is always yours :)

  20. Oh god!!! """die smilin

    u takin it so literally...i just meant happy n

  21. divkiran,

    Yah, you forgot "the no matter what section" LOL.
    how can you die happy and contented if something do happen?


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