Sunday, July 13, 2008

An Accident

It's yet another Sunday, So, I would like to share yet another personal experience :)
Yah, so ,lets start.
This one occurred when I'd started going for my graduation. I used to go by bus, not college bus, but government transportation :). So, like every day, I was there at the bus stop waiting for one of the buses and since it was school time, the rush was well you can imagine, kids, employees, college guys, gals, and all.
And finally after the normal waiting period of almost half an hour the bus came. Most of the buses won't stop because of the rush and this made traveling in the ones which stop, impossible. So, basically, youngsters like me would like to travel in the open, enjoying the wind and scenes rather than huddling in the inside. Needless to say, like everyday, we were on the foot board hanging with just one hand on the window and one leg on the foot board.
Don't know what happened on that day, 'coz of some strike or something, the bus took a detour and that road was not familiar to us. Guess what happened? The bus broke down :), The driver and conductor told us to push the bus to make it start and some of the people got down from the bus to help us and most of the people including ladies were still in the bus , 'coz they don't want to get sweat and dirty by pushing. So, we tried our best to push and the bus started moving and the driver, somehow, started it.
The driver took the bus forward without stopping and I thought he forgot about us and my bag and everything was still there in the bus on the lap of some stranger whom I've never met. So, without thinking, I dashed forward to catch the bus and almost got hold of the window. Since it was'nt the main road, the road was very narrow. I almost got in when I saw something was coming very fast towards me, Yah, an electric post :). I quickly moved into the bus to avoid hitting it and I was able to get in, but I forgot to keep my left leg inside.
Oooh!!! I heard some kind of loud sound and found that my leg was between the post and the bus and before I could do anything, the bus moved forward a little more and stopped for other people to get in. The pain was horrible and luckily or unluckily no one noticed it, except a few school kids who was with me on the footboard.
I didn't know what to do, I was sure that my leg broke into two and I felt really thirsty and felt like fainting. I went to the nearest seat and told the guy, who was sitting there, that I am not feeling well and could you allow me to sit there and luckily, he allowed me. Well, I thought I am not going to make it to college and I'll fell in the bus unconsious. But, still I refuse to ask for help, I don't know why, and I just put my head in my hands and closed my eyes and sat there for a few minutes.
God!!! That feeling of thirst and faintness had lessened and I could breathe normally now. I touched my leg to see whether it is there 'coz there was no feeling of it and was happy that it didn't break as I thought :), I tried to move it and was able to, except the horrible pain. And when my stop came, I got down there and walked almost 2 kms to my college :) Can you believe that? 'coz I still can't believe how I did that :) Well, first of all I had no money to catch a taxi or autorickshaw and there is no bus to our college from the main road and the only way is to walk.
When I reached my college, the lower part of my leg was almost as big as a football and the skin had turned to a mix of black, blue and red.
I washed my leg, and went straight to my class and my friends refused to believe my story. They thought it's impossible to happen, after seeing my leg, that I walked these much. Haha, can't blame them and I was there at the college till the evening despite of the pain. After all these misfortunes, I reached my home, exhausted and couldn't move my leg anymore. I gave a different version of a different type of accident to my mother :) and she scolded me for not going to a hospital and again I didn't want to go to hospital 'coz I hated hospitals.
Even though I hated hospitals right from my childhood, I was a frequent visitor to the hospital near by, almost once in two weeks and the doctor there was one of my good friends :). The reason is because of my crazy experimental adventures like stealing cocunuts/mangoes from trees, jumping from roofs, racing in slippery roads in a cycle as old as my grandfather which has almost no breaks and the list is endless :)
And I will treat the injuries my self and that was another problem :) Even if it was a very small injury I had the talent to make it really worse, though not on purpose. I hide my injuries from my parents fearing they won't let me play and'll try to cure it myself and most of it ends with taking injections from hospital :)
So, back to my accident. So, I was forced to go to hospital and seeing the swelling in my leg, the first thing the doctor asked was "when did this happen? two months back?". He couldn't believe it happened on that day morning. Well, after the normal procedures there, I came back to my home, no serious injuries although it took two months to heal. And it still remains a miracle to me that my leg didn't break apart after that incident :)
Yah, and the lesson I leared is "whenever I again catch a bus like that I'll always look for electric posts :)". How many such incidents? LOL, it's a wonder I am still alive and have all the organs :)
Hope, I didn't bore you!!!!


  1. ohh..wat an accident
    sounds sad..dat ur frnds didnt believe u..
    reaaly sad.

  2. ye its a miracle tat ur leg is fine. and i can't really believe how u walked such a long distance in spite of the injury.
    hey its funny to hear tat u often went to hospitals due to ur naughtiness.
    good fun to read.

  3. Oh my god.. That was really a painful post...
    Very detailed description of incident... I could really feel the pain... Arhhh...
    Bad experince i guess... :(

    Anyway you did not bore me...
    Don worry :)

  4. awww :(

    LOL funny too!


  5. A beautiful post indeed! Lucky you really. While reading the post, I could imagine all this happening graphically and when the accident happened, believe me I Shut My Eyes! Wonderfully written. Thanks for the comment. You'll see me here often now!

  6. No not bored but feel like scolding you.

    Chalo raat gayi baat gayi!

  7. joiedevivre,

    Yah, things are not always as you see :)

  8. pj,

    Yah,I can't believe it even now :)
    Thanks :)

  9. thanamoi,

    Haha, Bad experiences such as this makes your life eventful :)

  10. tara,

    Thanks, wow, I didn't thought my post can have that much influence. Great :)

  11. sol,

    Oh, Dr. Sol please don't scold me, I won't do it again

  12. You must have learnt another lesson that you should always go to hospital and not hide your injuries for any reasons :) It sounds like a thrilling experience in your life n it is amazing that you walked 2kms with that injury, but making it worse!!

    It wasn't boring at all but I am wondering how many other people like you who hang on the buses like this (on the picture) would have had such experiences. Dangerous isn't it. How does the gov allow this? Is this always the case?

  13. saranya,

    Haha, Yah I did, but what to do?
    I haven't changed much, I still hate Hospitals :)

    Yah, those who had regularly done this should have atleast one experience :)

    I don't think govt. allow this, but what to do, there is not enough transportation :)
    And dangerous?? Yes it is, but LIFE itself is dangerous, isn't it?


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