Wednesday, July 30, 2008


What is happiness? Is happiness an everlasting thing? People say if you look for happiness within you could acheive everlasting happiness. But is it so? Won't there be situations in life when that happiness breaks apart, atleast for a minute? Or are we really happy? Are we just pretending our selves, telling ourselves that we are happy.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Extreme!!

Let's say we met one of our friend who was born and brought up in real poor circumstances. And 'coz of his hardwork he reached a position where he had never dreamed of. It is normal that when we meet such a person, he'll talk about the hardships he had to undergo. Let's say he told "I had times when I lived just by drinking water 'coz we had no food".
There are strange people who think they have endured everything in this world and whenever we say something they'll come up with situations they had went through which they think is similar to that.
Now I gave a quote above, let's see how this guy will reply to that. "Oh, my god, Yah, I know exactly how you felt 'coz I also have been through situations exactly like this. When we were in hostel, we'll spent all our money within the first few weeks of each month and the remaining days we will be starving and will have no food!!. God!! I couldn't even think about such things now". Got me? How can you relate both?
Here is another, first guy "I had just 3 shirts and 2 pants when I was a teenager and I completed my college education wearing those, Can you imagine that?"
Our special guy "Oh, yah, just remembered, we used to spent the money our parents gave for fun and then we won't be able to buy any clothes, Guess what, We used the same thing again and again. Ooooh, what horrible times it were?"
I could give you thousand of examples like that. when we talk about poverty and people who don't having enough money to live, they'll talk about how they suffered 'coz of the shortage of money to buy a luxury car they've dreamt.
Well, what will you call those people? People who don't understand what the real thing is? Or pretending they have suffered almost all in the world. Anything you say, they'll have readymade examples and their own experiences. How absurd? Anybody here have come across such SPECIAL creatures? You are welcome to share your ideas

Sunday, July 27, 2008

One among us!!!

I have been posting a lot of my funny experiences on Sundays. Well, today I thought like posting one of my bad experiences, just for a change.
My college days were fun and like all I love to go back to my college days if, ever, I get a chance. I used to visit my friends house occasionally with my other friends, rarely do I go alone. People are different, right? So, in each and every house, the reception that we got were different. I always try to visit with some of my friends, and avoid going alone, but sometimes you just can't. One of such incident occurred sometime ago.
One of my friend's computer had some problem and I was a bit good in checking these things, so he told me to go to his house and help him out. Let me give a bit of introduction about him. He is a bit religious, but was on good terms with me. I don't want to point out which religion, but he was in a different religion than me and in our college, there were only a few guys in his religion. They always tend to be together saying we are 'not one among them'. They said it very casually and we, the guys not among them [we are all from various other religions], thought they were kidding. They were really in good terms with the rest of us. So, since he requested me to go to his house, I decided to go.
I went to the guy's house and I got a cold reception. I didn't care 'coz I've been to many of my friends' home and I know parents are different, some are harsh, some are friendly and yet some tend to avoid us. And I just took it that way. Well, his parents, just for the sake of saying something, asked me something and I went to his room and checked the computer and its RAM had a problem. I stayed there for a while, we talked about the college matters and everything and I left later. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, right? It happened when I went again to his house with one of my other friend who's in his religion.
Well, their behavior was like I didn't even exist there. The parents who talked very little to me, talked a lot to him in front of me and they didn't even said a single thing to me. I felt really bad. I didn't said anything, all I wanted was to go. But, you simply cannot go, right? So, I just waited there for the time to arrive and when the time came to leave, they invited the other guy to stay at their house and persuaded a lot. He said he'll come sometime later and so, finally it was over. I couldn't take it out of my mind even now. I never went to the same place again and I don't know whether I will go to any one's house who is of that religion 'coz I have never experienced these type of behaviour from people from any other religion. The "you are not one among us" quote, just 'coz we are from a different religion, doesn't make sense to me!! Aren't we all human? Does it make some group of people special? just 'coz someone is from some religion?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A fantasy!!

Recently I came across a theory about us, humans. We, all know, humans are the superior race on earth. But, if we take other living things, they are almost the same with same intellectual ability. So, why only humans evolved into some extraordinary being? The answer could be that earth wasn't our real home. We are the real aliens on earth. Our real home is some far away planet and there must be superior creatures than us. To survive, we might have come here and prospered. I know, it sounds like crazy, but just give it a thought and tell me what comes in to your mind!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Accept the defeat

I know a lot of people, including me, who thinks that what we experienced is the life. I used to be like that. But, later when we hear about others experience, I analyse it, take all the good things that I can learn from them and it just gave me one more quality-- Accepting the defeat. It is normal that we argue about some thing. Sometimes, we may be right, sometimes the others may be right. But, I've seen people who always want others to believe that they are the one who are always right and we should accept them. When they ran out of words or when we prove them they are wrong, they simply will say some thing like "you didn't get me or you won't understand what I'm saying 'coz you don't know/experienced what life is". Every one has got their own experience, right. Each and every one of us are special. We all think what we suffered is the worst everyone has suffered. When ever I come across some situations where I've to give my opinion about something which I don't even have a clue, I say it frankly. But, there are people who say some rubbish just to show that they know each and everything in the world. We might have grown up based on certain religion, certain rules or whatever we call. More over, as we grow up we need to learn ourselves what is right and what is wrong rather than following some rules blindly. We might be a researcher or a scientist or even the president. Does that make us special from a teenager? A scientist couldn't be always right when he argues with a kid. Can he? Our mind should be open to learn new things, we could learn new things only if we accept defeat. What will happen if we think we know everything, all others are fools and they haven't come across situations that we've faced. The result is we have closed ourself against all others and we won't gain anymore. We all need to learn one thing-- Accepting the defeat!!!.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are we Living or Dying?

We all are leading a lucky life. We say, we are living, enjoying life blah blah.... But, Are we really living? One day, we are sure, we all will die. No one knows when that day is, it may be today, tomorrow or anytime. So, death is sure. Does that mean we are actually dying rather than living? Are we slowly and silently going towards our death?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Wolf under Sheep's Skin!!!

We had some charity fund collection today. We went to our colleagues and told them that we are collecting some fund on behalf of an organization and they should help. There were people who trained us and have over 25 years of experience and they preached a lot about how lucky we are and the need to help others, How ever, when the time came they didn't even donate a single rupee!!! It wasn't mandatory and there was no restrictions, anything we feel like could be donated. We all were surprised to see those who preach with such confidence about charity is not doing anything for it. What are we supposed to call such people? People who don't want to do something and expressing it openly is better than someone who force others to do something and restrain themselves from doing it. What an irony?

PS: I tried to come on time today and I succeeded but after the break I came late and today they told me to do a break dance with a song, I lost my last stock of nursery rhyme today which was "Baa Baa Black sheep" :) Anyone want to help me with some rhymes? LOL

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We had some fun session going on which started yesterday. As usual, for both, I came late. I got a warning yesterday for coming late, but I couldn't help. Yesterday, Everyone decided that those who come late should be given some punishment and we came to the conclusion that the punishment will be 'dancing to a nursery rhime'. I tried my best to come early today, but what to do?, I was 5 minutes late, lucky that I wasn't alone. The first guy sang a song 'Mary had a little lamp' and dance to it infront of the whole group :). Next was my chance, I sang 'Twinkle Twinkle little star'. LOL. I never thought, it will be this much fun. I forgot the last time when I sang the song. It brought back a lot of good old memories of --- being a kid again. No matter how old we are, there still will be a little kid inside each and every one of us, isn't it? We will realise it only if we get the oppurtunity.

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Funny Email

A husband wakes up at home with a huge hangover.
He forces himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirins and a glass of water on the side table.
He sits down and sees his clothing in front of him, all clean and pressed. He looks around the room and sees that it is in perfect order, spotless, clean. So is the rest of the house.
He takes the aspirins and notices a note on the table.
"Honey, breakfast is on the table, I left early to go grocery shopping.
Love You!"

Totally shocked with the note , he goes to the kitchen and sure enough there is a hot breakfast and the morning newspaper.
His son is also at the table, eating. He asks, "Son, what happened last night?"
His son says, "Well, you came home around 3 AM, drunk and delirious.
Broke some crockery, puked in the hall, and gave yourself a black eye when you stumbled into the door". Confused, the man asks, "So, why is everything in order and so clean, and breakfast is on the table waiting for me?
I should expect a big quarrel with her!"
His son replies, "Oh, that! Mom dragged you to the bedroom, and when she tried to take your clothes n shoes off, you said,


Self-induced hangover - $ 400.00
Broken crockery - $ 800.00
Breakfast - $ 10.00
Saying the Right Thing While Drunk - "PRICELESS "

There are truly some things that both money and Mastercard can't buy . . ..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Tragedy!!!

It's Sunday!!! So, Guess what!! Yah, I know you all are waiting for me to post another of my experiences, if not, you should, LOL.This one happened when I was doing my graduation, Just after completing the first semester, we had a tour with our seniors. It was a two day tour, the first day was for site seeing and the second day, to one of the water theme parks here.

The tour was planned by our seniors, and we were invited to join them just after their ragging, so that our relationships will be better :)
First of all, I should say the tour was full of fun. Our seniors never planned for anything and just rented a few buses and started going, Can you believe a tour like that?. Yah, we didn't know their lack of planning till the end of first day 'coz all of our supposed site seeing was within the bus. Haha, Yah, we were travelling all day without stopping anywhere and guess what? at midnight we stopped at one of the junctions and all boys were thrown out of the bus.
Any guess??? Sleeping time. Only ladies were allowed to sleep inside the bus. WOW, so what do we do? Well, the road was free. We sat on divider in the middle of the junction and started different games like shouting at the vehicles which passes by which was later forbidden by the teachers and we turned to silent games. Seeing that we were having fun, some of the girls came out to join us one by one, but the teachers soon drove them back in to the bus :). Mmmm, I think the teachers were jealous of us :) So, not too late, we were exhausted with all the screaming, dancing, shouting, running all in the middle of the road.
And we slept right there and within two hours we were again put back into the bus and started travelling to the nearest town to find a place to stay.Needless to say, when we reached there it was almost five in the morning. After all the morning fun, we set out for the water theme park, which was second in our list. The first in the list was sight seeing and you saw how it went. So the problem on that day was that the place we went had a hartal on that day.
Well, one more excitement and no breakfast. We were starving but what to do? we started travelling again and after some 3 or 4 hours we found a hotel and went in there and had food which I think was one of the most mouth-watering food I ever had :) Nothing much happened after the breakfast, we were able to reach the park and the fun just reached its maximum. Me and my gang were careful enough not to miss a single ride :).
So, we were on to our infiniteTH time to each and every ride, we heard about some rain dancing with our girls. Oooh!!! Will we miss such a chance? Never!!!! We dashed off, each and everyone of our gang. Well our gang included girls also, so one of these girls told us about the dance :) So, as you might know, every one of us were trying to reach first at the place, every one chose the normal path which is normally chosen by all.
Well, as always I was different and being a crazy adventurer, I thought, Why can't I explore a new path? Otherwise almost all of us will reach there at the same time. So, I jumped over one of the hedges and crossed one or two rides and reached somewhat an artificial hill. I climbed up and reached the top and was delighted to see that my friends are still long way back, running throught the road, trying to get there first and I could see them from here and I could simply reach there by just running down the hill, the bottom of which is another hedge.
So, excited at my victory, I ran down at full speed and was about to jump over the hedge, when I noticed a group of people standing there talking. Well, I have jumped over walls, double the height of that hedge, a thousand times. So I didn't need to think, I reached near the hedge and jumped. Jumping was perfect. Only the landing was the problem :) While landed, I don't know what happened, I slightly slipped which caused me lose my balance and the next thing I remember is hitting the girl infront of me.
At this point, I need to mention who all were in that group. It were my teachers with some senior students and a girl who was my class mate. The girl is one of the thinnest girl I've ever seen in my life. So, unluckily for me and for her, I hit her and she was thrown a few feet back on to the ground. Well, I tried to catch her to stop her from falling, but I myself was losing balance and couldn't do that. She started crying, and I didn't know what to do, the only thing that came to my mouth was "Sorry" which I repeated foolishly :).
If you have read my previous sunday posts, you might be aware about my adventures. Though I got injured countless times, it's the first time someone else is getting hurt because of me. So, that pang of guilt was in my heart. She never stopped crying and finally the teachers took her to the medical staff at the park. To tell the truth, I was actually annoyed by her behaviour. The fall wasn't that bad [or so do I think based on my experiences LOL]. I was bleeding from my leg and she had no problems or so it seemed. Still I have no problems and she is crying.
So, one misfortune after another. I had nothing else to do, I waited there for some time and then went back for the rain dance. You would have guessed by now, Yah, the last person to reach there :) So what? I started enjoying with my gang except the little pain from my legs. It didn't go too far 'coz the teachers came and told us that we need to go to a hospital. Anyway, our time there at the park was cut short and all of us got in the bus and went in search for a hospital.
Finally we reached the hospital nearby and she was sent to the casualty. After half an hour the girl came out, Can't believe what I saw. Well, her one hand [ I don't remember which one], three fingers and some of her toes had fractures and was all covered with plasters, bandages and all.
On our return trip, it was first like a return trip on an ambulance with a dead body. Nobody was making a sound in the bus. When we started our journey, I was one of the entertainers, but now, me too got quiet. So, seeing all these, one of the teachers came and told me like "You didn't do it on purpose, then why are you sitting like this?". No need to say, what happened next, everyone was back on their mood.
The best thing about that tour was about the unexpected events. We had lot of fun and 'coz of lack of planning, nothing was expected, everything was a surprise, but it also had its drawbacks. But we cannot gain anything without losing something and so for having fun we had to lose some comfort. Sometimes, even now, I think of her and the question which comes to my mind is "Why girls are so brittle?" LOL

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The choice?

Let us suppose that you were given a boon from the almighty. you were given three choices and you can choose only one.
The options are
1. The elixir of life - Choosing this will let you be as you are which means you can choose your age and once chosen you will be like that forever
2. The time machine - this will help you travel back and forth in time
3. The beauty - this will give you exceptional beauty and health but you will be a normal person.

Yah, let your imaginations fly and tell me, if you were given a chance to choose one of the above what will you choose and why?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Driving @ Night

Today's post is a little late than normal. So, I just went for a ride outside. It was night. It is a rule that we need to dim our light when any vehicle is coming in the opposite direction. Most of the accidents at night happens this way. Mainly, the difficulty is for two wheelers, 'coz four wheelers will never dim their light when a two wheeler approaches them and the intensity of light from these vehicles can blind the drivers. Even if we flashes light they won't even mind. Also the head light in certain two wheelers are altered which mean extra powerful lights are placed instead of the allowed ones which is like flashing a torch light right into your eyes if you happen to come infront of these vehicles. Anybody has got any similar experiences?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Religion and Practicality

Abortion, marriages of same sex etc are not acceptable for Religions, even birth control. Recently, I read in the news papers about one religious group claiming birth control is against natural process, and should be avoided. Now, what will the world become, if there is no birth control? Another one is about the abortion, in most of the countries, it is illegal, but today or tomorrow it will also become legal 'coz if even if it's not legal, will people stop it? The answer is NO, it comes out of need and even if it is illegal, people will do it secretly under some unknown doctor 'coz good doctors won't do it 'coz it is illegal which will result in more risk for the person.
In the modern world, not all facts of religion are applicable, religion needs to maintain it's own limits, isn't it? Share your thoughts.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reincarnation--- Truth or Myth

I hope you have heard stories about reincarnations. People claiming that they know where they were in their last life. Even little kids who are not old enough to cheat were able to tell exactly where they were in their last life. Scientists have supposedly done research on this matter, but they also can't prove such things.
So, Is it real??

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Born to Win!!!

Talents are not by birth but made by hardwork. But there are some people who are born for something. People says no one is born with a particular talent, but the talent is made. Is it true? Is it possible to make a talent just by trying it? Then everyone could become Sachin or Ronaldo or Zidane, right? I think, people have certain inborn talents and those who are able to find it becomes great or exceptional in their work. What do you say?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Life is already Written!!!!

Have you ever had the feeling that someone else is controlling each and every moment in your life? At certain times, we do something and later we regret. We don't know why we did that, we just did it. Do you think you reached where you are right now 'coz of your ability? Is it possible that our fate is already written and we are just following according to that? Have you every felt that you could do something? Or you could do something only if you are destined to do that. If we are supposed to reach somewhere, we will, no matter what and if we are not supposed to reach there, we will not, no matter what we do. Any thoughts?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

An Accident

It's yet another Sunday, So, I would like to share yet another personal experience :)
Yah, so ,lets start.
This one occurred when I'd started going for my graduation. I used to go by bus, not college bus, but government transportation :). So, like every day, I was there at the bus stop waiting for one of the buses and since it was school time, the rush was well you can imagine, kids, employees, college guys, gals, and all.
And finally after the normal waiting period of almost half an hour the bus came. Most of the buses won't stop because of the rush and this made traveling in the ones which stop, impossible. So, basically, youngsters like me would like to travel in the open, enjoying the wind and scenes rather than huddling in the inside. Needless to say, like everyday, we were on the foot board hanging with just one hand on the window and one leg on the foot board.
Don't know what happened on that day, 'coz of some strike or something, the bus took a detour and that road was not familiar to us. Guess what happened? The bus broke down :), The driver and conductor told us to push the bus to make it start and some of the people got down from the bus to help us and most of the people including ladies were still in the bus , 'coz they don't want to get sweat and dirty by pushing. So, we tried our best to push and the bus started moving and the driver, somehow, started it.
The driver took the bus forward without stopping and I thought he forgot about us and my bag and everything was still there in the bus on the lap of some stranger whom I've never met. So, without thinking, I dashed forward to catch the bus and almost got hold of the window. Since it was'nt the main road, the road was very narrow. I almost got in when I saw something was coming very fast towards me, Yah, an electric post :). I quickly moved into the bus to avoid hitting it and I was able to get in, but I forgot to keep my left leg inside.
Oooh!!! I heard some kind of loud sound and found that my leg was between the post and the bus and before I could do anything, the bus moved forward a little more and stopped for other people to get in. The pain was horrible and luckily or unluckily no one noticed it, except a few school kids who was with me on the footboard.
I didn't know what to do, I was sure that my leg broke into two and I felt really thirsty and felt like fainting. I went to the nearest seat and told the guy, who was sitting there, that I am not feeling well and could you allow me to sit there and luckily, he allowed me. Well, I thought I am not going to make it to college and I'll fell in the bus unconsious. But, still I refuse to ask for help, I don't know why, and I just put my head in my hands and closed my eyes and sat there for a few minutes.
God!!! That feeling of thirst and faintness had lessened and I could breathe normally now. I touched my leg to see whether it is there 'coz there was no feeling of it and was happy that it didn't break as I thought :), I tried to move it and was able to, except the horrible pain. And when my stop came, I got down there and walked almost 2 kms to my college :) Can you believe that? 'coz I still can't believe how I did that :) Well, first of all I had no money to catch a taxi or autorickshaw and there is no bus to our college from the main road and the only way is to walk.
When I reached my college, the lower part of my leg was almost as big as a football and the skin had turned to a mix of black, blue and red.
I washed my leg, and went straight to my class and my friends refused to believe my story. They thought it's impossible to happen, after seeing my leg, that I walked these much. Haha, can't blame them and I was there at the college till the evening despite of the pain. After all these misfortunes, I reached my home, exhausted and couldn't move my leg anymore. I gave a different version of a different type of accident to my mother :) and she scolded me for not going to a hospital and again I didn't want to go to hospital 'coz I hated hospitals.
Even though I hated hospitals right from my childhood, I was a frequent visitor to the hospital near by, almost once in two weeks and the doctor there was one of my good friends :). The reason is because of my crazy experimental adventures like stealing cocunuts/mangoes from trees, jumping from roofs, racing in slippery roads in a cycle as old as my grandfather which has almost no breaks and the list is endless :)
And I will treat the injuries my self and that was another problem :) Even if it was a very small injury I had the talent to make it really worse, though not on purpose. I hide my injuries from my parents fearing they won't let me play and'll try to cure it myself and most of it ends with taking injections from hospital :)
So, back to my accident. So, I was forced to go to hospital and seeing the swelling in my leg, the first thing the doctor asked was "when did this happen? two months back?". He couldn't believe it happened on that day morning. Well, after the normal procedures there, I came back to my home, no serious injuries although it took two months to heal. And it still remains a miracle to me that my leg didn't break apart after that incident :)
Yah, and the lesson I leared is "whenever I again catch a bus like that I'll always look for electric posts :)". How many such incidents? LOL, it's a wonder I am still alive and have all the organs :)
Hope, I didn't bore you!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Is it possible to live without telling a lie. We've all hear about Mahatma Gandhi living his life based on truth. Is it possible for us to lead a same life. I think, in now a days, if we try to be truthful 100%, then you'll reach no where, right?. A simple example is when you are looking for a job, you need to present that you are the right person they are looking for, even if you know you are not. If you are desperate to get a job, you cannot be truthful 100% at all. Does being truthful lost its importance? A lie cannot be hidden for long was the quote some time ago, but is it any more?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friends!!!! Or Are they?

Everyone values friendship, one way or the other. People think differently and each of them have their own view of each and every thing and so is friendship. Here, I would like to mention about some of the incidents related to orkut.
Not long ago, I read about, people making fake profiles using pictures from other profiles and sending vulgar/sexual/offensive/whatever scraps to the friends in the profile they faked. And that was not a surprise at all. But what caught my attention was the behaviour of the people in the friend's list of that real profile. They stopped speaking to that guy and never believed what he said and he was force to sue the guy who created the fake profile. Only then that his friend realised he was telling the truth.
Now, my question is, should friends be like that? if you cannot trust someone, then, Is he/she your friend? Just because of some silly reasons people break friendship, just like that, and then later again come for friendship. Is it real friendship?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Do you believe in Luck?

Luck!!! No need to define what it is. For some it's god's grace. For some, it's pure luck and yet for some it's just coincidence. I recently read somewhere that "Luck is nothing but the outcome when preparation meets oppurtunity". Is it right? And even to meet oppurtunity we need to have luck, right?. We are still alive here, isn't that itself luck? We were lucky that we were not born in Afghanistan or Iraq, isn't that luck? So, is there anything called Luck?Share your thoughts.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


If you love some one, you need to show it. Is this quote true? I've heard people talking a lot about their dear ones not loving them, father to children, husband to wife and vice versa. When we ask them about this, they say "I love them so dearly, but I cannot show my love, My love is in my heart" and blah blah. I've seen people always pretending very serious and when we talk they also say like this. Can we blame some one if they broke off saying he/she didn't love me? You love someone and didn't show it, always kept a distance and if he/she left you, can you blame them for not being truthful to you? Love is to show, right?, not to hide somewhere deep in your heart, so that no one can see it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

If you have a rebirth!!

We are living in a world which is certainly better in most of the ways than the previous times. So, if you were asked, whether you would like to live in a world some 100 years back or now, I hope, most of us would choose now. So, 100 years from now, we cannot even imagine what all changes the world could happen, may be moon will become one of the tourist places, may be we'll get an Alien as our best friend or there won't even be a life on earth here. But lets think positive and don't consider the last option :).

Now, the question is if you were given a chance to live once more, will you chose the time that you were born now or would you choose a period say, after a 100 years?

Monday, July 7, 2008


In colleges, I've experienced and heard about teachers revenging students for some silly reasons. Like reducing internal marks, threating to fail them and other things that they can do. Actually, by reducing a few marks, the teacher loses nothing. it's the student who suffers. I know people who can't get a job or apply for a test 'coz they are a bit short of the percent needed like .1% or .2%. Teachers can punish students, but most of the teachers won't let go a simple thing and as long as the student is in the college he/she has to endure it. Once a punishment is given, the whole issue should end with that, right? but that normally won't happen and because of some thing that's done in the first semester the student should hear and endure even in the 6th semester. Is it right? Actually, how many teachers, now a days, want to see their students doing well?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Punishment, For What??

I would like to share a personal experience with you all. Though it's pretty long it'll be interesting, I promise. Well, it happened sometime back when I was 11 years old and was studying in my 7th standard. So, We had a maths teacher who was pretty strict and
when taking his punishment into consideration, well, MAD. Each and every student in his classes were frightened of him.
Let me introduce the way of his teaching, Yah, he teaches well, after that the problem starts. He'll write some maths problem on the board and choses
one from us randomly and then the "chosen one" has to go and solve it in the black board. While solving the problem, "the chosen one" was not supposed to
turn back or anything. So, when we're solving it, if a mistake happens, how we know a mistake happened is, we'll get a good hard hit on our butt with his
hard and long cane [No double meanings, Of course]. His beatings were extraordinary famous in the school at my time, 'coz we used to keep list of the best beaters(teachers) in the school and he always was top on the list.
He was also pretty good in non stop hitting :),if u know what I meant, He has this skillful ability to hit a kid till he/she cries. Once a girl fainted in our class while he was enjoying caning her on the butt. Later we came to know that, she was a heart patient and luckily, on that day onwards, she was given a concession from his cane treatment. So, I was lucky to not be the "chosen one" for sometime, but, yah unfortunately on one day, he chose me. I was an average kid, and was not among the notorious list in the class. The guys on that list used to wear more than two pants when he's got a class, 'coz otherwise you won't be able to sit atleast for a week.
But, on that unforgettable day, he made me the "chosen one" and sent me to that hell (Black board) right in front of the whole class. That's the first time, I think I am standing in front of the whole class. Needless to say, I was terrified and since there's no other way, I started solving it. You could think what happened next. Well, I jumped when his cane touched my butt so hard. Yah, I knew I made a mistake, but don't know where.
OOps!!! He started yelling at me like "Correct it Correct it" and I was so terrified at his yelling and appearance and all that I couldn't guess what went wrong. I just stood there staring at board and then at him and then again at the board for sometime. Well, then I felt like raining, only difference is instead of water, his yelling and hits are coming down, instinctively I put my hand back to prevent, nothing else could I do. I still remember it as clear as a sunny day. I
didn't felt any pain somehow, 'coz I was too terrified to feel anything. I simply stood there enduring all his beating.
On the otherside, the cane treatment was nothing new to me. My parents were really strict and me and my brother used to get these treatments daily, mainly from my father :). 'N my father was of the kind that if we did something wrong then we have to be punished and no forigiveness or anything. So, I was one of the rarest guys in the class who never cried. It was my pride and ego, not to cry in front of others, no matter what. But I thought this teacher could
change that.
So back to the class. He was beating like hell and I didn't even made any sounds. That made him only angrier. He thought I was like some hero who's showing off infront of the class. Well to tell the truth, I was feeling nothing, just an emptiness due to fear. It felt like eternity, but luckily the bell rang and he stormed out of the class yelling at me like "I'll show you tomorrow who I am" and something else.
So, just after he left, my classmates surrounded me praising me about my courage and all and they told me that he hit me 9 times. I entered the
"School books of world records" for getting beaten the most number of times continuously :). I guess, that record is yet to break. From that day onward all
my classmates had a special respect towards me. So, after all these celebrity feeling with fans around me, I ran straight to the ground to play, that's when I noticed that my hands are all
bleeding, Yah like I tried to suicide by cutting the veins in my hand. I guess, it happened when I pulled my hands back instinctively.
I went home after this and it's then that I remembered that sometime back he told like "Those who don't want me to punish have to tell their parents to contact me and for them I
won't punish". Then, I didn't waste any time, I told my father to talk to him and I made him come to the school the next day with me [Actually my mother made him to come with me to school :)].
Guess what happened? My father told him like, yah I still remember the words he used, " considering the kids psychological factor" or something. Suddenly the teacher got angry or whatever he said " I'll hit or kill my students and who's there to question". you know what happened, they argued a lot and my father gave a complaint to the Headmaster.
The next day my teacher came to the class and disgraced me a lot and said it's only because of the headmaster that I'm still sitting in his class. One thing that unexpectedly happened is that he never hit a kid like that again. You know, whenever I see kids from my old school, even now, I'll inquire about these teacher, I couldn't believe my ears about what they say about him.
He's all transformed now, I think, after that incident. Yah, atleast I
am happy that I could make a change in one's character :).
Well, the question is did I deserve that Kind of treatment, No matter what ever I did? I am not against punishment. I myself have taught kids from grade 1 till +2 when I was doing my degree. I guess punishment is for making some good change in people. Any interesting thoughts, anyone?