Sunday, June 29, 2008

Is Drinking Good Or Bad?

No need to tell that now a days, right from a really young age, people are starting beer/alcohol and all. Now it became so common that no one cares about it. Every one says it's normal and no big deal and among teenagers and young guys, those who don't drink is like _________, u know what I mean. Well, I don't think it's bad to booze-up occasionally. But, lots of people think even touching liquor is a big sin. So, what's ur opinion about this.


  1. aneesh gud topic to start first of all...

    for me its solely a matter of choice,if u feel like havin..
    n its not only for males...its equally for opposite sex.

    itS like a part of havin fun in teenage, sumtimes a way to destress, sumtimes for jhakibazi among people (mostly guys),
    just another sip to handle hang over, sumtimes to put ur family introuble by creating shamful situation, sumtimes chillin out wid year parties..dinner at dhabas,
    sophesticated mocktali parties,
    dealing wid business in white collar enviorment..
    etc etc

    dats hw it goes..
    so now evryone can make out dere decisions either GUD or BAD!!

  2. In colder countries people drink to keep themselves warm...drinking ocasionally is fine with every odd business conference drinks are, it's of course not a sin...n yes,m not advocating for wife-beating drunkyards..

  3. I feel that drinking in a responsible way is not bad. If you are responsible citizens you can try out anything except drugs because......... And if you say something even milk in tons is bad ad after all liquor is fermented sugar.

    I hate to type verification Its a himdrance to comments.

  4. Happy to hear that you all agree with me, well, I met a religious guy who argued with me a lot about this topic, According to him, even the people who sell these things are sure to go to hell!!!

  5. Hey why did you put though. Thankx abt the verification You're not stubborn I see.

  6. Drinking alcohol is surely a vice. There is nothing great about a substance that can be abused, can be toxic, can kill you...blah blah. Anything in excess is bad. When people start drinking at an early age, they are doing harm to their body which they do not realize until they are much older.

    That being said, there is also research done on how one glass of wine can help you steer away from heart problems and how drinking one can of beer a day can help get rid of kidney stones.

    It is all a matter of striking the correct balance.

  7. In my opinion, although moderate drinking may be okay, I personally don't agree that drinking can do what can never be achieved in another way -answering ur headline. Though there are safe limits, it is still bad for ur health. Alcohol consumption can cause nausea, sickness, liver damage, heart disease, stroke and affect the unborn children. And I am sure u all know this.

    Drinking does have both negative and positive causes but downside is the most!!

  8. I dun think Drinking is a sin. It's a personal choice :)

    Also, anything is 'Moderation' is ok.


  9. Thanks all for these comments for the first post :)

  10. @joiedevivre

    Yah each and everyone of us has to make the decision --- Good or Bad

  11. @cutepooja,

    Haven't heard about any such drunkyards recently :)

  12. Shobna, just say we all are responsible while drinking :)

  13. @sol

    Yah, balance. sometimes we lose it, ofcourse :)

  14. @saranya

    You seem to know a lot :), THanks

  15. Keshi, let's keep it in a moderate way, OK?

  16. sin in islam..

    because once a person drinks ... he usually looses his head.. and that can lead to anything.. a big crime , evil acts , desturction of own life etc etc.. and upon that its no good for our health..

  17. ishqia,

    first of all, all who drink don't lose their head or behave in a bad way 'N those who behave like that don't need drinks to do that :).
    Of course, drinks can stimulate it.

    Yah, it's a sin in all religions, don't know why? May be people at old time were bad drinkers :)

  18. hehehe.. may be.. anyways.. ur mouth stinks when u drink it.. and i prefer abstaining from it..

  19. another think.. people get addicted to it.. so addiction to anything is not good..

  20. ishqia,

    Ha ha "ur mouth stinks when u drink it.. " I guess you've got some experience :)

    "so addiction to anything is not good" What about addiction to God? is it good or bad?

  21. yes drinking is good for every one if you are not making troubles for others. On other hand excess of everythig is bad.


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