Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Farewell 2008!!

Farewells and goodbyes to someone/something is one of the most difficult part in life especially when that someone/something is so dear to us and we may never meet them again, right?

Here is another eventful year passing by. 2008.... I cannot say it was a wonderful year for me. But, at the same time it wasn't boring. It was just a typical reflection of life. A lot of bad, a lot more good; a lot of sorrows, a lot more fun; a lot of colleagues, a lot more friends; a lot of games, a lot more work; a lot of isolation, a lot more parties.

2008 is another special year for me. I got in touch with you great people. Started a new blog, got some visitors and they still keep in touch. Certainly, you were the ones that inspired me to continue blogging. A big thanks to you all out there...

So, it is on 2008 that I started receiving readers and feedback. I would like to say a few words about my blogger buddies. Going in alphabetical order:

An alien earthling - Here's one guy, who had made his blog his response to the injustice in this world. Lot of awful things happening in this world was mentioned by him, some of which were really shocking. Yes, reality is always shocking.

Anwesa - The girl whose phrase always inspired me to write more. She is the only one who said 'First rate entertainer in blogger'. Don't know whether it's right. But who cares?. Anyway, a talented girl, now expanding her talent in poems, stories and all.

Divkiran - Divkiran is one of my favourite leg pulling target. She used to mention "you pulling my leg" a lot of times. I guess, she's still around here, though not as frequent as before.

Hemanth - I call him HP. A nice buddy who never argues, I guess. Always trying hard to patch up things. He gets sad if someone stares at him and he gets glad when someone winks at him and his blog is like an open book of himself, expressing his feelings, some his dreams though :)

joiedevivre - Another early reader of my blog. No need to say much about her. She started with poems about 10 to 20 lines and now reached where she writes poems that are about 2 to 5 lines. But, still expressing the meaning in very few lines. One of the very first poets that I have noticed in here.

Keshi - The very first word that comes into my mind when I think about her is sensitive. I still remember the heated arguments with her :). It is not a secret that we both disagree frequently and when we do, the neighbours need to shut their ears:). Now recently she was thinking about quitting blog and I am happy she is back. Once in a while, I need someone to argue and she has such a talent in writing. Whether it's a social cause or a personal matter, whether it's fun or serious, she has the ability to express it in words in a beautiful way.

lukkydivz - It seems like she has almost left the blogging world. May be she'll change her mind 'coz we all are certainly going to miss another poet cum story writer cum this cum that cum....

PJ - The one and only buddy who have never missed to comment on any of my posts so far. We both are keeping a strange bond in this. I too, have never failed to comment on any of her posts so far. I am one of the very first commentator in her blog and she is one of the very first commentator in my blog. I know her from the time when she was Shobna and she know me from the time I posted about Harry potter in my Book Reviews. It is strange that we started out our friendship in an argument about movie stars, though we rarely argued later :).

Prajyot - This is a techie guy coming up with some awesome reviews on various gadgets and other tech stuff. Hats off to this guy for putting such effort in creating such posts. Being a techie myself, I know how its like.. always keeping updated and to share that information is something different.

Raka/Phoenix - She was also one of the bloggers that I was struggling to keep up 'coz of the frequency in blogging. Her blog is also a mixture of a variety of things including personal and other stuff. She had made a good initiative in creating a group blog, but due to some reasons cannot keep up... well I guess everyone knows.

Saranya - Another bumble bee(that's borrowed from her own post), similar to Tara. I've teased her a lot, but she has taken it in the right spirit. Another thing that differentiate her is, I guess, she is the only medico among my blogger buddies. Isn't that special? May be in a few years time, we can get free treatments from her blog... online treatment.

Sameera - Here is another talented poet in blogger. Her poems have a wide variety; each unique and when it comes to expressing sadness she is at her best.

Solitaire - Sol's blog was one among the first blogs that I have commented. I was just browsing through the various blogs and accidentally come into this blog and found it really interesting. It was like a market place where anyone can say anything and the topics were also really interesting. It is here that I have met keshi. No idea what happened to Sol, may be she's busy with her PhD and I hope blogging is in her list of New year resolution, if she has one.

Tara - One of the few gals who never got upset with my comments :). Sounds weird?. But, its true. People post lot of topics in their blogs, some sentimental, some funny, some serious and some confusing. So, certain times I'll comment on posts with a bit of fun and if the mood of the author is not right, he/she might get upset with me. Here is one such girl who have taken it in the right spirit and some of her posts had that nostalgic feelings which will bring a smile and tear at the same time.

Vishesh - This guys seems to have no control in his posts. Just kidding. The way in which he creates poems is just incredible. Some of his poems are a mile long and the time and effort he puts is commendable.

Yamini - One of my latest blog pals. She is like a Concorde plane. I have tried to keep up with her posts, but miserably failed :). She posts everyday and
that too on various topics and that too in poems. I wonder whether I'll be able to write more than 10 poems in my entire life and here she is writing daily.

I haven't mentioned everyone, I have written about a few people whom I can write something or know something. And special mention to Arun, AJ, Ceedy, Cutepooja, Ishqia, Lena, Mirror Image, Nikita, Neeharika, Riya, the armyguy.

And these are just my views about you. That doesn't define you. I guess you know that. I've been careful enough not to include any hurting funny remarks(if any). But, if anything is still there, please forgive me. I know, you might be a entirely different person in real life.

Being said that, now I would like to move on to certain other glances in 2008. I don't want to drag anything on to the next year. I have argued/disagreed with a lot of people out there. It was about their ideas. And the argument ends with the post. I don't take it personal and you might have noticed that I have never put up any such posts in my blog, not that I can't. That doesn't mean everyone should do that. It's your blog and you can post whatever you want.

Yet another thing that I have noticed is the yelling thing. Whenever someone simply disagrees its better to sort out the differences or to understand the argument. Some believes that by yelling and saying swear words, they get dominance in an argument, which is just a pretense. And some just argue for the sake of argument. Disagreeing and arguing is a way of learning new ideas and views from others, if you are ready to learn. But, if you are out there to show off
your knowledge or the 'Know-It-All' attitude, then you learn nothing and you contain yourself in a comfort zone.

It's like the frog in a well, which thinks it's the king of the world since it thinks the well is the world and it is only living thing inside the well. If you meet someone outside the well, you will certainly disagree 'coz what you've understood till that time was wrong. If ever you understand that you are wrong, accept it.

The above mentioned facts are not directed towards anyone specifically, but all in general, including me. So, if you come among it, better change it. 'N if I come among it, I need to change it too.

Another thing that I would like to mention is about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. When almost all come up with a post on the terrorist attacks, I kept silence. Well, I too wanted to write something, but I wasn't feeling well and now its too late to write about it.

Hemanth's and PJ's audio posts, I guess, needs to be mentioned here. At least I was able to know how they sound, not that it matter, but coming up with new innovations like this is what makes the blogville interesting. Hats off to you both.

A group blog going good and then all of a sudden, shattering into pieces is one of the worst that has happened to blogville this year and of course the farewells of certain dear blog pals too. 'N a few are on the verge of saying good byes

So, here goes my last post for the year 2008.
Bye Bye 2008!! I'm certainly gonna miss you........
If ever one invents a time machine, I'll certainly see you again. Until then Good bye!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


PJ tagged me on this tag. So here are the rules.

RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

RULE #2 Tag 6 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

1. If your lover betrayed you what would your reaction be?

It's a tough one. I guess, betrayal by any means is almost unforgivable. So, by lover means it is in a more high level. Well, I might let it go, but that will be the end of the relationship.

2. If you could have one dream come true which one would it be?

To have a 1000 billion dollars? I guess that's enough for now.

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?

Anyone, who cheats..

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?

What can't I do with a billion dollars?

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?

Yup! Why not? After all, love is unconditional and can go anyway. it's something you feel inside, not something that is cultivated purposefully, right?

6. Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?

Both has its own value, but if both happens that would be the best.

7. How long would you wait for someone you love?

Not much, I guess. But, I'm not sure until I try it out :)

8. If the person you like is secretly attached, what would you do?

Just let it the way it should be. My likeness doesn't matter there, does it?

9. If you could root for one social cause which one would it be?


10. What takes you down the fastest?

Anything. It depends on my mood. Sometime nothing can take me down. But sometimes anything can.

11. Change of quest..... What's your main Aim in life?

Just be successful in my life. Live life to its fullest.

12. What's your fear?

A lot of things. Mainly the unpredictablity of future

13. What kind of person(s) do you think the person who tagged you is/are?

A cool, bubbly, frank, outspoken... am not getting any more words LOL just kidding.

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?

Well, most people answer this evasively. if the question is to choose one, then I'll go with the first.

15. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Stop the alarm.

16. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously who would you pick?

The one who loves me.

17. Would you give all in a relationship?


18. What's eating you now?

Work and illness.

19. Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?

I've been and am a single till now. So, I don't hate being in a relationship. Yah, why not?

And now I am tagging

I hope everyone had a rocking Christmas and I don't have anything to say about my own Christmas :).

Sunday, December 28, 2008

What the fuck?

This is a video by Osho. Be careful while listening to it. Lot of fuck terms coming up, but I found it interesting and funny. Just wanted to share with you all. it gets really interesting from the second minute onwards. Make sure no one's around while hearing it and don't forget to use a headphone :)

By the way, I am fed up with too much work now and I am getting very few time off. So, I'm giving rest for my usual experiences posts for now. I'm getting a bit lazy to sit around and type a lot. Hope everyone's doing fine. 
'N don't forget to post you comments on this video..LOL

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas!!!

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas!!!

Can't write more... this time viral fever is the culprit. 
Will post more once I'm well. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Principles in Life

What you see in others, you must first see it inside you.
What you expect from others, you must first expect it from yourself.
Life is just a mirror. ..

What do you think? Is it so?
Ever got anything back 'coz you gave it?
Sometimes, principles works only in theory and rarely in real life, isn't it?
If life was as simple as a mirror, then things would have been pretty easy.

PS: Thanks PJ and lukkydivz for the awards. I am planning to design my own award for all. But, rarely get the time. Once done, I'll try to distribute it :).

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Kiddo pranks part Five - Experiments with animals

As the name suggests, you might have guessed what it's like. So, animal lovers please forgive me. I don't remember which occurred first and which occurred last. So, I am just going according to what comes in my mind. The two animals that were common, or excess in population or in other words, had no family planning, were cats and dogs. Our neighbors had cats. The problem was it soon gave birth to more that what they can control and I guess, they might've stopped feeding it. The poor creatures used to sneak into our kitchen and house and created all sort of problems.

One of my favorite hobbies, as a kid, were to take aim. I mean with stones. Our gang used to test our aim by throwing stones at almost anything and we were pretty good in that. Our main target will be these cats and dogs. To aim a live creature and to hit the target, you need exceptional skill :).

So, on one day when I was at my Uncle's house checking out my turtle, I saw a cat sitting near the gate. The gate was closed and it's tail was inside the gate. Suddenly, an idea came to my mind and I silently went towards it. Cats can sense even the slightest sounds. So, I sneaked behind it without making even the slightest sound and guess what? I caught it by the tail. These poor creatures used to run away when ever they see me. But this time, I got it and that too by its tail. I held on to its tail while it tried desperately to escape. It is a wonder what all tricks these animals know. The cat made a sneezing sound which scared me and loose my grip. So, it escaped.

A similar trick was used by my Uncle's dog. It was a pretty old dog white in color and cute. At that time, I was smaller than the dog. The dog, 'coz of its age, rarely ran, it used to walk slowly here and there. So, once I went near it and rather than doing the usual patting thing, I tried to lift the dog by its stomach. Well, it was bigger than me and I couldn't have lifted it, but I tried again. Suddenly the dog sneezed and I dropped it scared that, it will bit me.

There was one rowdy cock at my uncle's house. It used to attack people, mainly kids. Once, when I was there, it flew towards my face and tried to attack me with its legs and beak. Though, I was surprised by its sudden move, I was able to put my hand in front of my face, thus saving myself from blindness. My uncle saw this and the very next day, it was caught and given to a butcher. Sorry... may its soul rest in peace.

Even I had a dog at that time. My uncle had bought a new dog when the old one died. And on one day, when the two dogs met each other, I guess, they had some ego problems and they started attacking each other. A fierce battle took place. I was watching interestingly as who will win the fight when my uncle came and beat his dog with a big stick and shouted, get inside the house and his dog howled and ran away. I thought that was partiality and I took a stick and beat my dog. I still regret it 'coz the look on it's face was heart-breaking. You know, dogs will always endure whatever we do and still be loyal and loves you.

One day, we went for an exhibition and bought a few toys. One of these was a particular one. An artificial lizard. Yup! it looked exactly like an alive lizard and we can stick it on glass or any polished surface. Once our gang and I took this to our grandparents house. My grandmother was in the kitchen; we went very silently to the kitchen and I put it on my grandmother's shoulder secretly. Then, we kids shouted together " eeeks!! Palli Palli " Palli means lizard in Malayalam. My grandmother jumped and screamed seeing a lizard on her shoulder. She shook it down and took a broom and tried to hit it. We suddenly took it and told her the real story. She shouted at us and threw us out of the kitchen.

We had a concrete chimney in our house and our neighbour's cat once gave birth to kittens there in the chimney. We heard some unusual voices coming from the chimney and I went above the roof to check it out. The chimney was a bit higher and I had to climb it with just my hands and my legs were on air. I was hanging on to the chimney and when looked inside I saw one of the cutest things, the kittens. They haven't even opened their eyes. By seeing such a thing for the first time, I guess I relaxed a bit and slipped in the process hitting my chin on the chimney. 'N for the next few weeks I had two mouths - one the normal one and the other one on my chin.

These are just a few of the incidents that I can remember from my kiddo days. I guess that's enough for today. Hope you liked it and have a great week ahead.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Religious Conversion!!!

This is going to be a controversial topics. So, I just want your frank opinion. I don't have any problems in taking criticisms or anything. Just give me your own opinion on what I'm talking about. Well, in some parts of India I've read about certain groups converting people from one religion to another. Well, they are not doing any harm to anyone, which I agree. But, due to this religious conversion, the religious fanatics are reacting in a harsh manner. There were incidents of violence and rape reported. Well, it is said that these people were warned about their activities; if they continue with this, then things can get worse, but even then they continued.

Now, who is the culprit here? Obviously, it is the religious fanatics, who have no right to harm another human being. Even in Indian constitution, religious conversion, not by force, is allowed. But, my point is not who is right and who is wrong. My point is, people were living in harmony in a place and a group of people came there to convert religion and problems crept up. Till that time, there was no problem.

I mean, why can't these people simply stop this? Instead of crying out it is not right to do this, do that. I mean, suppose you have two roads to go to a place and you've been warned that one road is full of criminals and choosing that will only invite troubles. Well, what will a person with common sense do? They will choose the other road right? If you say, it is our right to choose any road we like and no one should harm us, that is right and you have the right to say. But, the reality is different.

There are people who are supposed to keep the right and wrong going, but unfortunately, that rarely happens. If you choose the road with criminals and you get attacked and hurt, you may cry aloud saying I am attacked.. But, what's the point in it?

I guess, this happens 'coz certain group of people place religion above the life and peace of people. They don't bother whether some one is going to get hurt or whether they are disrupting the entire peace. What they just want to do is to convert religion. Who gets benefited from it? Because you change religion, does that mean from the very next day miracles are going to happen in your life? I guess not. What say you?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Kiddo pranks part Four - Souvenirs

Like all kids, we too had some specific kids-only games when we get alone. I mean when no grown-ups are around, we create some games on the spot(dynamic games in programming terms). Yup! we were really innovative in such times. 'N we always came up with interesting games... always. I don't remember who starts with the idea, but normally some one puts up the idea and the others follows it and makes it perfect.
So, on one day, every one was left 'coz of a death. One of our distant relatives had passed away and they went to the house. We were not taken for such things as we were kids. I have never went to such a house with my family members. They never took me to a house where some one has just died. I have visited such kind of houses only from my school when some of my friend's parents had passed away. No need to tell how it might have.
So, I'm moving on to the interesting part. Only we kids were at home, free to do anything. So, we decided to go for some out of the normal game that we normally play. Our entire gang of four wasn't there. I don't remember why, but just two of us were there, just my cousin and I and we decided to play by imitating cooking. We never had any real plates, stove, food or anything. Everything has a substitute which, according to us, was real. Most of the things, we made out from natural things. We made a conventional stove out of bricks and put some dried leaves as fuel which is supposed to be wood and plates are just empty coconuts. We were doing our imaginary boiling stuff when I decided to get some vegetables to put in the boiling thing. A substitute for vegetable is one of the plants in the garden, right?.
The garden was made by one of my uncles and we kids and he didn't go well together. He always come up with new plants and love it like anything, where as we, out of curiosity pluck the flower or plant which makes it useless. Further more, we used to run around in the garden spoiling everything, though not intentional. So, he used to scold us everyday, sometimes even tried to beat us and we thought he is the one who spoils the fun.
Anyway, since he wasn't there, we took the liberty to select one of his plants and I stole one new blade from my grandfather which was hidden from us high above the shelf. Well, they think if they keep some thing high, we won't notice? Huh? That is a mistake, there wasn't an inch in the place where we don't know what is there. So, I got a blade, cut one plant and started making my imaginary vegetable curry. Well, I've seen my mother cutting up vegetables so fast and I just wanted to do the same. Being older, I told my cousin to look after the boiling thing and took up the cutting thing myself (which was actually more interesting). You could imagine what happened next. Trying to imitate my mom's cutting skill, I cut my finger.
One good deep cut. I still remember it was like a little mouth in my finger and blood started coming non-stop. So, even though we were so young, since injuries were not new to us, we knew some grandpa type treatments. It was said that, if you put little onion, after making it into a pulp, in your injury it will stop bleeding. We have never tried that, but since there is no one around and no other way, we decided to try this out. So, my cousin made the pulp for me after sneaking into the kitchen which was then put on to my finger. Well, the pain was horrible, but that did the trick. The bleeding stopped. I still have the mark in my finger of the old cut, like a souvenir. Well, our cutting stopped for the day, some how we continued with the cooking with my one hand. Obviously, when my parents came back, they did not have a clue about what have happened and they never found out my finger was cut. After all, I am born with hiding skills.
The next one that I remember is during the start of summer holidays. I was making a cricket bat with a sharp knife and was waiting for my cousins to arrive, who hadn't reached yet from school. So, I was in the process of making the cricket bat that suddenly I heard their school bus coming and saw them getting down from the bus. With the excitement of seeing them, I gave a swing to the knife imagining it will cut the bat, but I have missed it and it got me square on the same finger, this time in the middle. It was a horrible cut 'coz it still stays so fresh in my hand almost an inch long.
Well, as you can imagine, my summer holidays didn't start off well with the injury. Like always, I tried my own therapies with my finger which almost always worked. But, this time it didn't. It got worse after a few days 'coz of the tetanus; the knife was an old and rusted, but sharp one. So, I had to go to the hospital and get injection (which I always hated) plus a lot of pills, 'coz by this time I had fever too 'coz of the injury. There were countless such incidents. Just wanted to share a few.
At that time, it was really bad. But, now when I look back, these are the things which makes life worth looking back. Isn't it?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Another Tag and Award

It's been a while since I've done a tag. I've seen this tag in a few blogs and liked it, may be 'coz its a bit personal. So, just wanted to post it up here. Feel free to write whatever you want, that's what makes these interesting :)

1. Who are you?

2. Are we friends?

3. Something I have and YOU want?

4. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it?

5. Describe me in one word.

6. What was your first impression of me?

7. Do you still think that way about me now?

8. What reminds you of me?

9. If you could give me anything what would it be?

10. How well do you know me?

11. How do you see me in the future?

12. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?

13. Are you going to post this in your blog and see what I say about you?

Okay! so, I got one more award. The Butterfly award. This award got into my inbox, Yeap, normally awards are given out in blogs, right? or it was till now. So, this one I found in my inbox. Mmmm! Improvement in sending out the awards. This too has been awarded by PJ. She's the only one who is so generous about awards, I guess. Almost all award she gets, she'll pass it to everyone. Well, I cannot pass this to anyone 'coz all might have got this by now. Anyway, thanks PJ for the award.

Weird things are happening as a series, on my part. After the one-week fever, for the first time in my life, I fell flat on my bathroom. Yup! After all these years, the very first incident of such kind. Well, the mistake is from my part. I normally sing and dance and yesterday I was doing Michael Jackson's moon-walk with soap all over my body and I felt the speed for moon-walking is not enough and I tried a bit faster and there, I had a good fall. All the horror-stories about bathroom falling came into my mind. People misplacing their disk, spine problems and other internal injuries. Though, I had pain here and there, nothing serious happened. I tried moon-walking again just to try whether I'll fall again, but I didn't.
After that, guess what? I sat for lunch. The food was pretty hot and I was trying to cool it down by waving my hand, that I accidentally smashed it all on the floor. Oops!! I'm talking about not wasting food and here, I am throwing food all over the floor? My poor mom had to clean all the floor and bring me another plate.
You know? it's strange that sometimes things just don't go right. it's like a chain reaction. when something bad happens, a number of things happens on a row. Same is with good also. I wonder whether this chain reaction has stopped and the other chain reaction for good has started?
Hmmm, greedy, huh?

PS: This is my 500th post. That's right. When I accidentally counted all the posts in my all blogs, I found out this is my 500th post. This includes the posts in my first ever blog, which has about 69 posts. It is a private blog, which I've never made public :) Have a great week end!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let's order some more!

This post is about my team mates who's working with me. We used to go for team treats occasionally. Well, it's a small team. Just six of us, of which four are girls. Out of these four girls, three are vegetarian. So, one is pure-veg, another is eggeterian(veg who eats eggs) and yet another one is fisheterian(veg who eats fish). But, the point is these three girls, whenever they go for treats, order a lot of food. 'N guess what? they won't even eat half of it. I mean, why do you order food if you don't need it? Just showing off? that you know what to order? I've only seen this problem with girls. Now, that doesn't mean all girls are like that. So, I asked them why are you not finishing it? Their answer is that they are dieting. well, then why do you order these much food?. I don't get it. I mean, it's not once or twice, but every time, this happens. I don't like wasting food, so, my other team mates and I will try the task of finishing up the food. How many people are dying out of hunger in this world and here are some people who didn't even know how much they want? Obviously, I have mentioned this to them. They are taking it as a joke. Well, ordering table full of foods makes you special or what?
What do you think? Have you ever ordered more than enough food you need and then just threw it away? or have you been in situations that I've mentioned here? and do you think girls does this more often than boys? 'coz I guess so. No offence meant, but I guess, this dieting thing is getting more hold of girls than boys, isn't it?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Transitions in Life

Both my bro's and cousin's wedding was superb. I was busy with all the arrangements, acting as the main person, trying to get in touch with everyone. Giving directions and advice, feeling important among the group. One funny thing that occurred was that we reached the church pretty earlier than we expected. We left our house early fearing some road block, but nothing happened and we reached there earlier. We have a custom which is, the bride's family have to invite the bridegroom and his relatives when they reaches the church. Since we reached pretty early, they couldn't reach there before us and we had to wait for sometime in the car for them to arrive.
It was a time to meet new people also, at least for me. Most of my relatives stay far, only a few close relatives are near. So, frankly, I didn't know who is who and was surprised to see lot of unseen faces who claims they are living just a few meters from my house. I wonder, how they managed to hide themselves from me or how I managed to hide from them? I don't want to talk about the marriage 'coz it went like any christian wedding. I was frequently going in and out of the church when I get bored by the priests, to meet my friends.One another interesting thing I felt is the change in people, their mentality and attitude towards us and ours towards them. Right from our childhood we learned that certain neighbors are our enemy 'coz they argued with us for simple things, which sometimes even reached police station LOL. we never talked to them, despite the fact that some of them were our relatives. This enmity started before even we were born and just continued till now. But, now times have changed. We grew up. Their kids grew up. When their kids' marriage came up, they invited us, putting a break to the long lasting enmity. We also responded in a similar manner. It is said that there is no injury that time cannot heal. So, it is proved. But, I guess, certain injuries will leave scars that even time cannot erase. So, in short, it was a time of change, unexpected change and surely that was both exciting and surprising.
Now, about my cousin, she and her bro grew up with me and my bro. We were like sisters and brothers. I mentioned about our kid gang in one of my previous posts, no need to say she and her brother were the members of the gang.
Someone who had played with us, who was one among us, just on one day, became someone else's. Its strange, what all things we need to face in life. 'N my bro too is moving on to another phase of his life. My parents had already started harassing me to marry, where as I don't think I'm ready for it :). Why can't they allow me to live in peace? LOL
I don't know whether I am able to express my feelings for my bro and cousin. I don't believe in perfect or ideal partners, problems are sure to creep up sometime. it's all about how you prioritize and value each things giving each what they deserve. Well, I am not blabbering more 'coz I don't have the experience or maturity to advice people about these things. After all, I do believe in fate.
Now, I was away from blogs last week 'coz I was sick with fever. Yah, for one whole week I was in bed taking stomach full of pills. I haven't completely recovered yet. Somehow, I feel a bit better now.
Catch up with you all soon.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The unique ambition

Hiyaa all, I'm back after the wedding season. I will soon put up a post on it. But, now I want to share an interesting incident that has happened yesterday. I came back to office and had to attend a meeting. Apart from the usual blah blah, we had a fun session. We were asked to write our childhood ambition in a paper secretly. it's not just becoming doctor or engineer. But, a job that we wanted to take as a kid and later when we grew up we realized it's not that interesting or good as we thought.
We have to write our ambition and the paper will be shuffled with others and one will be selected randomly and given to us. we have to tell, why we are the best person suited for the job mentioned in that paper.
Any guess what I might've got?. I got "watch man in a ladies' hostel". LOL. I was wondering which child will have such an ambition when I realized I might be the best in the group to take up that job. Well, I had to tell something, right? So, when my turn arrived, the facilitator announced, this is the most interesting ambition 'N I said, I would like to be the watchman in a ladies' hostel because I bring along vast experience in the field and I like to watch ladies both inside and outside hostel. There was a few other interesting answers also. One wanted to become a monk because she don't want to do anything. Another wanted to become a doctor 'coz he believed in trial and error. Altogether it was really fun. So, my question to you will be the same. Is there any interesting answers like this that you might've wanted to become when you were a kid?.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A real life experience

Hey guys, I was talking about death for a few days, right? Guess what? I would have met it yesterday itself LOL. Yah, I am talking serious matter, here. I normally drive at a good speed, but not always and I am not a rash driver. Guess what? Yesterday, I did that too. Usually, I won't get angry by people who speed by or who try to make us angry. But, don't know what got into me yesterday, I was going in a normal speed when one of the private bus overtook me and was honking non stop. Mmmm. I thought "what the hell?" and I sped up and overtook him and there was another bus right infront of me. We came around a pretty good curve on the road. I never overtook a vehicle while on curve. But, you know what? yesterday was special, I guess. I did that too. I was going pretty fast and when I was about to overtake the bus, there comes, from nowhere a car, from the opposite direction. And what worse?, he/she was overspeeding too. It all happened before I could even blink. I didn't see the driver or anything. All I noticed was the color of the car. I would have met my first accident yesterday, but incredibly, the impossible happened. Both the car and I were overspeeding coming against eachother, but the car just stopped right there seeing me. It didn't even skid, which I think was a miracle and that gave me enough time to squeeze between the bus and the car. You know what I felt? I felt excitement. Yah, honestly. 'N I sped up just more. Guys! I need some serious counselling. When everyone would've stopped and gasped for breath after this incident, I just sped up and was laughing with my friends about this story later. I guess, something is wrong with me, seriously LOL :)

PS: BTW, My bro's marriage is coming up and I was pretty busy with the arrangements and all. The marriage is on the coming Monday, Nov 10th. I guess, the weekend will be full of excitement. And what more? my cousin's marriage is tomorrow. Got leave from tomorrow onwards. No need for invitation, you all are invited :) See you all soon, after the party!!!!! Be safe and drive carefully LOL.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cheating Death - Continued

This post is a continuation of my last post on cheating death. Some of you wrote about the fear of death. To be frank, I don't fear death. it's the way I die that I am afraid of. Think about this. Isn't it be really good to die during your sleep, knowing nothing? Rather than dying in a death bed in a condition where you'll be pissing in your own pants. I guess, the first one is better. It's not just us who suffer. More than us, it's the people around us who suffer the most. Won't you agree? So, tell me, do you fear death or fear the way you die? Do you prefer to die early or live till 90 and to die a horrific death?.
Now, don't take this post as an inspiration to suicide. Life will behave well to you, if you behave well to life.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Kiddo Pranks - Part 3 - Fishing

Well, today I would like to tell you about my fishing trip. We used to go to near by fields to play. There were a lot of ponds in which we used to swim. Not exactly swimming 'coz I still don't know swimming. The ponds were about as deep as 4 to 8 feet. So, we used to do a bit of walking and swimming. The most interesting time to swim is the rainy season. At that time, the water will be high and there will be a lot of fishes, crabs, snails and all. I used to catch these with my hands and will let go. Soon, I got an Idea to bring some fish to home, not to eat, but to keep it in a tank.
Next day, My gang and I went with a big towel and a bucket. You might be wondering why towel to catch fish? LOL. Well, that's the way we caught, that way we can get a lot at once. So, we went to the pond. Put the towel, deep into the water, stretched it and then pulled it up. Guess what, the entire water will be filtered out through the towel, while the fishes remain jumping inside,
 gasping for breath. So, we will put these into the bucket filled with water. Some of the fishes will jump out of the bucket into the pond. So, we closed it with a banana leaf. There were times, when I caught fishes which were nearly 8 inches in length.
So, after the successful fishing, with a bucket full of fishes, we went home 
happy. We put it in a big tank and filled only enough water so that the fishes won't jump out. What happened was, it was summer holidays and after a few days, our schools reopened. So, one weekend we came home and saw all the fishes lying dead there. The tank had dried up and since we were at the school the whole week days, we forgot to fill the tank. 
I should say that this incident had a deep impact on our gang. we felt really sad to mass murder these fishes which were living happily in the pond. After the incident, we never went fishing again.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cheating Death

Humans have been trying to cheat death right from their beginning. Have they succeeded. I should say "somewhat". well, we have invented organ replacement, which was unthinkable a hundred years ago. So, a person who had some kind of problem would certainly have died at that time. But, now we are able to replace the organ and are on our way in making artificial ones too. In that way, we really cheated death. At least we were able to stop death and postpone it , right? But, as always, there is an argument other way around also. By, inventing lot of medicines and all, the health rate never actually grow up, but we invented new diseases also. By, inventing new ways of transportation, war, entertainment we actually inventing new ways to death as a byproduct. But, we cannot simply discard the concept of cheating death. What we thought impossible, 1000 years ago, is possible now. Who knows?, after a 1000 years, if we survive, man kind will be able to cheat death and actually stop death. So, whatya think?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Kiddo pranks - Part Two - Encounter with snakes

I grew up in a village kind of place. So, you could imagine the place. There were a lot of trees, animals.. a calm beautiful place. Snakes used to appear quite often in our place. I grew up seeing people killing lot of snakes. I've seen lot of snakes really close that I don't fear them anymore. This post is all about my incidents with snakes.
To start with, the first one that comes to my mind is when I was 7 or 8 years old. As said in my last Sunday post, our gang were simply roaming around the place when we saw some little creature, about a feet and a half in length, under a rock. That's the first snake I've seen. It was a poisonous one. Normally, we see cobras, vipers and a number of other non-poisonous snakes. Well, this was a strange one. Obviously, we didn't know these.
One of my uncle was an expert in killing snakes. Whenever, we see a snake, we used to call him and he'll come and decide whether it is a poisonous one or not and if yes, he'll kill it 'coz of us. Otherwise, it will certainly bite us. He knows, we are too naughty and we'll go to really isolated places where even the adults fear to go. 
Well, once we call him, he'll come and kill the snake with a twig or whatever he can get his hands into. He don't tell us to go, like other adults do. He'll simply let us watch how he kills it and once it's dead he'll give us a lecture on the peculiarities of that snake, how poisonous it is and things like that. I've seen the tail of snakes still moving, even after it is dead. 
I still remember the day, when he killed one cobra and showed as the distinguishing mark of cobra on it's head. Needless to say, he won't harm 
the non-poisonous snakes. Well, don't think my uncle is a animal-hater 'coz of this. He has almost all pets in his house. He has lovebirds, rabbits, ducks, hen, turtle, fish, goat, cow, dog... Hi hi. You'll find it hard to believe but it is true. When I was young, he used to give us one of his rabbits and we used to play with it. I was the one who gave him the turtle. I got it from a fisherwoman who used to come to our home. 
My grand father used to tell stories about almost all creatures that I ask. Once I told him to tell a story about turtles and he told one beautiful story. After that, I became crazy about turtles. I asked grandfather to buy me a turtle. Now, he was in trouble 'coz I was such a trouble maker.
So, to escape from my pestering, he told me that we won't get turtles to buy. Only way is to tell the fisherwoman who brings the fish. Since she brings fishes, she might get turtles also. Well, he thought I'll drop my wish. Huh? what did he think about me? Next day, when the fisherwoman came, I went straight to her, as I normally do, to see fishes and asked "Have you seen turtles?".  She said "Oh yah, I daily see it, someones are really bigger than you". 
She wanted to show off in front of me but didn't know what was coming. I hold on to her answer and told her to bring me one next time. Since I had such a talent in pestering adults, she finally gave up and somehow brought me a little turtle about the size of a flying disk.
I put it in a big tank where there was little water. So, you could guess, what the turtle does if people comes near it, it will put it's head and legs inside the shell and won't even move. So, eventually my curiousness turned to boring. whenever, I comes near it, I will act as though it is dead. So, once I accidentally filled the tank with water and just like that the turtle started swimming when it saw so much of water. I was wondering why it is swimming now and climbed on to the tank which was taller than me, leaned in and was trying to push the turtle down, when I slipped and fell in to the tank. I was lying there with the turtle which didn't move now, 'coz of me. Some how, I climbed out; drenched in water. I could have drowned in there 'coz I didn't know how to swim and the fall was head down.
I thought no one saw. But, I understood I was wrong when, the very next day, the turtle was moved from our house to my uncle's house. They give good reasons for it so that I won't disagree. They told me that here the turtle is alone that's why it doesn't move, but there in my uncle's place, the turtle will have rabbits, fish and other things as friends. I believed that LOL. So that's the turtle story. 
Ooh!! I drifted from our topic. Sorry. So, we were talking about snakes. Well, on one day we were in uncle's house standing beside the big cage of love birds and watching it, we saw some thing in 
there. Guess what? Yah, a snake and a big one. It was actually resting there. Seeing this, we called for uncle and when he came the snake was trying desperately to escape, but it couldn't. You know what happened? It got in to the cage, ate a few lovebirds (3 to be exact) and couldn't come out of the cage, which was covered with steel net, 'coz its stomach was bigger now. 
My uncle took a long twig and started hitting it. It tried to escape through the net and then vomited the three lovebirds it had eaten and then slithered through the net outside into the tank of the turtle. There my uncle finished it and thus ended 
its heavy lunch. It was buried along with the 3 lovebirds it had eaten with all honors....:)

Next incident that I wanted to tell you is the closest that I've gotten to a snake. I was having my lunch when I saw something moving briskly through the shrubs. I was excited to see a snake and ran behind it. when I got there it vanished. I knew it was somewhere there but couldn't see it 'coz there were a lot of plants, dried leaves and shrubs. Though I knew about the danger, as always, I was careless and decided to take risk and started searching, just out of curiosity. 
well, curiosity soon turned to panic when the next step I took was right on the snake. Yah, you heard it right, I actually stepped on a live snake. My instincts told me that I was standing on something which was like rubber and a bit slippery. 
Well, this all happened within thousands of a second. Just after stepping on the snake, I knew I had made a mistake and jumped right in the air screaming. Luckily the snake, was desperate to escape and it ran away. It took several minutes to bring my heartbeats to normal. 

The next incident let me see the biggest snake I've seen in my place. Although the above incident scared me at the time, it soon turned to bravery. I thought I was brave to step on a snake and then escape unharmed, thought I didn't tell this to anyone. After a few years, when we were playing cricket we saw something climbing the fence and coming in to our compound. It had a light yellow color and the only one with that color I had seen and what else huge... Yah, it was about 8 or 9 feet long . we, as usual, ran behind the snake throwing stones, scaring it. Every one ran behind it, I was a bit late in joining, so to see it more closely, I took a turn and came to the other side, in front of the snake and started throwing stones.
I thought it will turn away, but that didn't happen. I was too quick for the snake and it ran right in to me. I never even dreamt that a snake could move that fast 'coz before I could even move a muscle everything has happened. First of all, it's zig-zag motion confused me and I didn't know which way it will come and it was too fast that I just stood rooted to the spot. It just moved past me with in inches from my leg and I was so shocked that couldn't even move for a few minutes. Just imagine a huge snake coming lighting fast towards you and just goes its way almost bushing you. 
when the other kids of my gang came, though I boasted this incident, only I knew what actually happened inside me. I , literally, died and born again!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Life's elixir!!

Time is the most precious thing one can have. Time is a part of our life. If we are spending time with someone/something that means we are giving them/it a part of our life. Well, my question is can we have something with out leaving out something?. One of the decision we need to make before spending our precious time is to think "Is it worth?". Suppose you want to score good marks, you have to study, right? So, you have to drop your interest in doing other things for studying. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy and have fun, you need to drop your study for that. Can we have both? I guess, it is not possible. The most successful person, I guess, is one who can choose the right amount of time for these kind of different things. what happens in the normal scenario is one may give more time to something so that that becomes the priority in his/her life. The result is that one become extraordinarily success with his/her career, but a flop in personal life. Similarly, one may succeed in his/her personal life, but will be a failure in his/her career. Life's elixir is all about mixing in the right proportions at the right time, so that you can enjoy your life with all its sweetness and flavours. So, whatya think?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Kiddo pranks - Part One

I have been posting about my campus life experiences. But, just for a change, I would like to share my childhood experiences with you. After all those are some of the best moments in my life till now. Hope you'll enjoy. It's also a series :). So, let's start with part one today.
When I thought about my life years back. Some of the events stay as clear as though they have happened just yesterday. Well, let's start with some of it. 
This one happened when I was really young. I don't remember the age, may be 6 or 7. My cousins, brother and I were a gang of four. We did almost all the mischiefs together. 'N we had this creativity in innovating new mischiefs. Our compound have a concrete fence around it and in front of it is the main road. A lady used to go by the road every evening. She had a unique specs, which was really big and thick and we, kids, soon got interested in seeing her with the special specs and decided to make fun of it. 
So, on one day, when we saw her coming, we hid behind the fence and yelled "bhoota kannadi Hoy Hoy" which mean "ghost specs Hoy Hoy". we shouted this as a slogan a few times till she was out of earshot. We repeated this a few days. I don't know how it got stopped. I don't remember. So, I asked my mother about this and even she remembered it. She told me the lady had complained to her about this and from that day onwards my mother didn't let us go near the fence on evening.
So, that's the first thing that came to my mind about my childhood. Here is one more, this might hurt some animal lovers, so read on. My grand parents, uncle and I stay really close together. In fact, our grand parents and uncle are our neighbours. We used to go to the family house to play. And our grand parents had a lot of pets. They had 4 cows and a calf. 'N they used to 
cultivate a lot of things including green chilly. Those who know it's a type of chilly just one inch in length, but will burn your mouth if you take one bite. It's the most pungent thing that I've ever tasted.  
Once I tasted it and then, for hours, I kept washing my mouth and took air in and out of mouth. I told this to our gang and we decided to test this on animals. Hi Hi. Cows like banana leaf as we like ice cream. We took a banana leaf and filled it with green chill, tied it with coconut leaf and gave it to the cows. Seeing the banana leaf, the poor things started eating excitedly. Soon after they chewed a few times, things changed as we expected. I saw something which I have never seen before or after this. The cows kept their head high, kept their mouth open and kept their long tongue out as though gasping for air. They stood like this for a few minutes when my 
grand parents noticed this strange behavior and when they came and we ran away laughing.

Well, to be honest, I didn't feel any guilt at that time. But, when I look back now, I do regret it. 
More on these kind of pranks on next Sunday. Have a great week ahead...

PS:- Don't tell these to Menaka Gandhi, she may sue me... :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Tag

Here is an interesting tag that I've seen in Tara's blog. Thought that I need to do this.
It's pretty long, sorry :)

I've put a 'v' inside brackets to whichever is applicable.

OKay, so here we go...

(v) smoked a cigarette... Yah, first time when I was a little kid. Then, a few times :), but, I don't smoke.
( ) done some form of dope
( ) crashed a friend's car... No, didn't get the chance to do that
( ) stolen a car... Maybe I'll do it in the future
( ) been in love... Love? What is it? LOL. I'm still looking
( ) been dumped... Nah, Never
(v) shoplifted... Oh, yah, when I was a kid, did this too.. Hi Hi
( ) been fired...Not yet
(v) been in a fist fight... Not seriously, but when I was a kid I've been in fight with friends and my brother.
(v) sneaked out of your parent's house... OOhah!! only a thousand times.
( ) had feelings for someone who didn't have them back...I feel feelings for everyone
( ) gone on a blind date...I am not blind
(v) lied to a friend... Yah, who doesn't?
(v) skipped school ... A few times and that 'few' might not be few for someone else.
(v) seen someone die ... I haven't seen any human beings die, but yah, I've seen snakes die, cockroaches die, mosquitoes die...the list is endless.
( ) had a crush on one of your Internet friends...Nah, But I still got time. So, beware.
( ) been to Singapore...For what?
( ) been to Mexico...For what?
( ) been on a plane...No, not till now.
( ) eaten sushi...what is it?
(v) been skiing-snow or water... No snow skiing but water skiing..yeah
( ) met someone from the Internet... Nope, I don't chat that frequently compared to other chat addicts.
( ) been at a concert...Nope
( ) taken painkillers...Nope, I enjoy taking pain..Hi Hi
(v) love someone or miss someone right now... I miss all my friends
(v) laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by... Oh yeah. I loved it. Countless times.
( ) made a snow angel...Huh? Never been to any place were snow rains..
(v) had a tea party... Yah we had sometimes
(v) flown a kite... Yah, as a kid, I tried a lot to fly my own kite, built by me, it never flew more than 10 feet. Tried a lot, but there was a lot of coconut trees around the place which made it impossible.
(v) built a sand castle... Oh Yah.. many times
(v) gone puddle jumping... Oh Yah.. many times
(v) played dress up... Oh Yah..many times
(v) jumped into a pile of leaves... Oh Yah..many times
( ) gone sledding...Nope
(v) cheated while playing a game... Oh Yah.. many times
(v) been lonely... Yah, many times. it's then I learned day dreaming and I love it.
(v) fallen asleep at work/school... Oh Yah.. I don't normally fall asleep, but a few times, yes.
(v) used a fake ID... Oh Yah.. For movie sites and all.
(v) watched the sun set... Oh Yah..many times
(v) watched someone sleep... Mmmm lot of people, watched my parents, bro, friends, strangers, beautiful girls, kids sleeping....
( ) felt an earthquake...Ooh! Not yet, waiting for it.
(v) slept beneath the stars... Oh Yah..many times
(v) been tickled... Oh Yah..many times
( ) been robbed...Nah, not yet
(v) been misunderstood... Oh Yah..many times
( ) pet a reindeer/goat/kangaroo... I don't have any. Had a dog,turtle and rabbit when I was a kid.
(v) won a contest...I was gaming crazy and won a medal for playing FIFA at an IT fest 2 years back.
( ) run a red light/stop sign... Oh Yah..many times
( ) been suspended from school...Nah, I was an average kid, not studious, but not bad too.
( ) been in a car crash...Nope, I hate accidents, hope never happens
( ) had braces
(v) felt like an outcast/third person... Oh Yah..
( ) eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night
(v) had deja vu... Oh Yah..
(v) danced in the moonlight... Oh Yah..
(v) liked the way you looked...Cannot say, I liked, but didn't dislike.
(v) witnessed a crime... Huh? I myself had done a thousand crimes.
(v) questioned your heart... Oh Yah..always
( ) been obsessed with post-it notes
(v) squished mud through your bare feet... Oh Yah..kiddo time
(v) been lost...A few times. I have difficultly in dealing with various routes. If I'm in a place where I've went only a few times, I'll certainly lose my way.
( ) been on the opposite side of the country...Nope
(v) swam in the ocean...Oh yah.. only a few times, But swam in canals a lot.
(v) felt like dying...Oh yah, many times.
(v) cried yourself to sleep...Oh yah, a few times.
(v) played cops and robbers...Ah! My favourite game. My friend and I was the toughest robber in my class.
( ) recently colored with crayons
(v) sang karaoke... Oh yah, many times
(v) paid for a meal with only coins... Hi Hi, our college pranks
(v) done something you told yourself you wouldn't... Yah, only a thousand times
(v) made prank phone calls...Oh yah, but rarely
(v) laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose... Hi Hi, yes
( ) caught a snowflake on your tongue
(v) danced in the rain...Mmmmm yah
( ) a letter to Santa Claus
( ) been kissed under the mistletoe
(v) watched the sun rise with someone you care about... I think I've watched it with my parents
(v) blown bubbles... Yah, when I was a kid
( ) made a bonfire on the beach
( ) crashed a party
( ) gone roller skating
(v) had a wish come true... Yeah, a number of times
(v) jumped off a bridge... Oh, yah, I was good in jumping, climbing, running, falling etc.
( ) ate dog/cat food
( ) told a complete stranger you loved them
( ) kissed a mirror
(v) sang in the shower...Yah, I do it daily
(v) had a dream that you married someone...Oh yah, I have countless first nights with almost all movie actresses.
(v) glued your hand to something... Yes
(v) kissed a photo...Yes
( ) climbed a water tower
(v) screamed at the top of your lungs...Only a thousand times
(v) done a one-handed cartwheel...Yah, kiddo pranks
( ) talked on the phone for more than 5 hours...
(v) picked and ate an apple right off the tree...Not exactly, picked and ate mangoes, coconuts and jack fruits right off trees.
(v) climbed a tree...Only a ten thousand times
(v) had a tree house... Oh yah, I had even a tree vehicle, hi hi
(v) been too scared to watch a scary movie alone...Yes, when I was a kid, but I loved to hear horror stories, but won't sleep alone or go outside alone after that.
(v) believe in ghosts...I cannot say I don't believe, but I can't say I believe. If god exists, then ghosts too exists.
( ) have more than 30 pairs of shoes... Huh? Just one
( ) worn a really ugly outfit to school
( ) gone streaking
(v) gone doorbell ditching...A few times, one of my little kiddo pranks
(v) been pushed into a pool/hot tub with all your clothes on...Yah, a few times, but I've done the same too :)
( ) told you're hot by a complete stranger
( ) broken a bone
(v) been easily amused...Yah, sometimes.
(V) caught a fish then ate it... Caught a fish, but didn't eat it.
(V) caught a butterfly...Oh yah
(v) laughed so hard you cried...Yes
(v) cried so hard you laughed...Yeah, that too :)
(v) cheated on a test...Oh yah, tried a few cheating right at school, just to prove my courage to my friends :)
(v) forgotten some one's name... Yah, I have this problem, I forget names easily
( ) French braided some one's hair
( ) gone skinny dipping in a pool/hot tub/river
(v) been threatened to be kicked out of your house or been kicked out of your house...Hi hi got threatened a lot :)
(v) loved someone so much you would gladly die for THEM...Yah, I loved my relatives, parents and certain friends
(v) cheated on someone... Yeah, for the sake of revenge.
(v) talk to yourself when no one's around... Yah, sometimes
(v) hate someone you once loved... Yes, a number of people
(v) love someone you once hated...Yes, that too
( ) kissed the phone for the person on the other side
( ) kissed the person on the other side of the phone

PS: I was pretty busy this week, next week too it's a busy schedule I guess. Happy weekend to all. Keep smiling, have fun and 'Njoy....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Train Journey

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts about my train journey to college. This is about one of the incidents that had happened during the journey. Before going to college, I had travelled by train only a few times, that too when I was very young. At that time, my parents took care of the entire things. Well, When I started going by myself, I was ignorant about a lot of things. It's not like bus journey, where there is only one class, you buy a ticket and can travel by that bus. In a single train, there are different classes, right. Well, I knew all that, but since I was a daily scholar, I took what is called a season ticket, which is, for six months and since we take it for six months 
continuously, we have concession in the fare also. But, the problem is you cannot travel using season ticket in most of the classes and I didn't know that. I was alone on my way to college and my knowledge was that, except the AC and reserved compartments, I can travel in any of the others.
And the other main thing I was unaware was that, in not all train can we travel using this ticket. I normally went by a train which starts at 6:20 A.M. One day I was pretty early at the station and I saw a special train there, with all posh seats, cushions and all. I thought, why should I go in that crap train, I may try, for a change, this one. By the looks, I knew it was not meant for me, but the excitement, as always, got me into the train LOL. But, I was cautious enough to ask my fellow passengers about what I knew. I asked, whether it is a first class compartment or a reservation and he said it was general.
So, I was excited for a new experience, when the train started moving, but it soon turned into panic, when I saw the TTE(Train Ticket Examiner) came checking for tickets. I don't know why, but I had this wrong feeling inside me, that some thing was wrong. 
And so it happened. The TTE came to me and asked for ticket, I gave him my ticket and he was surprised when he saw it. He frowned and looked again, then asked for me to pay a huge amount. Guess what? I didn't even had a fraction of the money he asked. I said I don't have any money and he caught me by my collar and was decent enough to bring me to another compartment where there 
were no passengers and started threatening.
He said "give the money or I'll take you to the railway police". I said I have no money and he got more angry. He thought that I was a cheater who travel by train with out taking tickets. To be honest, I definitely thought I was going to the police station and I wasn't a bit afraid of that. I had no choice. I thought, they are not going to eat me alive, then so be it. I just stood there, calm, saying nothing, doing nothing as though nothing has happened, which made him only angrier. He caught my bag and threw it on the floor and asked "what is in it?". I said, my books. Since, I didn't do it on purpose, I didn't feel ashamed and kept a cool face.
He seemed lost, since what ever threats he made, didn't have any effect on me. He was simply yelling like "This train is not for beggars, I'll take you to police, Take off your shirt". Believe me, he actually said those which I still remember. How can I forget those? LOL
Well, I finally said, I didn't do it on purpose, I didn't know I couldn't travel by this train and he replied "Yah, you can tell that to the police that you didn't know and you are studying in KG". So, he had to do his job, right, so he finally said, go and get the fine from someone you know and give it to me when I'm back. I said I didn't know anyone, he pretended not to hear and went. Huh? Guess what I did, I went back to the compartment where I was seated and sat there as though I went to the toilet :). Well, the people seated next to me knew what had happened and asked me about it and I said I had to get these much money and they told me to give what ever I had, to him and that'll do. But, my pride didn't allow me to do that 'coz I had nothing with me except the bus fare.
After sometime, he came back and saw me seated there and took me with him. He waited near the door and was writing something. As you may know, here the doors of the trains will be open all the time except the one's in AC compartment and he was there standing near the door. Trust me, I actually thought about kicking the guy out of the door. No one was there in the compartment. But, something deep inside me prevented me from doing that. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here to tell the story.
After that he sat and asked me to sit beside him [Huh? sympathy?]. You know what he asked? "so, you really didn't know about this?". I lost my control and said "What the fuck was I telling you about all these time?". That was it. He didn't say a word. He asked about my address and took my ID card and told me to write down the address. 'N he said "Tomorrow morning at 6 you should give me the money or else I would report it to police". Well, I said yes and that was the end. After half an hour I reached the college and the day went as usual, with lots of fun.
Tell you what? Neither did I pay him the next day nor did I see him after that, but after a few weeks, I got a notice or warrant or whatever you call it, from the railway court demanding me to pay the fine or may fill it up. So, I went to the railway court and paid the fine [had to answer for a lot of questions there]. Thus ended the story. That was a nice experience for me, when ever I get into a train after that, I remember him. I haven't met him after that. But, I would like to thank him for not disgracing me in front of the whole people or I would have actually kicked him out of the door. :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Younger or Elder

Girls like to marry boys who are older than them while boys like to marry girls who are younger than them. Well, is this correct? What do you think? I have asked my friends, both girls and boys, and all the girls answered that they will never marry guys who are younger than them while almost all [not all] boys said they will only marry girls who are younger to them. I told them not to consider the social factor or anything that exists in the community, but to decide for themselves. So, their answers were completely personal opinions. So, what do you think. Do you belong to these majority or do you not? Justify your answer.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Aneesh needs

I have been tagged by my sweet friend PJ.
The rule is Type your " needs" in google and post the answers you get.
Well I tried Aneesh+needs 'N lot of unrelated answers came up, so I tried "Aneesh needs" to filter the results. 'N guess what? A few results came up and that too surprisingly correct.
Here are the answers:

1. Aneesh needs to hurry up and post "Twine"

WOW! see that? I need to post twine? Guru Google must've known that I am now frequenting blogger and I've a technical blog. So, google suggested me to to post "Twine". Well, so I again searched help in posting twine in google and got these results

*** Cat Scratching Post Twine - Boxed: Garden & Outdoors [not what I'm looking for]
***Using Twine, you can add content via wiki functionality [that's close]
***I loved your post and I think I’m also migrating to Twine. [That's exactly what I was looking for]

2. I reckon Aneesh needs FAT32 partition for "experimental" purposes or what eh?

Huh? FAT32? I am done with that, I am experimenting with NTFS and ext2.

3. Aneesh Needs Your Help!

Well, Yah, Help is something that I love always, why not, I am ready to help anyone, then why can't I accept it, eh?

4. Aneesh needs to meet a woman!

WOW! Precisely.. I need to meet a woman. I am looking for it. Well I am daily meeting women, you know, not that kind of meeting, but that type of special MEETING. Just, waiting for my girl... LOL.

Well, as usual, I am not tagging anyone :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Campus! Part Eight - Strike!!

As the title suggests, this post is about an eventful strike. Well, this is not a strike conducted by us, but by a political party. Since the strike came out of the blue than the usual announced way, no one was aware of it. Well, this happened some 5 years back when I was doing my graduation.
I don't remember the exact reason for students strike, they don't need any particular reasons to have a strike. Our exams were going on at the time and after the exam, we came out of the campus to see a policeman running like an Olympic sprinter. We thought what the hell? 'N soon knew the reason when stones started showering  and missed him by a feet or two. It is then that we realized that a strike had started.
Seeing that it may get worse and we had to study for the exam for the next day, we slit up. Except for one of my friends and I, the rest had gone their way. Well, normally, I was not a kind of student who studies daily and had to do only a revision before the exam. On the contrary, my study time was during the study leave that I get just before the exams. So, I cannot afford missing even an hour on the day of an exam. There, I stood in a dilemma. How often do we get a chance to watch a dangerous strike happening right in front of us?
So, my friend and I decided to wait for some time to see some dramatic moments. No sooner, came a bus than the students started hurling stones at it. This bus stopped right in front of us, just 8 foot away, on the other side of the road where we were standing. The passengers started screaming and got out of the bus. The driver too ran for his life. Well, the glasses of the bus got shattered by stones. They stopped throwing stones and came near the bus to throw what they called the petrol bomb.
They threw this into the bus, it exploded with fire all over the bus. This happened a few times until the bus caught fire. We both were watching all this with very great interest. I knew 
things will get worse, once the police come to the scene. So, I urged my friend to leave. But he was too much interested in watching all this that he refused. Although, its the main road, no vehicle came that way after this. Things were getting pretty tense that after insisting a lot, he decided to come with me. To 
catch the bus home, we had to walk a few kilometers 'coz of the strike and all the roads had been barricaded by the police sniffing for the students responsible. The strike had went out of control and lathi charge had happened some place a bit far from our campus. So, the police were looking for the students who merged into the crowd after the violence.
Here, I need to mention about my friend a bit. He was a nice guy, friendly, soft blah blah.. Only problem? his looks. Yeah, though he was in his early twenties, 
he looked some thirty plus. Of course, he was senior to me by 2 or 3 years. But, he had this look of the villain in the Tamil movies with big moustache, bloodshot eyes and a heavy built physique. Well, he came to our college, after completing some course. When I first met him, I was a bit careful in talking to him 'coz he looked like a criminal and his voice had this unusual bass LOL. But, he became friendly with everyone, just like that. His looks never matched his character. So, what was I talking about? Yeah, our journey back home. Well, we both walked as though nothing has happened and we never dared to look at the cops' face fearing that they might suspect us. 
While I was walking, one guy in his forties, suddenly came up to me and caught my right hand and turned  my palm. I was thinking, WTF? Is this guy, some kind of homo?. What will you do, if someone catches your hand in the middle of a crowd for no reason? Well, I jerked my hand away and asked "what?". He just stood there and glared at me for a few moments and then walked away. 
I was standing there wondering what the hell had just happened, when my friend started yelling at me. "you idiot, what did you just do? You think you are brave to behave like that, under these circumstances, to a cop? You are lucky that you got away. You might've brought me in trouble too".
It is then that I realised that the guy was not "just any man" but a cop in civil dress. I think I got away 'coz of my looks too :) It is the opposite about what I said about my friend. Though I was 20, I looked 17 and this looks had helped me a hundred times in various situation. I, sometimes, 'coz of ignorance, behave rudely and get away 'coz they considered me as a kid. I am not kidding, Seriously, it happened not once or twice, but several times. But it had its drawback also.
Okay, back to the story. After his yelling stopped, I told him it is his fault that we had to face these situations. Well, he looked scared where as I looked happy and confident and I wanted to tease him more and more. Well, I have this unusual habit of scary problem. I never get scared when there is a situation in which everyone else is scared and I get scared when there is no reason to get scared. I am not saying I am brave or anything, but sometimes I don't know myself or how my mind works:) We walked a few minutes and came face to face with a group of cops, who came there just after a lathi charge and was happy to see some of us and started checking each and every one.
Guess what happens, if a criminal and a kid get in front of them? Of course the criminal gets caught. That's exactly what had happened. They surrounded both of us. What happened next was really interesting and incredible. The cops' behaved as though I didn't exist there. Can you believe?
Though I too was with him, the cops never even looked at me. They started yelling at my friend asking "Will you *&^%$@@#* burn government properties? You will burn bus, eh? You *&^%$@@#*". They were talking in their usual prison language. The whole scene was filled with tension and danger of getting arrested or tortured by police. My friend was so scared that he started saying "Sir, I don't know, I didn't do. Here is my hall ticket, I had an exam blah blah blah...".
This went on for about 10 minutes and they let us go 'coz another group of real culprits were coming after us and they went after them. Well, my friend looked shattered and what life had left in him was gone when I teased him to death. After all, he was the one who made me wait there. 'N he had teased me about my cowardice. Huh! Finally, who was the real coward?
Well, the one thing I still wonder about is "why did the cops behave as though I didn't exist?".